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  1. Hi Have you moved to the Bay yet? I live in Corlette so would love to catch up
  2. Hi Jennie, I'm 34 and also live in Corlette - we recently moved here after being in Melbourne for 5 years and as I work in Newcastle I am struggling to meet new people. If you'd like to catch up let me know
  3. naibsel

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Morning, I had everything ready prior to submitting so we all had our medicals and our uk ans Australia police checks and form 80. Yes it's a risk to spend the money but its worth it in my opinion and I believe that's why it was allocated quickly as it was an easy one for them good luck and let me know if I can help in any way
  4. naibsel

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    My update: Applications submitted on the 30th May and Employer and Employee both granted on the 26th July - nothing further was requested. So happy :biggrin:
  5. The employer has put in for the PR with the 186 temp residence stream so we're just waiting but it takes forever!
  6. Thank you guys, I've since found this link and you're right, I'm not entitled to anything. Oh well http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childbenefit/start/who-qualifies/live-work-abroad.htm#4 I didn't have a baby to get benefits so it's no biggy, I was just wondering.
  7. Hi Guys, I am hoping someone can either help me out or at least point me in the right direction. I have been living in Australia for 5 years and am on a defacto 457 visa (My partner is English too). I have a 17 month old who was born here and another baby due any day. Financially things are tight as we're kind of in limbo and aren't entitled to anything here in Aus like the baby bonus or child care rebates as we aren't permanent. My friend today suggested that we should be entitled to child benefit from the UK as we are citizens there. Does anyone know if this is true and how we go about it? Thank you so much in advance
  8. Thanks Guys, Does anyone know which 'type' I chose to upload the form 80 to? I was thinking identity but none of the drop downs list form 80.
  9. OK It's a bit of a long winded story but I'll try to shorten it as much as possible: I'm on a 457 Visa with my current employer Last August 2012 we put in the 186 Visa and they paid for it all (Over $3500) but I was told to submit the documents myself. Paid and had all medicals done and UK and Aus police checks Didn't really know what I was doing but did my best and thought I'd uploaded everything correctly Received a call a couple of weeks ago to say I'd submitted the Employer part using direct entry stream and my part using theTemporary Residence Transition stream which is the one I should have chosen for both. Basically told it was either withdraw and lose the money or she'd have to refuse it. Obviously I withdrew and my employer is happy (ish) to do it again but I am obviously having to pay for my part this time We submitted everything again on Friday My questions are; As I can't afford a migration agent (And am pretty confident I'll not be that stupid again) am I able to submit a decision ready application on my own? Do you know what the current wait time is for these applications as I already feel we've been waiting for so long and I don't feel safe if you know what I mean? I feel like there's a huge weight on my shoulders until this is final. We want to buy a house and actually settle in the Country we've called home for 5 years and it's all our son has ever known. The last person at the company gave me the last 3 month bank statements but I'm now been told that I can't have these due to privacy - will this be a deal-breaker. If there is something missing will this put us back down the list? Has anyone else been this stupid and had to start again?
  10. naibsel


    Hi Jen, I'll look forward to meeting up with you when you arrive in July :-) Don't worry I'm not scared of kids!
  11. naibsel


    Hi Lauragarry, My partner and I moved to South Yarra in Melbourne in December. I am working so have met a few friends but my partner isn't and is very homesick. She is actually going back to the UK on Wednesday for 3 weeks to see her family but maybe after that it would be great to all meet up. I could even meet while she's away as I'm sure I'm going to be lonely on my own! We were married in a civil partnership in the UK before we left the country and everything is going great apart from my partner being homesick. Look forward to catching up with you :-)
  12. I actually have various job titles and I know they can be quite strict with the exact one you put - I was just asking for help from other people in similar situations.
  13. Hi All, Here is the background and question - I really hope someone can help me Well I have been living in Australia since 30th Nov 08 on a 417 working holiday visa, I have taken a job which I started on the 3rd March 09 earning a lot less than I did at home just to get some cash while applying for other jobs. I am 30 years old and in a same sex relationship (We were married in a civil partnership in UK before we left) My father is a citizen in NSW and we have lots of friends here in Melbourne and really want to stay permanently I went for an interview today with a recruiter who has a fantastic position with a great company and he said I'd be perfect for the role. The only thing that could stand in my way is that the company would have to sponsor me. I have been told that if I apply for my 457 visa I have to go back to England for a month while they are processing it, this would obviously put them off employing me. Is this true and can anyone help me out with more information on this visa if you have been through it yourself. I am an IT Sales/Network specialist - various job titles and roles in IT - what would be the best to put on the application? Thank you all so much in advance. Naibsel
  14. naibsel

    Help with Visa Application please

    Hi Gill, Firstly I'd like to say thank you so much for taking time to read my post and for the fantastic information you have given me - please see below for my answers. Regards Naibsel
  15. Hi, My partner and I have decided to emigrate from England to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as we have friends there. I work for a large insurance company as an account manager with FPC 1,2 and 3 qualifications and my partner is a nursery nurse with NVQ Level 2 in childcare. My father is now an Australian resident and is willing to sponsor me/us. I want to do the visa myself as we are getting 'married' in a civil partnership in July next year so need to do this as cheaply as possible. We are looking at starting the process now with a view to move after July next year as it's still not legal in Australia for same sex marriages. I have 4 questions; 1) How do we start? I do not even know how to start the process to emigrate without using a broker who will cost lots of money 2) What type of visa do we go on? bearing in mind my partners career is wanted there but I think I would need to go on a family sponsorship visa as my company won't sponsor me or I'd need to get more qualifications. 3) Do we go on the same visa or 2 different ones? 4) What code is a nursery nurse on the skilled visa? We can't seem to find it although I've been told it is a sought after career, the qualification she has is NVQ level 2 in childcare Sorry this is a long post but any help/advice with any of the above questions would be fantastic especially just where to start, it seems like a minefield!!! Thanks in advance Naibsel x:notworthy: