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  1. Siblin!

    Doom and gloomers

    I agree and perhaps trolling was not the right word. It was just describing the certain people who seem to pick fault or negativity with anyone and their situation and it was the only word I could think of to personify these people Defining boundaries, most definitely. I think some people can be way too personal.
  2. Siblin!

    Doom and gloomers

    It has nothing to do with loving or not loving Australia, no one has the right to make other people feel bad by their ill thought out replies. It really boils down to tact and diplomacy, which unfortunately some people are severely lacking. Just because this is virtual doesn't make the person any less real, nor their feelings. Being nice, thoughtful and diplomatic costs nothing yet generates kindest, hope and good feelings.
  3. Siblin!

    Moving back to the UK in February

    Good luck with everything. From experience, it took me a long time to settle in Oz and we came back to the UK once for choice, another in difficult circumstances and I feel very out of place in the UK a now. Just keep your options open. You can always go back
  4. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    Thanks Booma
  5. Siblin!

    Doom and gloomers

    Well said. I was shocked at some responses given to someone who just wants some genuine help and feedback. I think there should be a strike system. If people continue to troll then they should be banned. This forum was always about support and it should stay that way. I really feel that there is always a positive spin on things and if it's going to go wrong, it will but there is no point worrying about it in the meantime. Most people who come in here have already made their mind up but just need a pat on the back or some kind words. Experience is always helpful to share and sometimes sharing a negative experience can help some people out but under no circumstances should a person be judged on their situations.
  6. Siblin!

    18 year old dependent child visa 189/190

    Ha:) The other post was directed at me... I had two 457s before we got a 186, then we cancelled. Long story. Complex is not the word...lol You should be fine, your sounds much simpler than mine x
  7. Siblin!

    Advice needed on whether to move back

    Hi Alex. Sorry to hear. It's tough enough without having to worry that the kids haven't settled straight away. I had a similar 12 year old, who cried a few months into being in Oz but she settled in a little after and now she is 21 and would never live anywhere else. Give it a little more time before you make any drastic decisions. Good luck x
  8. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    BTW, just in case anyone else wants to have a dig at me or my family. I am not being nasty or judgemental to you or your life. You don't know me. I didn't ask for your opinions, only if you had any experience or have been in a similar situation. Please do not troll. It makes people feel bad, and hurts.
  9. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    Good points Ali I am not sure that they have to have in their account, only access to it/support as they never asked for it but it may be the case. Re TAFE, 457 courses can be full time as she did year 12 before, aged 19 and on a 457 but it may be different rules if over 21 years. Thanks for your advice and Input. It's most welcome
  10. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    Gosh. You really have no idea. Oh and so rude. Happy New Year!
  11. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    Not really, he will be coming out and staying with us in his holidays anyway but he'd rather have the opportunity to work with his referee buddies and hang out with his buddies in Oz. He has a life in Oz that he loves. I think you are forgetting all my children have grown up in Oz and have very established lives. Many people go off to other countries for university. It's life experience and exciting. He doesn't have a base of friends in the UK outside of university so he is quite happy being able to catch up with his social 'home' circle when he is on uni holidays.
  12. Siblin!

    18 year old dependent child visa 189/190

    We had our over 18 daughter on a PR visa 186 granted. She was at college and working part time. As she is an apprentice this may be classed as full-time education. As it is an education course. Maybe? I am sure if you can prove she is unable to manage without your support you may be OK. I hope you can sort it out xxx
  13. Siblin!

    Dilemma Oz or UK

    Hi there, be careful. Once you open Pandora's box, there is no going back. But, I think you already have. You are already on your journey and it will always be an itch you need to scratch. I don't think any amount of yes or no verdicts will sway you as you will make a case for your own mind set anyway. I have pinged and ponged. I have experienced the bad and good of Oz but I can honestly say that despite the absence of family in Oz, it is the better place to be. That is, for me. You will go on your own journey. Good luck X
  14. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    Hi all, she only came back for a couple of weeks and returned to Oz straight away. We set her up with money to fund a shared house and paid for her visas and flights etc. We have also sent her regular money over to help her out as she has struggled to stay afloat out there. She didn't finish her year 12 and so she is going to undertake it again so she can go on to university. With regards to my son, he may go through TAFE or he may choose to keep on his degree in the UK and come and stay with us on the holidays. He will still be dependant on us as he is at the moment. We have to fund his accommodation etc... It is a tricky situation and I hope still possible to show that they are both still dependant on us Thx
  15. Siblin!

    Dependant Child

    Thanks Maggie