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  1. saunders clan

    It's happening

    Yes, we're having all the worries about finding work. Plus, will the kids be happy in school is my biggest concern. They're friendly, happy boys but quiet so I hope they make friends. We're off to the Gold Coast - May is coming into winter so I'm thinking a good opportunity for us to adapt to the heat.
  2. saunders clan

    It's happening

    It is, isn't it! We started the process in 2007/8 as my husband needed to have his trade assessed so we could pass the TRA stage. He isn't the most efficient of folk so some of the initial delays were his fault! But then, when we applied for the visa, we hit the global recession so that delayed things further. Finally we had family issues so decided to hang on a bit longer. I'm delighted we're still so keen to go, the adventure is about to start. Kate
  3. saunders clan

    It's happening

    Thanks everyone. I'm super excited. Nervous - to be expected. It's been a long wait! Yes, Fibrous plasterer is basically a dryliner - so plasterboarding. Good luck to you Shazza87 - where are you headed in January?
  4. saunders clan

    It's happening

    Hello everyone. I've been a member of PIO for a while now so I thought I would let you know that, after an enormously long wait, we're off to Australia in May! Yey! So, as we are smack bang in the middle of the moving process, I'd be happy to answer any questions about all of the various areas for anyone curious. That's it. :wink: Kate
  5. saunders clan

    4211, Queensland

    I'm pleased life is good for you. Thanks for all the information. I've had a quick look at the areas you suggested. Interesting. Lots to learn about so tomorrow I will return to my research. Thanks again.
  6. saunders clan

    4211, Queensland

    Thanks Cal. Good to see you still on here. I hope business and life are going well for you. Kate
  7. saunders clan

    Australian dollar continues to decline

    The Aussie boom is definitely slowing. The experts have been predicting this for a while so, for us wanting to emigrate, it's good news in terms of cash in our pockets. Sounds selfish - and I suppose it is!
  8. saunders clan

    4211, Queensland

    Does anyone live in Carrara, Queensland? I've been as a tourist but was wondering what it's like to live there. Is it a good, safe, child-friendly area? What are the nearby schools like? What about other areas within this postcode, 4211? Bit strange I know, but as it comes under Regional Australia and a low population growth area it could be where we settle. Family are only in Robina, so not far away. Just interested in people's opinions. Honest ones! Thanks, Kate
  9. saunders clan

    Poor exchange rate

    You're absolutely right - you can't look at it that way. But it's extremely hard not to remember the days of 2. something to the £! If you want to emigrate to Australia you definitely have to do it because you want to be an Ozzie. Sorry to hear about your bad luck recently. I hope you still manage to get over there.
  10. saunders clan

    Investor Retirement Visa 405

    I just wanted to let you all know that I had a wonderful chat with my agent today, who has given my family lots to chew on. It seems as though, if you can cope with the expense of the 405, then health requirement problems generally only occur with relation to contagious diseases. Only big issue to consider now is: will immigration move the goalposts in the near future, so after the 4 years are up, new rules mean my parents visa won't be renewed. So many worries...
  11. saunders clan

    Poor exchange rate

    Yes, there's definitely been an improvement. My brother (Gold Coast) said just yesterday that his work is dwindling - he's having to consider working away for a few months. The boom could only last so long, I suppose. It's a tricky one to figure out.
  12. saunders clan

    Poor exchange rate

    How is the atrocious exchange affecting people's plans to emigrate? Has anyone found a secret way of getting a better rate? What's everyone's thoughts on the future of it?
  13. saunders clan

    Investor Retirement Visa 405

    Thanks for your reply. You're right, and we will all remain in the UK if there is no other way. To me, it seems such a shame to give up without some sort of a fight on our behalf, however. Our life is great here in the UK; we live in a good area with good schools; good, solid healthcare for my dad, etc. So if we have to stay, we have to stay. But it would be much better if we could emigrate!!
  14. saunders clan

    Investor Retirement Visa 405

    Thx for your message. I am speaking to my agent today so will of course receive up to date info from them. It is indeed complicated and emotional but to hear other people's knowledge of this, and other, retirement-type visas and experiences gives us lots to think about and consider. Thanks again.
  15. saunders clan

    Investor Retirement Visa 405

    Thanks for your story. I'm glad it worked out for you. It is an expensive visa but at present seems to be the only option for my parents. My family all want to be together for as long as my dad has left so if it's the only way... Good luck.