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  1. Lancashire Lass

    R U looking to buy in Rockingham area end of this year??

    Port Kennedy Primary School is a lovely school. We have had no problems at all and the headmaster is really nice, very approachable and understanding. I contacted him while still in England and provisionally booked places at the school before we arrived, we then met with him the day after we arrived and he ensured that the kids were very welcomed in to the school.They are quite big on rewarding good behaviour.
  2. Lancashire Lass

    R U looking to buy in Rockingham area end of this year??

    October will be too early for us to sell the cars, we are not planning on leaving until after January 2013 unless the house sells straight away. We'll be putting the house on the market at the end of September and unless the housing market changes over the next few months it will probably be up for around $420K :biggrin:
  3. Lancashire Lass

    Children better off in Oz?

    I think being in Oz has been great for the kids. The great weather, quiet streets and parks absolutely everywhere dotted around the suburbs. We have a huge park just at the end of our road and my son has spent most of the last 2 years climbing trees and wading through the pond collecting all sorts of creatures. We are also 10 mins walk from the beach so my daughter spends her weekends down there a lot of the time with her mates. Jumping off the jetty's and swimming out to the pontoon. It's been pretty idylic for them. However, the schools they are at are seriously lacking. There seems to have been very little funding. There's hardly any technology in the schools. At my daughters high school it seems like having a calculator is the height of technology!! I don't like the way they don't put very much emphasis on learning geography or history. I think the education here is definately a backward step. So, yes we are moving back to the UK with the cold rainy days, hideous traffic and the muddy parks full of dog poo but life's what you make it. I've loved our time in Australia, it's been a great experience. Glad we did it, but it's time to go home now.
  4. Lancashire Lass

    What will you miss when you go home ?

    Missing my eldest daughter and grandson who are in the UK and my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago so we've decided to go back to be with family and friends. Really tough decision though :confused:
  5. We are moving back to the UK and later this year we will have a lovely house for sale in Port Kennedy which is 10 mins from Rockingham and 20 mins from Mandurah. As we are moving back we will also be selling our cars (Kia Rio and a Mitsubishi Triton Ute). We can also leave some items in the house such as the huge 10 seater sofa, fridge freezer, 8 seater dining table and chairs, outdoor patio furniture, multigym, washing machine, some bedroom furniture. The house is on a lovely street just a very short walk from the primary school. There's a lovely park just at the end of the road. It's 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom and has an amazing backyard with beautiful pool and covered decked area. Anybody who is looking for an all in deal like this towards the end of 2012 or January 2013, PM me for more details.
  6. Lancashire Lass

    What will you miss when you go home ?

    When we go home I know I'm going to miss the wide open spaces, going to miss my pool, going to miss waking up to sunshine every morning for most of the year and going to miss being able to walk anywhere without having to dodge dog poo!!!!
  7. No we had never been here before we arrived to live. I think if I had come over here on holiday I would have still emigrated here. It's only when you are living and working in a place for any length of time that you see it in it's true light.
  8. Lancashire Lass

    House for Sale

    No I don't mind you asking at all. Well there are many things I love about living here - the weather of course, my house, my gorgeous pool in the garden, the wide open spaces for the kids, the beach!! But there's plenty I don't like about living here - the crazy drivers, drink driving seems to be the culture, the schools don't have anywhere near the facilities my kids schools had in the UK, everything is so expensive, I live in WA and I don't mean to offend anyone but it's "behind the times" here and feels a bit "backward", there isn't actually that much to do here, particularly in Winter, both my daughter and son have been bullied by aboriginal kids at school who the teachers seem scared to tackle (and quite frankly I don't blame them because some of these people are pretty damn scary). Anyway - that said, I was very happy to stay here until a few months ago my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer so we decided that as the future is now unstable for us it's best to be back home with family and friends. It's been a very difficult decision because for all the things I don't like about Perth there are equal if not more things I didn't like about the UK. But when something like this happens though it really shines a different light on things and you come to realise that it's who you've got, not what you've got that's important. Never underestimate the emotions stirred up by homesickness. :rolleyes:
  9. Lancashire Lass

    House for Sale

    Yes two and half years.
  10. Lancashire Lass

    House for Sale

    Nice house. We are from Cleveleys but I really like Poulton. We are moving back to that area early next year. Hopefully for you it won't still be on the market then but if it is I'll be in touch. :wink:
  11. Lancashire Lass

    Removals insurance for moving Oz to UK?

    Hi, just wondering who gave you the best quotes? We will be shipping our stuff back from Perth to Lancashire in the new year. :chatterbox:
  12. You're right, you look on Seek and see plenty of jobs out there.......what you don't see is the 500 people trying to get the one job.
  13. Lancashire Lass

    Leaving debt in Australia moving back to UK

    Hi I work for a bank here in Australia but I have also had to deal with them for financial difficulties last year when my husband had to have emergency brain surgery and we couldn't afford to pay the mortgage for 6 months. Even though I am an employee of the bank I was disgusted with the way they treated me when I asked for help. There was very little compassion from them. To them they just went by the book and everything was black and white, payments were not frozen although they did agree to slightly reduce them for a while. Banks do sell debts on to debt collection agencies and they can be pretty ruthless in tracking you down. Once the debt is sold on the bank will no longer be interested in you but the debt collection agency is likely to try and track you down overseas. I really don't know what to suggest for the best but I'd be highly surprised if the bank agreed to give you a "payment holiday". Good luck.
  14. Lancashire Lass

    Think carefully.....wish we'd never come here.

    Thank you Petals, yes this is a big consideration. I would be nervous about him being treated in the NHS system. I cannot fault the medical team who have helped him in Perth, they are lifesavers, and it's all been free of charge as public patients. I think I certainly need to do some research on who and how he would be treated back home. It's very encouraging to hear your daughter has been 8 years free. Still early days for us, next MRI in October so fingers crossed.
  15. Lancashire Lass

    Think carefully.....wish we'd never come here.

    Thanks everyone. Yes Jasepom, that's exactly the dilemma not knowing if we are going to be making the right decision or not. We are trying to save up for a holiday back there next year to (hopefully) help us decide. At the end of the day though nobody knows what is round the corner and I guess life is what you make it. I guess one day I will just have to stop chasing after the happiness that is probably right under my nose. :frown: