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  1. clusterofgeals

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    Hi we have just had a house built by the golf course we are lucky we have Telstra velocity it as long as you have a Telstra phone line you could use any of the providers, we were with iiNet which I think are tpg now. The new hotel is good and food is good we also like to go to the rsl as well food is ok with a free bus service to and from your house and good live entertainment . I did read somewhere they have a meatloaf tribute band coming up we have lived here for nearly 3 years now and love it as soon as you cross the bridge everything seems to relax
  2. clusterofgeals

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    Hi, I'm living on Bribie , with husband and daughter and two dogs .how are you finding it ?
  3. Yu need to get the dog to the vet to start the quantine process
  4. clusterofgeals

    Anyone else going crazy waiting?

    You lot don't know the meaning of waiting....'you ask any of the dinosaurs on here about the 23rd September changes then 3 years later our visa was granted !!!
  5. clusterofgeals

    How clean is clean??

    Christmas decorations are ones thing they go for check for pine cones or any untreated wood
  6. clusterofgeals

    189 Visa: One Year Since Lodgment - Still Waiting

    It was under the old title 175
  7. clusterofgeals

    189 Visa: One Year Since Lodgment - Still Waiting

    Ours took 3 years !!!
  8. clusterofgeals

    Recommended migration agents?

    We used sort out my visa , Veronika and Lauren know their stuff lauren specialises in difficult cases
  9. clusterofgeals

    Not looking good for us

    What uk licences do you hold
  10. clusterofgeals

    NOT on SOL

    If your a workshop controller are you not a qualified mechanic ?
  11. clusterofgeals

    English Section in the supermarkets

    The reason it taste weird next time you have one check the address on the package probably made in nsw
  12. clusterofgeals

    Shotgun Certificate on a 457 visa

    I didn't import I was told its too much hassle easier to apply for a licence in oz then buy guns in oz rather than trying to import them.
  13. clusterofgeals

    Shotgun Certificate on a 457 visa

    I was told by Queensland police you could only hold a shotgun licence if you are on a perminant visa not a temp one
  14. clusterofgeals

    Approved travel crates

    Hi I have two airline approved animal shipping crates which I need to get moved they are ideal for black lab sized dogs .... Anyone interested pm me please
  15. clusterofgeals

    Dogs vaccinations, advise needed

    Are these injections for coming out here