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  1. beverlyblue

    Social Workers applying for Child Protection Posts in WA

    Hi Suzanne I have been busy chasing up references I have 15 years experience in child protection so the post by twinsmom 65 was interesting, when we were considering Victoria I tried to get a clear picture regarding LAFHA (living away from home allowance but did not get anywhere) We have two children age 8 and 11 although our daughter is almost 12 and has stated she is not coming with us !!!:biglaugh: I was interviewed via telephone last time which was interesting considering it was 7am here I will keep you posted good luck bev
  2. beverlyblue

    Social Workers applying for Child Protection Posts in WA

    Hi Suzanne I am in the process of applying but have not submitted my application as yet so it will be interesting to see what reponse you get to your post, i did secure a position 4n years ago to work in Victoria but the timing was all wrong for us a family, I have worked with a few aussies over here and am aware that policy and procedures can be very different. I too will be anxiously awaiting any responses. thanks
  3. beverlyblue

    working in footscray living ?????

    Hi just wanted some advice about where to live if I secure employment in Footscray, (via DHS) We would like to be about 30-40 min commute by car, my contact at DHS says Cheltenham, Beaumaris is doable. We\have two children age 9 and 6 so schoolis important. Any info greatly recieved. Thanks
  4. beverlyblue

    Social Work posts???

    Thankyou Quoll for the info, I am a child protection worker and at the moment I have only had a response from Victoria, it's a long story but basically got ajob with DHS last year with 475 visa and turned it down. Have a good job here and partner in last year of training as architect.We have friends on sunshine coast so that would be ideal, but hey we are not in a position to pick and choose.
  5. beverlyblue

    Social Work posts???

    Hi you need to contact Reed Aus my contact is Stephanie.Zutenbachka@reedglobal.com please mention my name, at the moment we are stil contemplanting putting in another application. But basically last year they were offerring a 2yr visa via sponseship plus relocation package. I had a telephone interview plus completed a case study online. I was offered a salary of approx $62,000 . This was working in Boxhill as senior child protection officier. Please contact me if you want anymore details. Thanks Bev
  6. beverlyblue

    Architecture in Melbourne

    Hi Just wanting to know if anyone is employed as architect in Melbourne? if so any info on current employment opportunities and salaries would be appreciated, over here little or no opportunities coming up. Thanks for any replies Bev
  7. beverlyblue

    Social Work posts???

    Hi I am a social worker and last year I was offerred a sponsored post working for DHS in Victoria, they are recruiting again this year for senior child protection officers in Boxhill, salary offerred approx $60000 with relocation package of $2000 flights per person two weeks accm and meals and shipping for furniture etc (never did get an amount for this), we didn't go last year as salary offerred was less than here and partner had to do final. architure training, we are considering this year but I know they want workers there for October for training and induction. I had to have teephone interview which was fine and submit case study via internet. If you have any further questions PM. Good Luck Bev
  8. beverlyblue

    social work Boxhill

    Hi If anyone is working as CP officier in Melborne I would appreciate any info especially if relocated as part of recruitment drive of DHS last year. I secured a position last year but declined due to other family priorities, may be in a position to go this year though. Many Thanks Bev
  9. beverlyblue

    social work salaries in Melbourne

    Hi Just wanted to find out if you have actually made the move and if so how is the job, standard of living etc, just had an emial from Reed letting me know there are 457 visa available again this year, given recession here in UK it may be the time to relacate. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks bev
  10. beverlyblue

    social work salaries in Melbourne

    Hi Mandy and Ken I was offerred a job in Melbourne with a similar salary working for the State, however they really dragged their heels on the relocation package so I declined the position as I felt the Salary was pretty low considering I was being offered a senior practitioners position. I did try to negotiate LAFHA as we were going to rent as the job offer was for two years initially, again I was being pressured to make a decision without being sure of the complete package. I think what you have negotiated is pretty good really. Hope all goes well. Take care Bev
  11. beverlyblue

    Any info on social work in Melbourne

    Hi Liz Nice to hear from you sorry but we made the decision not to go, with the salary etc and the fact that DHS wereonly offering one way relocation on thier two year contract. They never did get back to me on the LAFHA and I was advised to make a decision based on the package I had been offered. We have no regrets as we have just spent a gorgeous day on our local beach five min walk away. Are you still going?? (PM me) Take care Bev
  12. beverlyblue

    Any info on social work in Melbourne

    Hi Liz I spoke to Rachel This mornng as she had not got back to me. I have finally recieved the relocation package specifics and basically Its:- $2000 per person for One way flights. pick up at airport two weeks accomodation in serviced apartments with all meals included and shipping costs (which Iam still waiting to have the amount confirmed). My request for LAFHA has been presented to HR in DHS and they are waiting for an answer form the accountants. I did a bit of homework about the LAFHA after reading about it on this website. Bascially you are eligible for it on 457 visa, but employers do not have to award it to you. It is a tax break which would probably make the difference for us. I raised the subject of salary again with Rachel but she is adamant that DHS will not negotiate. We would have to fund after school care for our children and my partner is an architect and we propbabaly have to work in the city initailly and we have been looking at bayside areas which means a 50 min commute. I would be about 40 mins away from work. I got a friend who is a teacher to certify my documents and that seemed to suffice. I will post more later as I need to go out now. Basically I have said to Rachel that We will not be going unless i get LAFHA as I refuse after 12 year hard work to srimp and save again. Maybe I will look at st vincents hospital. I have got a fantastic job here in Uk at the moment working for the NSPCC for a domestic violence project, Stress free and 20 mins away from home. We are facing a tough decison. HELP!!! Take care Bev
  13. Thanks Kitty and Ben I think we have decided to go around that area if and when we arrive. The DHS is still being vague about our relocation package, so as yet I have not accepted the job offer plus we are a little concerned about the cost of living at the moment. I will be taking a pay cut to go to OZ and the children would have to have after school care as we would be both be working full time. My Partner is an architect and would have to work in the city initially. Bsically in limbo at the present time my biggest fear is getting out there and not having the income to take total advantage. Sorry for rambling on but thanks for the info.
  14. beverlyblue

    Any info on social work in Melbourne

    Hi Liz I am still waiting for info in respect of the relocation package, so as yet I have not accepted the offer. I did ask for more money as they have offered £2000 less than here and they have refused stating that all Uk Sw will be offered the same salary. I did enquire about Living away from home allownace as we intend to keep our house here it is currently let out and we are living with In laws.That said of course we are still liable for insurance and any repairs. Plus the contract is for 2 years so the intention is we will return home , Unless we apply for PR while we are there. DHS have refused to pay the allowance stating that they do not have to actively recruit as people want to live in Melbourne so my question is why employ a recruitement agency to actively recruit UK SW?? Now the excitement has subsided we have spent hours on the internet comparing living costs, and to be honest Mel is not cheap. We want to live around mordialloc/mentone area and we are looking at $300-500 per week . Back to relocation my understanding is that they will pay for flights plus some initial accm costs. But as I have said I have yet to recieve the specifics. The visa will take approx 10 weeks and they want us there by October at the latest. My agent Rachel at Reed has been realyy helpful but now I'm a bit confused over DHS inflexibility re: Salary etc. Obviously they want the knowledge and expertise but are unwilling to pay. My anxiety is that we go over there and struggle financially and are not able to take full advantage of living in such as great city. Thanks for taking the time to listenting me moan. Life is never simple ! I hope everything works out for you, PM me if you need any more advice. Take Care Bev
  15. Hi Ben Thanks for info, I have two children and we have checked out schools which seem to vary loads, also looked on Domain for rental properties as I have just been offered a job with DHS as a social worker in Boxhill on 457 visa. That said we will rent out our property here. We don't want to live in Boxhill as we would prefer to live near the coast. How much can we do before we get there also lots of people on here who recommend serviced apts for a couple of weeks, do you know of any in this area?? Thanks, need to consider all of this before make a decision!!!