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    kenmore and area??

    Hi does anyone live in Kenmore - we are looking at moving there and would love some inside info! Many thanks We are down the road in Bellbowrie - Kenmore is quite expensive to rent/buy but has everything you need shopping wise and big shopping centres just down the road. Commute to the city a nightmare but is from lots of area's, bus service is very good and nearest train station is Indoorapilly. Some good junior schools and Kenmore State High for senior seems to do the job for some, others get on a bus and go elsewhere. There are less expensive area's with more space just depends on what you need, where you are working etc.
  2. suse

    Anyone living in Bellbowrie

    We bought in Bellbowrie and it is good - just depends what you need. Local schools are good, senior schools not too far away and school buses trawl this area to service a wide variety of the private senior schools, supermarket has the basics, good sports club, ferry just down the road to get to the other side of the river, nice safe suburb and is expanding rapidly so a good investment. Doctor, dentist, physio, vet on the doorstep. Hot tip, when you go looking for a house to buy, check the tarmac outside to see if any of the 'hoons' pull wheelies outside the front door, they seem to have a few favourite places and visit in the early hours! Also ask if the 'cockies' roost in the garden as they are really noisy first thing in the morning and if the property is under a vegetation protection order (most of the 'acreage' properties are so no chance of lopping down a couple of trees)! Commute to the city a pain - but is for most areas.
  3. Hi, sorry to hear you are going back - plse could you let me know what else you are selling and how much you want for it. We are still looking for a few bits and bobs (a TV for the kids playstation so dont want to spend a fortune!). Thanks
  4. suse

    Cabarita, Northern NSW

    Hi We have just come back from Cabarita which is just South of Tweed Heads - a great place to go with kids of all ages. Lovely beaches with 2 patrolled spots, good surf and the inlet the place to go when the tide is going out. There are some lovely holiday homes, expensive hotel and also some more reasonably priced apartments. It is not hugely affected by the rapid expansion at the moment with a small town feel to it. We loved it.
  5. suse

    Need to get rid of furniture!

    Hi, just wondered if you have any prices in mind for your stuff - interested in the TV's and some camping gear, what have you got?. Thks
  6. Make sure you have your jumpers and umbrella with you - it is meant to rain (again) next week. So much for the dry Aussie winters! Have a good flight and you'll love Queensland!
  7. suse

    Health Insurance on 457-advice

    We are on a 457 and my OH looked at the options - we went for a company called HBA Health Insurance which suits us (2 adults and 2 teenagers 13/14yrs). We found there wasnt a huge choice on a 457.
  8. suse

    White & Co or Anglo Pacific?

    We used White and Co (Wiltshire based) last year - in the Uk they were fab, professional, really helpful, good packing and everything arrived with just a couple of minor breakages. BUT .... they dont have their own office here (Brisbane) and use an Agent. The Agent was absolutely hopeless - they never got back to us about queries when we phoned them, forgot to bring 1 of the 3 items fumigated by customs (it was 'in their warehouse somewhere' when I phoned them to find out where it was) and for this reason I wouldnt recommend them. Go for a removal company that has their own office at which ever port you are using and not an Agent. Have a good move!
  9. suse

    Short term let in QLD

    Have a look on Stayz.com - they are country wide and have everything and anything on there. We used them for a 2 week fully furnished property while waiting for our stuff to arrive and it was perfect.
  10. suse

    short term rental

    Have a look on Stayz.com. - we got a place through them which was great. Fully furnished accomm is not cheap though. Good luck with your search.
  11. Hi We have just had a garage built and wld love to put in lights, plug sockets etc but have no idea of cost or work involved. Any electricians who cld give us a quote for the work we have in mind? We are West Brisbane (Bellbowrie)? Thanks
  12. suse

    suburb suggestions Brisbane?

    You must be relieved to get your visas, now you just have to pack up and get on a flight! Try looking at Bellbowrie or Moggil for a great place to live (they border eachother) - there are several very good Catholic schools in and around the area and the locals are really friendly. I think the majority of accents I hear down at the shopping centre are either English or South African so the schools have a good mix of children too. Downside is that the commute into the city can be a pain but there again it is from anywhere in Brisbane. Both are good suburbs, housing market is good and good rentals around too. Hope that helps.
  13. Hi Just to let you know the approval came through yesterday - it has taken nearly 3 weeks. Our Solicitor has been brilliant and has been dealing with the FIRB. So any buyers on a 457 make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to get the FIRB approval before you set your completion date. Settlement in 3 days, phew!:v_SPIN:
  14. Blimey Had forgotten to get mine done, best get onto it as I think I am right in thinking you only get a couple of months otherwise you are not insured!! Thanks for the reminder:v_SPIN:
  15. suse

    Shipping companies

    We used Whites (got a quote from Pickfords too) and our container arrived 3 weeks ago. Their UK service was really good and they packed well - they dont have their own organisation in Oz to clear everything through Customs but their Agent was good (not the brightest sparks employed but with a few phone calls and keeping them motivated we had no problems).