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  1. janmal

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    has anybody been refunded yet we applied for refund Nov 15 and not heard anything , despite numerous emails without any reply, seem to have hit a brick wall with em.
  2. janmal

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    We paid around £1100
  3. janmal

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    we are 176 family sponsored applied 7/10/2008 just had the visa will no longer be considered email from dept of immigration, no mention of a refund gutted.
  4. janmal


    When looking to check visa status it has become apparent that I need to open an immiaccount and import the application. Managed the account part but the system can't find our application although all details are correct ! What do I do now ? Original 176 Application on lodged online October 2008
  5. janmal

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    hi the email was in 2012 basically saying we were cat 5 and low priority and were hoping to process 176 family sponsor cat 5 from july 2012. it was a paper application. and a direct application. was over on hols aug 13 and phoned immi dept in oz and they just said don't know when they are going to start the process applicants for our category. cheers mal
  6. janmal

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    hi not been on here for ages we applied 176 family spons oct 2008 had 1 auto email in 5 half years does anybody think we have a chance of a visa main applicant is a primary school teacher hence family sponsor only chance. any thoughts would be appreciated. cheers mal
  7. janmal

    What category am I ?

    Can anyone help? On line application submitted 176 (family sponsored), Oct 2008, primary teacher ! Which category does that put me in? Been waiting, now getting fed up !
  8. janmal

    176 Family Sponsored Visa

    hi we are 176 family sponsored applied oct 08, still waiting!!!
  9. janmal

    Death of sponsor

    Thanks for all your replies. When you are caught up in a process that is outof your control and then something like this happens it is a great help to have the support and guidance. Hopefully my uncle will be able to deal with this when he feels ready. So wish everything could have been processed and we would have been there! Thanks for the support. Jan
  10. janmal

    Death of sponsor

    Visa applied for in October 2008 with all required paperwork. Aunt who was our sponsor has sadly died. Where would we stand with our application now? Would my uncle who was also named and certified on all the documentation able to continue as our sponsor? Would we need to apply again!
  11. janmal

    176 Family Sponsored

    we have gone down this route, we are 176 family sponsored, lodged oct 08 so been 12 months already and they reckon it could be end of 2012. i am also a primary teacher, you have probably been looking at the right websites, but i am sure you cant apply for a job until you are actually there, try jobaroo.com click on education its full of useful info. p.s welcome to waiting game:biggrin:
  12. janmal

    Waiting for 176 Family Sponsored

    according to a post on the british expats forum someone has had a reply from the general skilled migration dept and they state because of the changes non csl/state/employer applications are estimated to be looked at june/july 2010:mad:
  13. janmal

    truck driving job

    i am afraid nobody sponsors truck drivers, it is not an occupation in demand it is not on any skilled visa lists also your husbands hgv licences mean nothing in oz he would have to take the oz equivelent test, sorry for the negative reply could you not try on your occupation?
  14. janmal

    Go with 175 or family sponsored 176??

    with a 176 family sponsored you dont have a moral obligation to settle in that state you are free to go anywhere my family sponsor is in perth and we are heading for brisbane, 176 state sponsored i think you have 2 years in that state which as you say would be the quicker option if you can gain sponsorship.
  15. janmal

    family sponsor advice

    thanks gill for the reply and advice, we now have an idea of what to do should things change in our visa application, its my wifes aunt and i was under the impression the cancer was terminal but luckily its not but she is still poorly, sorry for misleading you.