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  1. cubton

    MT Waverley

    Hi All, Im moving over to Melbourne (MT Waverley) from Perth and I'm looking for temp accom either furnished room or house share for around 3 months to give me time to find a rental, any help would be appreciated Thanks Tony
  2. Hi Gem, What aprt of the Gold Coast are you in? Are you a Red or a Blue, Ive been here for 2 years now, originally from Huyton maybe catch up and watch the mighty Reds
  3. cubton

    Looking for friends in Mackay

    Hi Folks, I moved to Dysart last year from Adelaide to take a job in the Mines but I'm originally from Liverpool UK I was wondering if there is any meet ups in Mackay as i spend most weekends there to get my fix of civilisation and to get to know people Tony
  4. cubton


    Hi Gav, Rocky does not have the best reputation but its what you make it, have you considered Mackay and looking at work in the mines i think they are paying $58 pernhour for diesel fitters
  5. cubton

    Household Items for Sale

    Hi all, Heading back to UK and have a few items for sale see attachment for details, we will also be breaking our lease on a nice new 4 bed house in Clontarf, please pm me for contact details For Sale Gumtree.doc For Sale Gumtree.doc
  6. cubton

    From Victoria to Adelaide

    Sparky, As you have come from a small village this is why you find Adelaide your cup of tea, as for whinging poms i have only come across whinging Australians so far and one village idiot!
  7. cubton


    In my circumstances, i wish we had rented the house out and put our belongings into storeage and treated it as a working Holiday to decide if it was for us, but hay hindsight is a great thing! still onward and upward albeit a few thousands ponds lighter!
  8. cubton

    From Victoria to Adelaide

    Do yourself a favour and steer clear of the place, if you are finding things difficult where you are then multiply by ten and that is Adelaide
  9. cubton

    Rayman1 4 weeks on

    Hi all, how very refreshing to find a forum that does not jump down your throat for expressing your opinion, (We are members of Poms in Adelaide) we have been in Adelaide for 8 months now and have decided to return to the UK next year, for all of the reasons already stated on this forum. only thing that worries me is finding a job in the current climate, but i guess you manage with what you have.