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    Great food discoveries you have made.

    Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle on a buttered roll.
  2. Koala Chloe

    Does a Work Cover application affect PR visa?

    Has anyone had any experience of this? Has anyone applied for an 887 visa been refused, and on what grounds? Any help appreciated! Thanks KC
  3. Hi everyone I wonder if anyone can help with a query we have... We are currently in Australia on a 475 visa, and should be in a position to apply for PR next year (subclass 887). Can anyone advise what factors can affect a successful PR application? eg> * Lots of medical prescriptions? * A legal personal injury claim against Work Cover? Is there any potential for these to have an impact on our 887 application? Is this something DIAC would have knowledge of or even look at? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks very much! KC
  4. Koala Chloe

    Shopping from the UK....living in Aus

    I read this thread with interest. I thought Amazon UK didn't deliver to Australia. Is this wrong? Do they? Yours hopefully, KC
  5. Hi Does this apply to migrants on 475 visa's as well, or just 176's? Thanks! KC
  6. Koala Chloe

    UK X Factor on Oz TV ?

    Does anyone know if the UK X Factor is on OZ telly? :goofy: I've trawled through the tv listings and can't see it, but I'm sure I read somewhere it was shown over here. We're in Queensland, if that makes a difference. Thanks! KC
  7. Koala Chloe

    Which Camper Van company?

    Thanks so much for all your replies. I think we may forget the tv/dvd, but go for a toilet/shower 'just in case'! Still to book though - any other recommendations for companies welcomed! KC
  8. Koala Chloe

    Which Camper Van company?

    Hi everyone Can anyone please advise which is the best camper van company to use in Australia? Should we go with one with a toilet, shower, and tv/dvd ie. a full spec campervan, or should we go for a more basic model without toilet, shower etc? Can anyone advise on the best campervan sites to stop at? ie Big4 or the free council sites? We are travelling from Brisbane to Adelaide over 3 weeks. We have done quite a bit of research, and wondered if it is worth trying to haggle the price down a bit? Has anyone done this and got a better deal? Thanks for any hints, tips and advice! KC :cool:
  9. Koala Chloe

    World Cup 2010 ?

    We are emigrating later on this month, and were wondering if anyone knows what the arrangements are in Australia for the football World Cup in June. We know the games will be on around 12.30am and 4.30am - ish. :SLEEP: Does anyone know if these games will only be shown live in Australia, or are there likely to be re-runs and/or highlights during 'waking' house Oz-time? Just wondering, as we won't have access to be able to record the matches as we are doing an extended recce and are likely to be in holiday accommodation then. On a separate note, although we won't have one in time for the World Cup in June, does Australia have the same technology to record satellite tv as we have in the UK - ie Sky+/V+ boxes? Thanks KC
  10. Koala Chloe

    Pickfords vs Anglo Pacific

    We are having real difficulty in deciding between Pickfords and Anglo Pacific for our removals, and hope someone may be able to offer any experience/advice. The rep from Pickfords who came out was really un-dynamic, and didn't sell his company very well at all. But Pickfords get a good name on here for removals, and we used them about 10 years ago for a domestic removal and they were really good. The rep from Anglo Pacific was really impressive, enthusiastic, and had much more of a 'can-do' attitide, nothing was too much trouble. But the reviews about AP on here are really mixed, with various posters saying not to touch them with a barge pole! The dilemma is - Pickfords - Un-dynamic salesperson - but the company may be good at delivering our belongings = versus = Anglo Pacific - Dynamic saleperson - but the company may not be as good at delivering our belongings. How do we decide who to choose? We are so unsure about which company to choose. Price is important, but all we want is peace of mind that our belongings have the best chance of getting to Oz safe and sound! Does anyone have any positive experience with AP that they could share? I feel as if we go with Pickfords and its a disaster than I will blame myself as our experience with them so far this time has been mediocre. Any thoughts? Thanks! KC
  11. Koala Chloe

    Airlines and too much luggage!!!

    We just booked with Emirates and they give a 50kg allowance per person when booking on a one way ticket with a valid visa (over a year). KC
  12. Koala Chloe

    DAB Radio's

    Hi Nigel Thanks very much! KC
  13. Koala Chloe

    DAB Radio's

    Hi Does anyone know if UK DAB radio's will work in Australia, or if the technology is different? No point in taking ours out if it won't work! :confused: Thanks for any replies. KC
  14. Koala Chloe

    Flight recommendations

    I take it that the extra luggage allowance is not valid for 475 visa holders? Have any PIO'ers emigrated on a 475 visa and been granted an additional luggage allowance? Thanks! KC
  15. Koala Chloe

    Unusual Facts - What effects do new changes have on them?

    Hi Gill Thank you so much for your reply - it does seem clear on the diac guidance that the subsequent entrant visas will still be processed. Needless to say we are still waiting for our agent to get back to us, so your advice has been fantastic news today. We had been worried as it has been 7 weeks since we lodged this subsequent entrant visa without hearing anything, so hopefully it is getting towards the top of the pile now. Thanks again for setting our minds at ease, as we have been worried sick. KC