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    Wow I've not posted on here for years after the initial landing and moving it all got too busy...! But I'm back.... we're getting married soon and while we'd both like to marry in the UK (my other half is oz im a pom) its not looking feasible, we were thinking thailabd as its half way but I'm not massively keen i dont think. I was wondering if anyone has experiences they'd like to share, or tips/ideas? Thanks.... From the long lost welsh in oz :-)
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    Well ideally we want everyone in one place hence the mid way choice, as its not fair to expect his family to come to the uk and vice versa, plus organising a wedding in the uk from here seems far too difficult! We thought to do the ceremony in Thailand and the legal bit in aus afterwards with a reception for those not able to come to Thailand. But then I thought why bother with Thailand if we're doing that, then I think but what about my family in the uk its much more expensive to come to aus than thailand.... argh it's so bloody confusing!!
  3. Currently in need of a head chef for an immediate start in Dee Why (Sydney's northern beaches) for 160 seater restaurant. $55,000 plus super and leave loading. Experience as head chef is necessary, you will be in charge of planning your own menus and ordering stock, under supervision of the group executive chef. A well established family business with three restaurants, all with a strong focus on great fresh food, all food and desserts made in house. Please PM me if interested. This is an IMMEDIATE START for the correct candidate.:biggrin:
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    Head chef wanted **** immediate start***

    this job is still available if anyone is looking for something...
  5. welsh in oz

    Head chef wanted **** immediate start***

    bumping this to the top! :biggrin:
  6. welsh in oz

    Is contraception free in Australia?

    nope, not free, my pill is $23 for 4 months worth, but add on top of that the cost of a doctors appointment (mine is $65 but can claim $35 back from medicare). To the person who said there arent as many types here - there are just the same amounts and types of prescription meds here, but due to the higher cost of medicine here (or the different structure) generic brands are often offered as an alternative, they are EXACTLY the same they just dont have a fancy brand name. My pill in UK was microgynon, here I use the generic brand as microg here is about $90 as opposed to levenorgiestinol (or something like tha!) is the cheaper $23 option. Interestingly, its cheaper to get the packs with the 7 sugar pills too but I just chuck them away.
  7. I am a little bit in disbelief that you would even comtemplate this, it's not wonder that the UK is in such trouble. You have a house with equity? can you consolidate the debt into the house? If you dont pay them back you risk getting into big trouble if you ever decide to go home do you really want to run that risk? Plus it's not like they dont know where you are since you've used them here and all. Seek some sensible financial advice, not from a forum, be sensible yourself and take responsibility for your spending. If you could not have afforded to come here you should have waited. Speak to the bank who may be able to reduce the interest or help you somehow. Please do not just stop paying. I have $28k debt here from various reasons and sometimes feel like we are drowning in debt but we will get there paying off bit by bit it will just take a while. You may have to make sacrifices, downgrade the car, stop holidays, cook at home not eat out, live below your means not above but you will get there.
  8. Hi all, I have a position going for a head chef in a busy restaurant in Dee Why, 200+ seater a la carte menu. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to apply/need more details. :biggrin:
  9. welsh in oz

    ***head chef position vacant***

    sorry guys - position has been filled now. You can email me CVs on eesnaomiprice@hotmail.com as we always have positions opening, we have three restaurants, Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.
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    Hahahah, got me a little PR action!! YES!!! Defacto spouse visa PR stage granted after intitially TR granted in April 08!! Bit of a DIAC mix up with sending my second stage forms to the UK (duh) then having to move all the processing to Brissy.... Nice one, havent posted on here for ages but couldnt resist :biggrin:
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    ***head chef position vacant***

    Hi Dianne, we would prefer an immediate start so require someone who is in Australia already, but I will bear you in mind. Are you in the process of applying for a visa?
  12. welsh in oz

    pet insurance

    haha, he is a bumbling crazy mad labrador who is into everything and never stops!! :biggrin: the $500 is for tick paralysis, cruiciate lig cover is in the thousands i think.
  13. welsh in oz

    When to turn things off

    yes you can buy airwick over here. You can buy EVERYTHING over here. Just takes a while to get used to the aussie brands. I miss bramley cooking apples... you can check out Coles and Woolies online to see what they stock.
  14. welsh in oz

    pet insurance

    We looked at Pet Plan for our labrador but went with Prosure in the end, we pay $39 a month for mid level cover, it covers all vet visits (excluding annual vaccs obviously) and we pay the first 20% of any bill, its been good for us as little things like $80 eye infections we get some back, rather than there being a $200 excess. Also comes with a $500 towards paralysis ticks and a cruiciate ligament cover. We have had him insured for 8 months now and claimed at least 8 times (accident prone dog!) one claim was for $1000 becasue he sliced his legs open on some rubbish some idiot left in the park, sliced an artery! We have claimed enough back to basically cover the monthly premium for 2 years. WELL WORTH IT!!!
  15. welsh in oz

    pet insurance???

    ask your insurance company!! sure you'd get a better repsonse than here...? we have petplan over here and allianz but I dont know if you can transfer. A no claims bonus on a car is transferrable with a letter from your insurer so maybe that woudl work? We have out lab insured with prosure, we can claim 80% of all vet fees excluding annual chack ups of course, they've been great so far, we've claimed 4 times in 3 months! (lab - accident prone!)
  16. welsh in oz

    so now running with your dog is cruel......

    unfortunatley some people are just kno8s :biggrin: ignore them, your dog wouldnt run if she didnt want to I'm sure! not cruel at all, cruler to have a fat lazy dog with bad hips and knees from the weight it's carrying. we take our 1yo choc lab to the beach all the time and he goes crazy, running around, swimming, wrestling and playing with dogs, most owners love it because he makes their dogs play too but you get the odd dickhead who screams "oh my god put your dog on a lead" and picks up their dog (it is an OFF LEASH beach) and glares at us, which is soooo silly. Dogs can look after themselves, our dog is sooo not aggressive and being a young lab just looks cuddly and playful so they are just freaking in case their primped pampered pooch gets sandy! wowzer, take them to the park! some owners just dont have a clue, if a dog dont want to play it will growl, bark or snap and then my dog would know, bad owners breed bad dogs. Staffies - lots and lots of them around, most people seem to be ok with them, however there was an undesexed male at the beach the other week whcih attacked 3 dogs so people were a bit wierd but mainly I think people are pretty tolerant.
  17. welsh in oz

    Stay or Go to Sydney?

    Just do it!! if you dont you might regret it for the rest ofyour life! rent the house, sell the car, bring the dog, buy a webcam for your dad,you'll be fine, and ifyou hate it you can move home. Who knows you might meet someone special out here and never look back! P.S I would find somewhere better to take your dog than bondi though :biggrin: GOOD LUCK!!!! :wink:
  18. welsh in oz

    packing help please!

    Guys - I am in the middle of a bubble wrap explosion and had a question. I have two wooden bowls that my dad made me (no bark or anything, and all treated wood - looks like what you would buy in a shop) and I was wondering whether to put them on the inventory or 'accidentally forget' to declare them? they are wrapped up inside a wrapped casserole dish...... What do you reckon? I know it's a minor thing but they have massive sentimental meaning and would hate for them to be taken away from me.
  19. welsh in oz

    Advice for a seriously misguided pomme !!!

    Hi Aussieboy 87, I think you need to move your post (or get a moderator to move it) you put it in the 'pets' room, maybe try dilemmas? As for your post subject, I know how you feel. I am 27 and moved here march 09 with my aussie boyf, all my family and friends are back in the UK and all i have here is Max and his family (not always a good thing!) and a few work friends. I am doing ok out here but some days I have real freak outs at what I have done and how far from everyone I am, that said I dont really want to move back there yet, but it does help i have Max and our dog! Sounds silly but helped me to settle a bit. I think it's only you who can weigh up the benefits of staying rather than going, there are pros and cons on both sides, i think the term for you is a ping pong pom at the moment! Good on you for giving it a go again in 2008, I cant really give you any advice other than to take each dayas it comes when you are out here, plan regular trips back, or family come out here, skype a lot, call home every week and try and be as active as you can in Oz, so get involved with mates and things to keep you busy. If your visa/money situation permits why not give it another go, but put a time limit on it, maybe say "i will go back to Oz for 2 years and see how i like it" that way if you do end up gettign homesick you can leave as planned, or if not you can stay and feel proud you managed to do it. Bet I havent helped at all, sorry, I seem to be waffling a bit! chin up :wink:
  20. welsh in oz


    this is a pretty good website: www.bbcgoodfood.com tends to have millions of recipes on it for the same dish and user comments on how to better the recipes too
  21. welsh in oz

    evidence of relationship - de facto

    We sent the following stuff from memory (but it was over 2 years ago): Leases from 2 houses we had rented together Utility bills/insurance in both names Phone bills with calls to each other highlighted Bank statements from joint account from past 4 years Flights and hotel bookings from various holidays Pensions/life assurance from work in each others names in case of death Wedding/christening invitations to both of us Cards from valentines/birthdays to each other Photos of us at various social events (different hair cuts too in lots which helped show passing of time!) Cant think of other stuff we sent in other than 5 stat decs from friends/family, app forms (obviously) and police/medical checks. Hope this helps Oh - also included a prepaid addressed envelope with a cover letter asking for our stuff back as we sent cards etc that we wanetd back
  22. welsh in oz

    457 & Non-Resident TFN

    mine says the same form when i got it in 2003 on a working hol visa, I'm now on a defacto visa but when i did my tax last year I told them that and I think you're still classed as a resident for tax reasons. Give ATO a call maybe
  23. welsh in oz

    Taking pets back to the UK

    please please dont get a dog if you are not decided on staying here for at least a good few years. It will be very stressful for the dog to fly back to the UK and what happens if you aren't able to take it back with you due to cost or uncertainty of where you will be in the UK? it might mean another dog in the RSPCA which is just too sad... :no: I dont mean to be nasty, getting our dog has made me sooooo much happier here in Oz but I have been to the RSPCA 3 tmies now to see if there is one we can adopt and it's so sad to see the reasons people give them up....
  24. welsh in oz

    Horse disappeared from Sydney agistment

    god, so good to hear he has been found! if my horse was stolen from his livery yard in the UK i would be DEVASTATED!
  25. welsh in oz

    820 Visa statements

    we applied for the offshore defacto visa (doing the PR section now) and our statements were about a page and a half typed up I can send you a copy if you like? we also included a fair bit of evidence and 5 stat decs from friends and family.