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    Hi We used them for our cat and they were great.
  2. Jules37

    Remembering Jake

    Our thoughts are with you.xxx
  3. Jules37

    Cleaning tools..... Whats best ?

    Hi there We spent days cleaning my OH's tools, he had 2 chop saws too that he stripped to get rid of all the saw dust. We used Jays fluid because we were told by our shippers that quarantine will smell it and know that you have cleaned the items. We had no problems with anything we brought in but it was all very clean. Quarantine had opened all the christmas decoration boxes and those with tools and any anything to do with the garden so just make sure it is clean and you will be fine. Tools are really expensive out here so it is worth taking the time to clean themm but allow yourslelves plenty of time it is amazing how long it takes. Julie
  4. Can anyone suggest a company? Many thanks
  5. Hi Does anyone know who we can contact to cash in some TESCO shares? We have been told that no one in the uk can deal with us but we are not sure who we can contact out here. Many thanks
  6. Jules37

    Can you recommend a Visa agent?

    Hi. We used John Adams at Immgration2oz. They were excellent.
  7. Thanks Joanne, I have sent you a pm with my e-mail. Jules
  8. Thanks Susie, I will give Cal a try.
  9. Hi and welcome to poms in oz. My advice would be to look on the Australian Immigration site and check if you qualify. http://www.immi.gov.au/ You will also find a lot of information on the PIO site so have a look through some of the threads. The whole process is not quick and there are lots of different visa options and it also depends on your occupations and qualifications, you may also want to consider using a migration agent. Like I said read up as much as you can. Hope this helps Jules
  10. Hi We arrive in Brisbane in Sept and are staying in Ormeau but need to secure a rental for as soon as we arrive, is there anyone on here that knows of anything becoming available? I have been looking on the real estate site but there is not a lot available and my friends in oz are saying that the rentals are going really quickly. If you know of any rentals please let me know. Thanks
  11. Jules37

    Who to use for Shipping????

    Hi there We had a few quotes in that varied from £4000 - £4800 for a 20ft container. We liked pickfords so bartered with them and got the price down a few hundred quid. We arranged our own insurance which saved us a further £1000. The insurance was really easy to do and we are covered for exactly the same as the shippers were covering. Pickfords were fantastic and we could not fault them at all. Hope this helps Jules
  12. Jules37

    "Further Medicals Required"

    Hi Chris Try not to worry, I know that is easer said than done but I think if the doctor did not indicate any issues then it should all be fine. I have heard that some of the case officers change the status's to different things to others and I know that when we had our medicals done mine did not change for a few days after everyone elses and I was really worried that they had found something but it was all fine. If there was a problem they would e-mail you. Hope you get your visa soon. Jules
  13. Jules37

    Which company is the best for moving a cat?

    Thanks for the reply, I will give them a try.
  14. Jules37

    Proview got his 176 visa grant

    Congratulations on your visa grant, isn't it a great feeling!!! Good luck with your move. Jules
  15. Hi all Could you let me know who you moved your cat with and which ones were good or not so good. I have a 10 year old cat that I want to move out with us. Many thanks Jules