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  1. Hi, Are there any bricklayers heading to Melbourne? I have been here for just over 8 years & have a heap of work in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I am looking to get a few more brickies in our gang & thought someone coming over soon might be interested. you will need own transport, ABN, white card & tools. Good pay rates & heaps of work. Cheers
  2. Hi Any brickies out there who are looking for a start around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Any Uk bricklayers fresh of the plane would be welcome ABN number white card needed plus transport pay dependant on quality of work Any one interested can message me their details Thanks
  3. Hi, I am a Bricky in Melbourne. We have been here for 7 years and I have not had any problems getting work. Wage is approx $1 a brick or $45 an hour. Where in Melbourne are you heading? Happy to chat if you want more info.
  4. jaq4chop

    Form 80 Question about family and "step" relatives

    Hi there, We had a similar dilemma when we filled in our form 80. My husband & I both have step parents & brothers & sisters. Our Agent (migration bureau) told us to list them all. Hope that helps. Jaq
  5. Hi Scousers, It's always good to see that people have been here for a long time. I know what you mean about taking the kids out with you & luckily Scarlett is very happy to go out in the evening & play with all the other kids. Sadly she has grown out of the day time sleep now & sometimes can't cope with too much chaos in the evening. However, she will grow out of this. It's not so bad when we are just out at friends house as she is happy to sleep anywhere. :-) Do you know what I miss, is just going to the cinema with my husband. Obviously not a good idea with a 3 year old. Our neighbours daughter has just started babysitting & has offered her services so cinema trips may be back on soon. Also my parents are coming for 4 weeks in June so they will be more than happy to send Chop & I out so they can have Scarlett to themselves. If you are just in Croydon Hills if you fancy meeting up for a coffee just let me know. Jaq
  6. Hi again, Feel free to drop us a line once you are in the new house & ready to play. Jaq
  7. Hi Guys, We are in Croydon South so not too far from you & are always up for a trip to the park / bbq / social thing..... We have a daughter who will be 3 next month. We have been here since Jan 09 & our social life didn't just happen as everyone said it would. I think it's a bit harder when you have very small kids as nights out are a bit harder if you haven't found a good baby sitter etc. Good luck with the house move. Jaq
  8. jaq4chop

    Any new mums in Melbourne?

    Hi, I am in Croydon South (Easyern suburbs) & would love to come to play too. I have little girl who will be 3 in May. Tuesday afternoons good for me too.
  9. jaq4chop

    Melbourne meet up 24th Oct

    Hi there, We would like to come to play with you all. We will be coming from the Eastern suburbs & don't know Mornington at all. Can you post an address or the best way to find the meeting place place. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Jaq
  10. We have just bought a house but have until 17 Jan 2010 left on the lease so need to get it re let asap. It is on a quiet road in Donvale, close to buses, trains & Eastlink. 3 Bedrooms, 2 living areas, kitchen, bathroom, laundry & a walk in pantry that I use as a study. It has a good size garden, fully fenced at the back & child friendly, parking for 2 - 3 cars with a single car port. We will be moving out on 4 September (ish) & the house will be unfurnished. The rent is $310 per week & the rental agent would require new tenants to complete all of the relevant leasing paperwork. If you are interested or would like more info please pm me. cheers Jacqui
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for the replies & info. Thanks for your info Olly, we are in Donvale in the Eastern suburbs so Morningto is a bit too far to go everyday. We will be looking to move in Dec / Jan so will keep your info in case we end up down there. At the minute we are looking to stay in this area but whether we can afford it........ Ian, please do stay in touch, we are looking forward to catching up for a beer when you get here. David, we contacted all the house builders by e-mail but didn't get much of a response, at the time there weren't many replies to this thread so Chop carried on working with the builder he was with on a day rate & we didn't really take it much further. Would you like to come over for a beer & a chat some time to see if you can come up with some ideas? There is another guy moving down from Brisbane in about 2 months who is interested too. I'll PM you my mobile number. Cheers Jaq
  12. Hi Guys, I hope you all had a good time last night. Chop has been suitable broken for most of the day (ha ha no sympathy):biglaugh: I'm sure he would love to come out & play again next time, if they'll let him back into the Burvale that it!! By the sounds of things he was "politely asked to leave" Jaq p.s. I hope he behaved.
  13. Hi Guys, Ill drop Chop off at about 5 - 5.30 ish. Can someone PM me with a mobile in case he can't find you please. Hope you have a fab night. cheers Jaq
  14. Sounds like a plan. Are you all planning a fair few beers? Not sure whether Chop will drive or if I drop him off & he is self propelled home by either the beer scooter or a taxi.
  15. Hi, burvale hotel is good for Chop, he is working on Saturday till about 3.30pm. Do you have a planned meeting time? He will not be wearing a football shirt as he is more of a high octane level sport follower. cheers Jaq