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  1. Thanks Blossom and Tee. Where can I find the rules that determine if my employer or me are eligible or not? once again thanks for your help.
  2. Hi all, I am a web developer and have been working for an Australian client for past one year. Now, he wants me to move to Australia for further work. I also want to move to Australia. But I don't know the procedure. Can someone guide me where should we start? And what is the quickest (short processing time) rout to move to Australia? thanks, Waqas
  3. Hi, I need your help in Sponsored Work Visa. Just FYI, following are my credentials: Name: Waqas Ahmad Nisar DOB: 28-10-1983 Marital Status: Single Nationality: Pakistani Education: Bachelor in Computer Science (4 year Honors) Occupation: Developer Programmer (IT) One of my Australian clients wants to sponsor me for a work visa. Can you please help in this matter? How much it costs for the whole process. What is the processing time for this visa and what are the chances of success? Should I hire a consultant for this process? Can you please recommend any authentic and less expensive consultant? Thanks, Waqas
  4. Hi all, I am preparing my application for ACT State Sponsorship. I need to ask about the financial asset evidence. Should I send a bank statement showing my assets and transactions made during past three months? or they need something else? In addition, my bank account is not an AUD currency account. Does it matter? Do they need to show assets in AUD? or my local currency account is enough? regards, Waqas
  5. waqas

    ACS - Reference Letter

    Hey, Thanks for the advise and I appreciate your valuable time and definitely I will take care of your good advice. Best regards, Waqas
  6. waqas

    ACS Re-Validation - Advice needed

    Gill, Once again thanks to you for your positive response, I will work on your advice. George, I am very thankful to you for your advice and appreciate it. I will let you know about my decision. Thanks to all of you. regards Waqas
  7. Hi all, I had my positive skills assessment from ACS with ASCO Code 2231-17. But it has been expired in May 09. Now I want to start my case again for Visa type 176. I need to apply for ACT State Sponsorship. So, I need to Re-Validate my Skills Assessment. But I am confused in one thing: should I go for Re-Validation? or should I apply for a new assessment? As the previous assessment shows I have 4 years of experience (and I think, in Re-Validation my recent experience will not be included) where as now after one year, I have 5 years of experience. So, please advice me, is it a worth to go for a new assessment? or would it be just fine to have a Re-Validation? Let me know if you want some more info to resolve this issue. thanks and best regards, Waqas
  8. waqas

    ACS - Reference Letter

    I think you don't need to mention your projects and client name. However you need to tell the area of expertise in which you worked. Good Luck
  9. waqas

    Need Consultant Info

    Thanks Alan, I will wait for his response. God bless you. :smile:
  10. waqas

    Need Consultant Info

    Alan, Thanks for your reply. I wonder, why do I have to improve my IELTS results? As I have read the Guidelines and found that my job code is defined under Professional category (ASCO 2231-17) and it is mentioned in document that, following are required for professionals: − minimum 3 years work experience in the nominated occupation; − minimum IELTS 6.5 in speaking. And I think I have both of them. IELTS speaking = 7 Can you please tell me, if I still have to improve my IELTS? And yes my ACS Skills Assessment is going to expire in May. Now what do I have to do? Should I apply for a re-assessment? Is there some chance they fail my assessment this time?
  11. waqas

    Need Consultant Info

    Hi all, Please see my credentials: Age: 26 Qualification: Bachelor in Computer Science (Honors) Job Experience: 5 years ACS Assessment: Done last year (near to expire) ASCO Code: 2231-17 IELTS: 6.5 (speaking=7,listening=7,reading=6,writing=6) According to my stats I am able to start my process for a 176 Visa with the Sponsorship of ACT. However I am worried about following things: 1) Somebody told me that after May 09 it would be very difficult to get a visa from OZ and specially for a Pakistani. Is it true? If yes, then isn't it just wastage of money? 2) I need a trust worthy consultant. As I am from Pakistan and there's no registered consultant in my city, and I am afraid of having some online consultant. Can anybody tell me if it is OK to have an online consultant? 3) I've found this ASA group: About ASA - Overview and history of ASA Consultants Have anybody experienced them or is there some consultant better and less expensive than them? If yes, then can anybody give me their contact info? I will really appreciate your kind response. regards, Waqas
  12. waqas

    Skill Assessment Form

    Oh, no problem buddy. One thing: I've heard if you make some mistake in your documentation, your process will take some extra time. In normal cases it should come back in 1.5 to 2 months. Anyways, best of luck for your assessment. Waqas
  13. waqas

    Skill Assessment Form

    Dear Paul, Thanks for the reply, Though I have gone through the process and have a successful assessment now. :wink:
  14. waqas

    134 - Visa information?

    Sir, I am very thankful to you for your reply. regards, Waqas