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  1. ukdcsengineer

    Cheapest Flights for visit back home

    Thank you i have and they want $2500 per person for 8-29th Dec flights.
  2. ukdcsengineer

    Cheapest Flights for visit back home

    Hi thank you for reply,we are in Brisbane looking to go back around 8th Dec and return on the 29th Dec. Yes thats per person! Brian and family
  3. ukdcsengineer

    Cheapest Flights for visit back home

    Can anyone suggest what the cheapest options are to fly back to the UK at Christmas? Where is the best places to search because at the moment i can only find $2500+ which for a family is very expensive? Thank you.
  4. Many thanks guys for the feedback, think some replies there are from estate agents :wink:
  5. Can anyone advise if it is the norm to make an offer/ negotiate on the price of rented accommodation or do you have to pay the full estate agent asking price? We are a family with a 6 year old child and would like to be around New Farm, Newstead, Teneriffe, Spring Hill, Kangaroo Point etc areas in an apartment initially and there seems to be an abundance of these types of properties. I was wondering if a property is offered at $700pw what offers/reductions, if any, would be considered acceptable? Brian & family.
  6. ukdcsengineer

    What salary do you need to live in Brisbane?

    Hi Guys, As myself, wife and 6 year old son are coming to Brisbane on a 475 at the end of March this thread kind of scares me and reassures me at the same time as the cost of living issue is a major worry if you haven't lived in the new location. I have been offered $115 plus super-ann, plus overtime and my new role will be located around the airport area of the city, but we would like to be located just south of the river. For myself and family we will be running only 1 car (as the mrs cant drive.....can hear all the male members saying "result!") and would like to be able to afford a nice 3 bed (don't need more bedrooms as they would just be left empty) with pool were we could experience the benefits of the lifestyle out there. We are not big clubers (too old and fat now to look cool in my florescent Lycra) , but enjoy days out and the odd weekend away, so it is a concern that we can afford to live out there and not just exist. Any feedback on whether this amount would be sufficient in this location to live this type of lifestyle would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ukdcsengineer

    457 Urgent

    I am in a similar situation in that i have been offered a 457 visa with the employer saying they would sponsor me for ENS after 2 years (though they state it is at the managements discretion), however i am 45 in March so i am not sure whether this would have an impact or not? I am concerned as i have a young family and i am worried what will happen if the company decides not to proceed with my ENS after the 2 year period, though my 457 visa states the contract offer is for 4 years. The ral problem i have found is that agents dont really know them selves or should i say some agents and its very differcult to get good advise as how best to proceed to PR. I am an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry and have 11 years experience, i have a HND (no degree) and have been offered a role as a Senior Systems Engineer. Ideally i would like to try and get SS as i see it as maybe my best route? Brian & family.
  8. ukdcsengineer

    Proposed changes to LAFHA

    Hi Guys, I am just in the process of negotiating/ finalising my T&C's for my 457 visa and had asked for LAFHA. The sponsoring company confirmed they would give me LAFHA, but have in the last couple of days stated that they have been informed that LAFHA will change significantly from July 1st 2012 and the key issues that will likely apply to me are:- LAFHAs to become subject to income tax in the employees’ hands Temporary residents of Australia (eg. visitors on 457 visas, working holiday visas, etc) only eligible for concessions if they maintain a home in Australia that they are then living away from (eg. fly in fly out scenario) Deductions to be allowable for actual expenditure on accommodation and food costs (subject to a statutory limit). (At this point I am assuming no. 3 above refers to a fly in fly out situation only). Has anyone else heard of these changes? This means i will be issued with 1 contract until end June the re-issued with another from 1st July. Also if they are going to be changes to LAFHA does anyone have any ideas to around them?
  9. Faye, Am i reading this correctly that the house is available until March? or is it available from March as we are due to land beginning of March so would be interested if it is available from March onwards. Brian and family
  10. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    Exactly, i am thinking due to the demand for engineers even if things didn't work out i am sure i could get another company to take over the sponsorship as i have a 6 people from my company in the UK who have emigrated to Perth so i am well placed to understand the demand for decent engineers. What advise i would give to yourself and your husband is that from what my friends say.....opportunities are very good and pay is high but don't think its an easy ride as i understand the Aussies work harder than us but the benefits are far greater and by benefits i mean pay and lifestyle.
  11. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    To be honest i am a very loyal person so for me stability is a massive issue and i would quite happily stay with a good company and have no interest in chasing the dollar as i value my family life. Based on what you have said I am going to ask the sponsoring company regarding their intentions after the 2 year period and see what they say. As far as i am concerned if a company paid for the 856 visa and i left then fairs fair i would expect to pay for the process if i instigated the separation. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  12. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    That is very true, but our long term goal is PR as i would hate to see out my 4 years only to have to return to the UK. Based on what i have explained previously regarding skills assessment how hard would it be to migrate from 457 to PR?......i have heard that if i stay with the sponsoring company for 2 years i dont need the skills assessment, but again i am not sure whether this is true or not?
  13. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    One of the problems i have had in trying to go down the PR route (via UK agents) related to my skills assessment in that i took a HND but not in engineering, but have worked as an engineer since i left uni and the engineering assessment body says you must have an engineering specific qualification to be considered for assessment! I am a senior control system engineer and my current employer has offices throughout Australia so i am still actively pursuing that line of enquiry, but obviously due to my age i don't really want to pass up the chance of emigrating to Australia on a 457 because other options might not materialise. This though is my real worry, UK agents i have been dealing with don't seem that clued up and the regulations are changing frequently, i have friends in Perth and they are saying they are crying out for engineers and with current changes i should be able to get PR, but again UK agents seem behind the current changes and their impacts and with me approaching 45 time and options are running out. My concerns about 457 still remain in that i could find myself out of a job if things don't work out plus be lumbered with having to repay relocation contributions from the sponsoring company and reversely if things do work out i might still not get PR!
  14. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    Guys, Many thanks for all your posts, much appreciated. I had no idea about LAFHA so will ask the company, the Medicare option i was definitely going to enquire about. They seem a decent company as i guy i worked with in the UK (an Aussie) currently works for the same company offering to sponsor me! If it was just me i wouldn't hesitate as i have worked in some of the most hostile countries in the World, but with having a young son i have to consider him before anything else and probably like everyone else thinking of moving half way round the globe its a worrying decision. Also without knowing the area, while $115, 000 seems alot it means didily squat as its the cost of living in the specific location you will be resident in that's important and unless you can ask someone who lives there you never really know. It looks like i will be in in Brisbane end of Feb 2012, really excited as its the place i have wanted to be for such a long time and i think my son who loves the water will be happiest. Brian and family.
  15. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    Hi Guys, I have been offered a 457 visa by a company in Brisbane, but after reading a number posts i am concerned as i have a young son and i also believed i was going to be offered a permanent residency visa. I have a number of concerns as to whether i should accept the offer or maybe try and persuade the company to offer a different type of visa? I have copied the wording of the visa offered: :confused: "[Company] agrees to sponsor your visa, being a Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), to a period of four (4) years." My main concerns are: (I am 44 yrs old, married and my occupation is an Engineer) How difficult is it to obtain PR after arriving on this visa? My son who has asthma might require medical treatment when here, would the treatment be free with this type of visa? What would be my options should my employment with the sponsoring company not work out as i have heard a couple of horror stories? What are the main differences between PR and 457? I have been offered $115,000 pa: could anyone advise if this is an amount that would afford myself and my family a decent living in Brisbane as my wife would probably not be able to work due to us having a young son? Many thanks, Brian and family