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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for ages but thought I would share some news with you all. My son who will be 16 this year is talking about studying/working in Australia when he leaves school. I had this fear in the back of my mind that he might want to do this. I really don't want us to be left here in miserable England. If we don't do anything and wait to see what our son does, it could end up we are too old to do the normal migration route, I suppose we need another family discussion to see where our future is......
  2. AnxiousMum

    Son talking about study in Australia

    I suppose I should have explained properly. For those of you who have been on here a long time, you will remember our problem with trying to get to Australia, (too long to go into now), we kind of gave up on the idea but one of our sons who has always been very keen has expressed an interest in going over to work in Australia as soon as he is able. I realise he has a few years to go yet. My worry is our kids will decide to go to Australia (because they will have the skills, and youth on their side) and we will have missed our chance to go over again due to age. We are trying to decide if we really should try harder to get over there before our time runs out and that way we will all be in the same country anyway. I know our son could change his mind and could end up anywhere in the world, but as this was our dream in the first place, maybe this is our sign to make the move.
  3. AnxiousMum

    Husband ready to snap

    Well it seems I am back on the trail of getting to Australia again!! It of course was my decision after our reckie to stay in UK. So feel more than a little guilty to hear husband come home from work yesterday to say because of various issues recently he is doing the work of 3 people at the moment and feels he is about to crack. He has even talked about going to the doctors to get signed off with stress. So I am going to suggest to him tonight that he start to look for home courses to get a qualification in I.T. that the Australian Computer Society are looking for. I know that its a longshot and, the chances of the skills and visa process changing in the 3 or so years it will take him to complete a course are high. But its a chance he is gonna have to take I think. He obviously needs to make a complete change and I am going to have to try and put my fears and worries about living so far from friends and family aside for his sanity.:sad: So wish us luck, and either fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you feel about it I am back on PIO with a vengance!!!:laugh:
  4. AnxiousMum

    Not much of an update but....

    Hello all, not been on here for a while. For those old timers on here you will know our story of trying to get to Australia I still want to go, one of our children now really wants to go, but husband and other child not so sure. We are in limbo at the moment trying to decide what is best for our family. I know not much as changed in regard to sponsored visa's and the rules on having qualifications to get over there. I am hoping one day I will log on here and find an article about The Australian Computer Society changing their rules and relaxing the rules on having to have a qualification. Until that time I will continue to log in here and have a looksy.:frown:
  5. AnxiousMum

    New idea???

    Well we have decided we are going to wait for the kids to finish school or be a year away and then apply, husband will still just be in the age limit to get some points, should have more work experience and, could in that time get a qualification maybe? Also our mortgage will be paid off by then (hopefully) so all good. Roll on 5-6 years lol.:wink:
  6. AnxiousMum

    New idea???

    It's hard enough for us to get in right now anyway, only option would be sponsor, so kind of hoping by the time we do it things would have changed and hopefully for the better. Fingers crossed.
  7. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    Don't worry I have looked it up, its in NSW so not worried as not going there.
  8. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    What is HSC?
  9. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    Well we have decided we are going to wait for the kids to finish school or be a year away and then apply, husband will still just be in the age limit to get some points, should have more work experience and, could in that time get a qualification maybe? Also our mortgage will be paid off by then (hopefully) so all good. Roll on 5-6 years lol.
  10. As the title suggests, one of our main reasons for a potential move to OZ would be for the sake of the kids. I can honestly say I know if we did make the move I would struggle with day to day life for a while, I don't like change and that would be hard for me, I would also struggle if the kids didn't settle at first. (On the otherhand I know eventually they would be fine). BUT... After saying all that I just want a better life for my kids, a better future, and right now in the UK I personally don't think they will get it, I also don't think things will improve by the time mine leave school. I suppose what I am saying is I want a crystal ball to tell me if a move will be successful based on just wanting something better for my kids future. Thoughts anyone?:biggrin:
  11. AnxiousMum

    Is it enough to just want a better life for your kids?

    I get what you are all saying, I really want more options for the kids when they leave school. In the UK right now the prospects for kids leaving school is not looking good and apparently wont pick up for next 5 years or so. I think my kids will have a better working life out in OZ than here.
  12. AnxiousMum

    Is it enough to just want a better life for your kids?

    Good points made by both of you, thanks for replying. I actually Dawn and know what a hard time she had deciding to leave OZ, but I think Lemming hit the nail on the head, its true the kids could be happy as larry but if I or their dad are unhappy they will pick up on that I suppose. Hmmmm lots of things to think about me thinks.:chatterbox:
  13. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    That's interesting to find out the fees, god that is high. I think I need to get my family over there and settled quick before this UK ship finally sinks without a trace!
  14. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    I feel for you Stacey, and you are young enough that the world is your oyster. Go to Australia and study there is what I say xx
  15. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    My kids are 10 and nearly 14, but I know the 14 year old will struggle to find anything and he is one of the brightest kids in the school. Don't know whether to tell him to go college, uni or get a job, get some money behind him and go travel. Its a nightmare. Still think he will have better prospects in OZ.:wink:
  16. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    For those people in the UK who have jobs its fine unless the business you work in goes belly up. One of the MAJOR reasons for a move down under for us is for the sake of the kids. They said on the news this morning that 1 in 4 kids were depressed as cant find work, and many won't apparently for the next 5 years or so:wideeyed: I want the best for my kids and I really don't believe its in the UK. Hoping there would be more prospects for them when they leave school in Australia:skeptical:
  17. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    He works for RBS, been there 20 years but moves department quite alot so hard to pinpoint an exact job title. He is I suppose an I.T. Systems Analyst but like I said before he doesnt have any quals as went straight into banking from school. Lots of work experience though. But again each time he could be near the work experience needed for ACS, he ends up moving dept again:eek:
  18. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    Same here, my husband doesn't have the qualifications but does have the experience. Need to really sit down with him and decide what we should do really. Cant see any future here for the kids and I really want the best for them. If they are happy then I am happy. Of course there is the nagging doubt we would get to OZ and the kids would be miserable.:biglaugh:
  19. AnxiousMum

    Missed the boat????

    Yeah thanks for that! We are still hoping of finding a way in, and even more so now with the way things are going in the UK with the FTSE this week. :mad:
  20. Hi, I am interested to see the response to this thread, RPL is Recognised Prior Learning I think :biggrin: So it is helpful to those of us who dont have the relevant qualifications. They take into account any experience relevant to the occupation you are applying for. My husband is also in I.T. and has a huge amount of experience, unfortunately as he has worked for same company for 20 years, he has no qualifications, its all on the job training for him so no way he can prove what he is capable of doing. I hope you get the answers you are looking for :wink:
  21. Forgive me if this thread has already been done recently, I did search it and didnt find anything lately. As many of you know our only way into Australia is through a 457 Employer Sponsored Visa. Does anyone have any tips for getting sponsored from employer in australia while you are miles away in Uk. Cant see how anyone would offer us a job when we are thousands of miles away and they cant do an interview to suss us out face to face. Any advice greatly appreicated.:notworthy: Peace out
  22. AnxiousMum

    New Points from July 2011, I have a question?

    Thank you for the reply Susan, I suppose we will just have to wait and see. At least by next July hubby will have another year added to his I.T. Profession I suppose. Just hope when it says "closely related work experience" they can see what my husband does in RBS is related to each job he has done. Doesnt help that he moves within the bank to different projects and departments but still related (maybe somewhat losely) to Systems Analyst.
  23. Hi people, I have had a look at the new points system coming into effect next July, it seems to me from reading the info that they are looking at work experience more now and someone like my hubby who has experience all over banking but no quals may be able to apply under this new system. Am I reading that right or am I giving myself false hope here?:biggrin:
  24. AnxiousMum

    Think again !!!!

    Why is it that no matter what opinion you have 'positive or negative' someone on here has some catty remark to make. I am not pointing the finger at just one person either, you know who you are. Just another reason I dont post on here very often anymore:chatterbox:
  25. AnxiousMum

    Our uk update!

    Glad you have settled back in the UK. Speak to you on FB lol Love Caroline