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    Pics please!

    Port Noarlunga Beach SA Brighton beach SA, new years eve Brighton Beach SA, New years eve Belair National Park, SA Kuitpo Forest, SA
  2. jomark

    Pics please!

    Our local SLSC @ Christies Beach SA :hug:
  3. jomark

    At last. A good Indian restaurant!!!!

    The Balti House, Goodwood road :0) ........
  4. jomark


    It makes me laugh how some australians need to point out that you are from the uk by using the saying "and your a pom" ?????? like you need reminding, we had a run in with some bloke on the beach over our dog running up to his and his response was "and your a pom" (this happened twice lol), my OH wouldnt let a bloke off the bus in the middle of the street and his response was " and your a pom", i was promoting Australian products in woolworths and a womens response was "and your a pom"....... well no **** sherlock.... luckily i find the stupidity of it all very funny :biglaugh:
  5. jomark

    many jobs about (trades)

    Hi My OH is a bricklayer and has traded well while we have been over here (7yrs) but the last 12 mths have been terrible..... due to a recent op he is now changing careers which at the moment is a good thing, there is just no work around and with christmas just around the corner things are not looking good :0( from about the first wk of december til at least the end of january the building companys will close down for the holidays..... most of the tradies we know have little or no work at the moment..sorry to give you bad news but its just whats happening in adelaide now and u never know in 14wks things may change :0) Sorry again Jo
  6. jomark

    Birthday Cake ....$$$$

    http://www.cake2therescue.com.au/ have a look at this site...not used them yet but will do when the time comes....also look them up on facebook as they have pictures of the end result :0)... Jo
  7. u could try looking for your nearest redcross, target, bigw, kmart or toys r us ..... Jo
  8. jomark


    lifeguarding for young ones is called nippers here, look on your local slsc website :0) http://www.geraldtonslsc.com/58d57d80-d673-4401-98e3-b57962add574.html Jo x
  9. jomark

    Airmail posting cards to UK for Cristmas

    We use moonpig but i order off the uk site as the exchange rate is good for us so it works out cheaper, it will default to aus but in the top right hand corner you can change the flag to uk :0) Jo
  10. OH will be doing the christmas day shift on the beach for the SLSC so we are going to join him for a picnic lunch (or snag on the bbq) then the full roast in the evening...........:0) Jo
  11. jomark

    class system not in Oz

    thx it was a behind the scenes tour of adelaide zoo, bit pricey but worth it when u hand feed a tiger :0) Jo
  12. jomark

    class system not in Oz

    I dare say it does but i have noticed that my son does not have that age old problem of people picking on him for having crap trainers (i remember moaning like mad cos my dad made me wear gola trainers bought from the market lol) looking around the playground i see all sorts no ones bothered....maybe its because he's in primary school and it will start in high school........i will enjoy buying $10 trainers from bigw for abit longer :0):yes: Jo
  13. :laugh::laugh: Lol you can always tell the newbies from what they are wearing, saying that my son is still wearing shorts and t-shirt while im rugged up (came over when he was 3 been here 5yrs think he's still got abit of pommie in him lol) Hope your enjoying your reccie (regardless of the weather) Jo
  14. Hi lorraine, dont forget to pack some warm clothes cos its feeling a tad chilly over here at the moment, the days are nice (but still chilly) but the nights are freezing 3-4 overnight and 15 during the day .......hope you have a great time, theres lots to see and do even in the winter :0) Jo
  15. jomark

    Where has all the building work gone

    not in adelaide mate dead here too.