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  1. loubylou475

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi people, long long time since I posted but I was curious to read about similar situations. We've been in Australia on a 457 since June 2010, changed employer in April 2013. New employer submitted their nomination end of June 2013, Direct Entry, non DRC. Medicals done and UK-passports renewed (which I thought would complicate or delay the process) in July 2013, agent expected may take 6 months for approval....less than 6 weeks later 186 granted 4/9/13, no questions. Expensive time but relieved to have Permanent Residency at last. I really think it depends on the case officer and how thorough they chose to be. Good luck everyone.
  2. loubylou475

    Changing jobs whilst PR application being processed?

    As we suspected, thanks.... was just thinking ahead if we want to change employer say, in 6 months time and the visa is still being progressed.... we have other options but thanks anyway :biggrin:
  3. loubylou475

    Changing jobs whilst PR application being processed?

    Hi, the 186.....transition scheme...
  4. Hi all, well clearly I've been way too busy enjoying our new Aussie life and working hard as a couple of years ago I was on the site every day and you've just informed me it's updated and months since my last visit. For the record, we're so much more settled in Perth having been here 2 yrs 7 months, but the first 2 years are definitely the toughest. My question is, we've applied for PR (we came over on a long-stay business visa (old 457 subclass) and the employer has agreed to support 'our' application, ie confirm we've worked for them for 2 yrs, all costs will be incurred by us.... does anyone know what happens if you change employer during the period (up to 9 months they say) it takes for the residency application to move through the system?
  5. Hey landv, this is one of those days where I just needed to log on and find a person who's thinking the same thoughts as me, and you're it! I don't go on here often and generally I think I've been in 'positive' frames of mind when I post but today I'm just plain old fed up. We've been in Perth almost 15 months. We handled the feeling 'skint' part fairly well in the early days but the recent winter has taken it's toll. Everything is so expensive, we had to buy a gas heater for indoors, it's great but wasn't cheap and has obviously increased the gas bill ten-fold!! I've been holding down a p/t job in West Perth since January, working evenings but I've decided to leave as it's way too far to travel (along the death-trap Kwinana).... basically, the way I feel right now is that we were very lucky to be given this opportunity, we were very brave to follow it through, we gave up fantastic jobs and lifestyle back in the Uk, to hopefully offer our kids a more promising future. But is it all worth it? Show me the crystal ball......
  6. loubylou475

    Perth dwellers???

    Great post mate..... had a rough couple of 'homesick' days but driving along Kwinana through the city on my way home tonite and gasped at how clear the sky was (dark too) and how gorgeous the city lights reflect off the Swan...... my hubby asked our little lad where he'd rather be and he said 'Ere, Dad..... cud just do wi me mates from back 'ome, so that we cud all play outside all the time'..... class
  7. loubylou475

    WA Hayfever season.

    Hi all, I took our 8 year old to an allergy specialist as he 'developed' a severe peanut allergy soon after arriving in WA. We asked about Hayfever as he's always suffered with it and the specialist informed us that the 'WA hayfever 'season' can run from as early as September through to Autumn (March/April)' ..... Cetirizine seems to do the trick and at $17 for a pack of 30 it's really not all that bad value. Even cheaper if you can get your uk visitors to bring them in from Boots!!
  8. loubylou475

    Anyone emigrating from Yorkshire?

    We're from the armpit of 'Wassop' (that's Worksop to the more articulate out there) ... 'Notts' by definition, Sheffield postcode, Dinnington telephone code, Borough of Chesterfield, 20 minutes from everywhere but no bugger ever wants the responsibilty of admitting they 'own' the town.... can't say I blame 'um!
  9. loubylou475

    six months and 26 days in Perth!!

    Hi Liz, just looking at your timeline, seems you too have been 'Waiting Awhile' to get here! Good news that you're on your way soon, stay in touch if you fancy meeting up when you arrive, it can be tough in the first 3 months. Best wishes to you all, Lou
  10. loubylou475

    six months and 26 days in Perth!!

    I'd love to say I'm an avid PIO follower but truth be told I'm not. I love to pop on now and again and it's been great for opinions/advice. After trying since early 2008, we eventually reached Perth on a 457 visa. I just wanted to share a few moments of our momentous journey! Job offer 31st March, uk house on market 8th April, sold (no chain) 15th April. 457 processed (employers choice of relocation agents) following week, granted 29th April. Left uk for WA (via Dubai) 24th June. Rented furnished for 10 weeks in East Vic Park. Applied for FIRB approval and bought house SOR August, moved in Sept! Kids at local state Primary, loving it, really impressed. I began applying for Admin work (ex-NHS) in November, applied for 6 jobs, offered 5 (!!) of them, accepted the most recent and loving it at one of the city's largest hospitals. Expected Christmas to be full of tears and homesickness but quite the opposite. Enjoyed a traditiona turkeyl lunch, Santa still came on time and spent the evening toasting friends and family on skype!! All in all we're having a fantastic time in Perth and all the hardship and past disappointment has been more than worth it. Negatives?? Never been so skint in my life. Poached eggs on toast have become a family favourite! But hey, it costs nothing to wander along the banks of the Swan or to sit and watch the sun setting over the ocean..... to wander the few steps upto the school sports field and play cricket with the kids.... I'd never say we'll 'Never' return to the uk but for now, Perth is our home and we're loving it, we're a very close family and this move has brought us even closer.... follow your dreams and if it's meant to be then it will be.
  11. loubylou475

    Wa ss been waiting over 6 months!!!!!

    Just had to laugh at that, Cazz! It's my OH's favourite saying after 4.5 months in Perth! 2 hours in the docs.... 20 mins at the checkout whilst the girl files her nails and has a chat to her mate!! 30 mins in the Post Office.... and the funniest ever had to be the mile-long queue for the'new' i-phone which had been released before we left the uk!! Welcome to WA...chilled-out people only please!:cool:
  12. loubylou475

    School Year

    Hi Ali - not sure if this'll help but we arrived in Perth early July. Eldest turned 11 in Aug (youngest in her year in uk, was due to start comp sept) - we enquired at a couple of schools and they said as WA changed the regulations in 1997, any child born after 30th June will start in the year below where they would have been in the uk. So, to clarify, our daughter should be starting over here in year 5 (big tears and tantrums!!) BUT we've enrolled today at a lovely primary in Canning Vale and they've placed her in year 6. She'll do just over a term there then move up to year 6/7 in Feb, followed by Senior School in Feb 2012. Youngest turned 8 in March, he's in year 3, due to start year 4 in Feb... he gets the better deal but not much in it - PM me if you need to, Lou
  13. loubylou475

    6 weeks in Perth

    wine sounds good to me, Koala Bros! PM me soon, be great to meet up, Lou and Rich
  14. loubylou475

    6 weeks in Perth

    Hi everyone - just wanted to share my (our) bizarre and exciting first few weeks in Perth. Arrived after a whirlwind 10-weeks after managing to sell uk home and secure a great sponsorship. Read way too much on here (seriously, before we arrived I'd decided we were gonna live up a tree with a koala - everywhere else seemed to be disregarded by one or another PIO member).... so decided to abandon the site for a while. Our first rental was in Northbridge.... the apartment was immaculate, great for transport links and 15 yrs ago we'd have loved it, but with kids 10 and 8, overlooking Black Betty's nightclub was not the best place for us, especially on the weekend. A couple of phonecalls to the relocation people and we moved just outside of Carlilse near Vic Park, into a lovely modern townhouse. We then spent 2 weeks trawling the northern suburbs for a long-term unfurnished rental for when our container arrives. It's worth noting here that our 'sheffield postcode' home sold at the bottom of the market so we weren't rolling in cash by any stretch of the immagination. We soon came to realise that our dreams of a northern coastal home were not to happen. The rentals we viewed can only be described as being 'tired' and that's polite.... even after upping the max to $800/week. We'd heard nightmare stories of other people on 457's and trying to purchase so it hadn't occurred to us to go down that route. Until we started looking at 'for sale's .... the rental market is way too competitive but we found the buyers market much more relaxed. After 3 weeks viewing and pestering agents, we found a lovely home in Canning Vale and made an offer, which was accepted and we're waiting for the keys!!! The main purpose of my post is to say that we arrived here 6 weeks ago - hell-bent on living the dream in the northern coastal suburbs but we've found that we quite like being close to the river - still only a short trip from the coast and although south of the river we couldn't be happier!! I've already met so many friendly people - the locals are great for advice on places to visit and eat out etc and basically we have managed to buy a 4-bed home with no problems - the FIRB part was dead simple to do online and was approved in 8 days. Spend some time researching whilst still in the UK but please please don't set your heart on looking for the impossible, or be put off by negative experiences on here or elsewhere. Make your own journey unique, the adventure exciting, and embrace all that beautiful WA has to offer and you'll find your own way, every time. Lou:chatterbox:
  15. loubylou475

    Carine Duncraig Rental??

    Hi, we arrived in Perth last week - currently in temp. apartment but looking for rental in Carine/Duncraig area to move into in August..... ideally a modern 4x2 but would look at a 3x2 and would also consider a sale in region of $600K. Not much luck with estate agents etc - usually the property is already gone or they just don't call back. Was prepared for the dog-eats-dog market but it's worse than that!! Advice appreciated, Lou.:shocked: