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  1. tartan adam

    Very new to ridgewood, perth

    Hey we have been here for nearly 3 years but have just recently moved to butler. I'm 26 and my partner adam is 32 and we have a 14 month old called harry. I'd be happy to meet up, Emma x
  2. Hi we are in butler also, and originally from Lanarkshire in Scotland. My partner is 31, I am 26 and we have an 11 month old son. Love to meet up with folk if anyone interested! Xx
  3. Hello Me an my partner arrived in Perth in April, and we are loving it!! We both have jobs, and my partner has been lucky enough to get sponsored! Unfortunately, until we can prove we have lived together for a year i cant go on his visa! I was wondering if anyone knew any good places or had any good contacts that i could do my regional work? I am a girl, but im not afraid of getting my hands dirty!! Any help much appreciated Thanks
  4. tartan adam

    drainer qualifications?????

    sure is a small world eh lol?? yea we're loving here so far plus with the rain the now it makes it feel a bit more like home lol!! iv been an excavator operator for the past 4 yrs but was mostly laying drainage as well as the doing the other groundwork stuff for a few years b4 that. im hoping 2 get a sponsor here as a drainer then if it happens do my relevant qualifications here then hopefully apply 4 pr but its still early days. i believe tho if u want something bad enough u'll make it happen so stick in there. id say tho it might b hard 2 get a sponsor from uk so would prob b best 2 get out here on a holiday and go talk 2 a few companies when ur here. hope everything works out for the 2 of u and u get here soon!!!
  5. tartan adam

    drainer qualifications?????

    hi stacey, we arrived here in perth in april on a whv but hopefully can get some1 to sponsor but all good so far. where abouts is it ur from?
  6. tartan adam

    Old Firm Game

    thanx laney, only prob is that i support the other half of the auld firm so would prefer 2 find more a rangers supporters club type bar
  7. tartan adam

    Old Firm Game

    Hi Does anyone know of any bars that are likely to show the rangers v celtic game today??? Thanx
  8. Hi I am moving to perth in a week and i would be interested! My email is emmab87@btinternet.com Thank you Emma x
  9. tartan adam

    Congratulations Keily's 2 years in oz

    we could have a double party when we arrive lol :tongue:.
  10. tartan adam

    football around wilson area

    hi folks im heading out 2 perth in april and have a rental in wilson and was looking 2 find any football teams around that area. i play amatuer here and keen 2 keep playing when i get 2 oz so was wondering if any1 has any info on teams local 2 there that may b looking for new players????
  11. tartan adam

    Jobs needed in perth

    hi there, when u say your a 'qualified drainer' wot quals is it u have thats needed 4 sponsorship? im hoping 2 head over as well but wont get sponsorship cos i dont have quals 2 show. iv done the job 4 6-7yrs have my machine ticket but no formal drainer quals. looking 2 find out wot i need 2 get 2 qualify 4 sponsorship so hope u can help cheers, adam
  12. Hi folks hope some1 can help here. Im looking 2 head 2 perth as a drainer but not sure exactly wot qualifications ur ask 2 show 4 visa. i have years of experience, have machine ticket but not sure wot quals exactly they want u 2 have 2 obtain a visa. has any1 else been in a similar situation and how was it resolved? hope some1 can help cheers Adam
  13. tartan adam

    Working Holiday Visa Peeps :)

    we're just sticking 2 perth. hoping 2 find work there then hopefully we can get sponsorship & make the move more permanent. just seems longer than it is b4 we go but it'll b here b4 we know and im sure it'll b the same 4u lol.
  14. tartan adam

    Working Holiday Visa Peeps :)

    Hi all me & gf heading 2 perth in april but its just not comin quick enough lol!!!! sooo looking 4ward 2 it!!!
  15. tartan adam

    Advice wanted on working holiday visa please

    no im not 100% sure when but im assuming it would only b when u arrived and if u were asked over there