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  1. suze&lee

    vetassess carpentry practical...take own tools?

    Hi my husband did it a few years ago he had all his tools with him but they do have own tools on site as it is a college. They make you use their tools for all the tasks. Hope this helps suzanne
  2. suze&lee

    Help re high school Perth

    Hi good luck its tough with teenagers, will let you know how we go on. x
  3. suze&lee

    Help re high school Perth

    Hi thanks for replying will private message you later x
  4. suze&lee

    Help re high school Perth

    Hi we are hopefully off to Perth later in the year I have two girls 7 and 16. The 16 was going to stay with her dad to do a levels as she leaves school next week but she has changed her mind and is now coming with us which we are over the moon at. But now need to look at schools. She was 16 in February and we have explained about going back to school and she is ok about is albeit a bit nervous. We hope to live near tapping carramar area as we have friends near there. Just wanted advice on high schools in the area are they as bad as people say so would we be better sending her private although that may not be an option depends on wages etc. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. suze&lee

    Blues in Perth

    Hi we are coming over to Perth to validate our visas in October and the day we get there is the Man City v Man Utd derby, my husband has just found your post as searching where to watch game if possible. We are staying in Connolly and would love to meet like minded city fans if possible. Regards Suzanne Lee Beth & Liberty
  6. suze&lee

    Where to stay when we validate visa

    Thanks for the advice everyone, found some lovely places and spoilt for choice now. Suzanne
  7. Hi we have just booked our flights to Perth for end of october to validate our visa. I was looking for some help on where to stay want to book accommodation with a pool and near to the beach. Any help appreciated. Suzanne
  8. suze&lee

    Vetassess Passed - Yipeeee!!!!

    Hiya just wanted to say well done for passing. We have just found out this morning, my oh took his on 21st July at Accrington and been on website this morning and says successful can't quite believe it. So well done and here's to the next stage.
  9. suze&lee

    Carpentry Practical

    Hi first of all I would like to say well done to all the people who have already taken this test and good luck to all who haven't. Basically just want bit of advice really. My husband is due to take the test tomorrow at Accrington and wondered if anyone can tell me what the day consists of. He has been polishing up on roofs as this is what seems to be worrying most people including my oh. He is very nervouse at the moment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  10. suze&lee

    carpenter practical

    Hi, good luck to everyone taking practicals. My oh Lee has just got his date today, 22nd July at accrington. Is anybody else going on this date??
  11. suze&lee

    First Step Taken & Butterflies kick in

    Just wanted to say good luck with everything and keep us posted. It is a long process so no doubt we will be in touch regularly over next few mths or possible year or more x
  12. suze&lee

    First Step Taken & Butterflies kick in

    Good luck in Brisbane when you get there x
  13. suze&lee

    First Step Taken & Butterflies kick in

    HI thanks for the post, I know what you mean about not telling anyone, Lee my oh doesnt want to tell his parents or anybody till passes skills assessment because otherwise he thinks people will be asking all the time when are you going.etc. Plus the whole process takes such a long time its nice to have a secret for a while.
  14. suze&lee

    Work for Joiner's

    Hi the hutchies Good look with house sale, I bet you feel like you have been waiting for ever. It's difficult to know when to sell as obviously you want your visa first but the way the market is makes you unsure of how long it will take to sell as well. I said the same thing to Beth that she could come back when she is 16 but hopefully she won't. Tell her to keep up the football.
  15. suze&lee

    Work for Joiner's

    Hi notice you are from prestwich not that far from us, we are in Middleton, right near junction 19 m62 middleton/heywood junction. Yes its either Perth or Brisbane i think. I have a friend in queensland but i also know friend of friend in Perth who is joiner and they are not short of work either. We have long way to go before we think about which part of oz to live but i still like to look and dream. When are you looking at moving??