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  1. cymru

    Flood and Disaster follow up

    That is a very kind offer Joanne. We are still not back in our house, but are one of the lucky ones hopefully can move back in 2 to 3 weeks time. A lot of our neighbours are no where near moving back in, its heartbreaking to see them struggling. thanks Nicola
  2. Hi Shaz just sent you a pm
  3. Will keep that in mind as we are not far from indro. Just had mine cut and coloured last weekend after 2 1/2 years of not wanting to go to hairdressers - came out with wrong colour. So next time I might go along and see your OH. Hope you are loving it here in Brissy Nicola
  4. cymru

    Brigidine College

    I was talking to someone last Friday about it as I am considering sending my daughter in a few years. She was saying that he daughter started year 8 last January and couldnt get enough of the school, she was loving every minute. She also said the school was very supportive of all year 8s and went to great lengths to make sure they all made friends and knew each other. Im not sure how it compares with All Hallows because I have never met anyone who has been to that school.
  5. cymru

    Special Needs Schools around Brisbane?

    There is Mount Ommaney Special School - south western suburbs
  6. cymru


    have pm'd you.
  7. cymru

    Sherwood or Jindalee?

    Hi Shaz I think i have emailed you before about these areas, quite a while ago. Both those schools have excellent reputations. I have friends who have kids in Jindalee and they love the school and I was talking to someone last night about Sherwood and they were saying that was an excellent school. Do remember though, that both these areas went under during the floods (we live in jindalee and have had to find temporary accommodation until house can be repaired). They are both really good areas and im sure it wont take very long to get them up and running again. When the floods happened the community spirit in Jindalee was just overwhelming, we met so many selfless, fantastic people. I know you have been planning your move for a long time, hope it doesnt take much longer for you Nicola
  8. Yeah thats because she is too polite to tell someone else "no" they are not being a friend when they are pressing her into it and of course thinks she has to please the boyfriend (she will learn when she is as old and ugly as me lol). But has no problems telling us - her parents, no. You are right about one thing though, maybe i should take the internet away until she deletes this person. At the end of the day, if the comments had come from another teenager we wouldnt have liked it, but it would have just shown their immaturity but the comments where from a woman in her 40s. It would never cross my mind to do that to someone else's kid
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. I have calmed down now and only got so wound up this morning because my poor dad had rung me wondering what type of people my daughter is mixing with. He is far too old to see people making those kind of comments to his granddaughter. My problem is, I am not on my daughter's friends list so I cant do anything about it. It only came to my attention because so many other adults were contacting me as they were concerned. I am praying to god that my daughter wakes up and smells the coffee very soon. One thing is for sure though, I will definately think twice before I ever help out a newbie pom again. Once bitten, twice shy as they say. Once again thanks everyone for their advice.
  10. Thanks everyone for all your replies cheers
  11. cymru

    Year 11/12 move interstate

    Thanks for the info Quoll. I have already done one big interstate move and know there is quite a difference in the education levels. I was wondering about the transferring of credits so will be giving the schools a ring to get more info. thank you
  12. cymru

    Year 11/12 move interstate

    Has anyone moved interstate when their child has just finished year 11 in one state so would need to start year 12 in another state. Is that possible? It would be good to hear from anyone who has done it. Thanks
  13. Any parens with older kids wanting to meet up for a beer on the southwest side of brissy?
  14. Just for everyone to know, there is a group of us British ladies that meet up most Fridays. We are all from the jindalee, fig tree, kenmore, chapel hill, graceville kind of areas. We try and go somewhere different each week so that we are getting out and about. Everyone is welcome to join us at any time, some people are new to oz and some have been here for quite a big longer. not everyone comes every week, just when they are not working etc. we are hoping to go somewhere child friendly this friday as the kids are off school. if you are interested pm me. Nicola