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  1. Purplethunder


    Congratulations Peter, We're hoping to head to Melbourne this year, was supposed to go on the 21st January but I was diagnosed with PA back end of last year and hubby wanted to wait until I started to respond to drugs, have been on plaquenil and now on MTX for the last 6 weeks and am starting to feel 46 again instead of 96! So fingers crossed!!:laugh:
  2. Purplethunder

    Cost of being an Aussie

    Is Costco more expensive over there as well?
  3. Purplethunder

    Psoriatic Arthritis

    Thanks very much everyone you have put my mind at rest and ive forwarded on to hubby as he's being the sticking point at present, I want to just go still as I'm sure the weather would be better for me..even just today its 5 degrees warmer than yesterday and my hands feel a bit better!
  4. Purplethunder

    Psoriatic Arthritis

    Thanks both, I already eat a healthy diet as our son has childhood nephrotic syndrome so we have to eat healthy for him, plus I walk to school and back almost every day so have a hours walk each day, I've only got a mild case at present so will be going on hydroxychlorophine on Friday after an eye test as this drug is an anti malarial it can aaffect vision...dont know which will be worse! Peter Bull.... when you were in Perth did you feel better? we went to Turkey in the summer and I had very little pain...since the cold snap here my hands have been the worst although I get pain in my hips, knees, toes and back as well! Its the constant exhaustion that I want rid of cant function feeling like a blooming zombie all the time and was hoping the climate in Oz would help with it all!
  5. Purplethunder

    Psoriatic Arthritis

    Hi guys, We should have been on a plane on the 20th to Melbourne...instead I was waiting to be diganosed which I finally got on Monday as Psoriatic Arthritis, I'll be starting a course of drugs at the weekend to hopefully halt the disease. I spoke to hubby last night about now getting on with things as my condition is hopefully going to be controlled by drugs now, my question is, what would medicare cover me for? if any one knows or has experienced this I'd be grateful for any information. Thanks x
  6. Purplethunder


    OK so we've not got there sadly my health got in the way in the UK and I've only just been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis...start drugs on Friday as need an eye test first as the drugs can affect vision! Was so upset on the 20th January as should have been flying and was stuck in the gloom of the UK!! Hoping to still get there and I'm sure the weather would be better for me there than here the aches and pains have been awful in the cold damp winter weve had :arghh:
  7. Purplethunder

    My Australian dilemma

    You have to do what feels right for you at the time
  8. The mince pies are good for a standby with the pine sugar
  9. Purplethunder

    Somebody told me today ......

    DS and I were watching Strictly tonight...I said isn't their make up lovely...he looked at me and said Mummy you're lovely just as you are you don't need all that make up...made my day
  10. Purplethunder

    cost of living

    I love appliances online here in the UK, so glad they're there too!
  11. Purplethunder

    5yr old doesnt want to move, HELP!

    We've had the same with our 8 year old and ours has been happening since the beginning of the year and we're still not 100% it is going to happen but I wanted to keep him in the loop and not tell him at the last minute. I've reasoned with him and said that peoples lives change all the time and that we're moving to try a different adventure, it helped that when we went to Turkey in the summer holidays he made a friend on the first day and they were inseperable the whole week, this showed him that he's not the type of person to sit in a corner and not make friends. Ive also shown him the type of housing and areas that we're looking at and also told him that he'll be able to surf all year and learn life saving and have even better swimming than he has here and that he'll have a choice to make between rugby or AFL, which he loves anway! I think that keeping them informed and involved makes the transition easier...oh and also the fact that we're going on an Airbus A380 on both legs of the flight and managed to get on the upper deck for the Singapore to Melbourne leg helped too :biggrin:
  12. Purplethunder


    Oh no, why such a long delay?! Can you leave the airport at KL? Hope it doesnt drag too much!
  13. Purplethunder

    MELBOURNE FLIGHTS - what airline is the best/value for money?

    We've just booked yesterday and went with Singapore Airlines as they were the only ones to do a380 on both legs of the journey and were the cheapest, we fly 20th January and its costing 1987 for all 3 of us
  14. Purplethunder


    We went in 2008 for 9 days and stayed in an apartment in the bcd...loved it, the harbour area was only just being developed then so it'll be interesting to see it now, victoria market, the Yarra river, the zoo, aquarium all fab, we also took a look at Altona, Mordialloc, Berwick, Sandringham and others all on the train or bus and found it very easy to get around...hope it still is with the amount of people that have immigrated since! :biggrin:
  15. Purplethunder


    Err why???