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  1. thekeans

    I.m moving to caberra...anyone else?

    How are you doing with your vetasses gathering operation? we are almost ready to send it off!!
  2. Hi just after a bit of advice, we are almost ready to send of the info to vetasses for a skilled assessment of my husband who is a graphic designer. We have all of the employment evidence including evidence from periods of self employment. When it come to certifying should we have everything done including the CV or literally just the copies of original documents? Any advice on this last step would be VERY grateful as we are going alone and its taken two months to sort this out as I want it done properly. Many Thanks
  3. thekeans

    I.m moving to caberra...anyone else?

    Hi we have just begun the process, must admit Canberra was not our first option more because its a way in- BUT- we have fallen in love with the idea having read, watched and researched ALOT about Canberra. Hoping, all being well, to come over on a 190 next year. We have 3 children, 8, 5 and 20 mths. Was hoping to chat to a few people who are already there, going soon or just starting the process.
  4. thekeans

    What next 190 skillset? agent or no agent?

    yep thats kind of why we decided to wait, we have since moved areas in the UK and sold and bought another house and been renovating for the past 2 years plus had another baby! I think we needed to be in a better position financially, had all of our babies and have more equity to go with. Good luck with it all
  5. thekeans

    What next 190 skillset? agent or no agent?

    thats a shame, we too toyed with the idea back in 2008 to go to SS but we decided to wait a few years and in hindsight I'm glad as would prefer to be nearer to Sydney. Why did it fall through for you last time?
  6. thekeans

    What next 190 skillset? agent or no agent?

    hi yes we are supplying 4 client refs from his current self employment and a self declaration plus tax return from 2011-2012. Then work refs from old employment plus p45s or pay slips. Dont have any from one employment so having to try and get one from an old boss. Im just going with the thought that more is better and adding any evidence in possible. Companies house records for liquidated companies. One company has changed its name so I have a proof of that. I have linked it all of his cv with evidence 1,2,3,4 etc and the done the same with client statements. Its like a full time job my 20 mth old is roaming the house like a wild animal as I type this!! Where about in Canberra do you fancy? Been researching that lots too got a few ideas. I like the southern districts I think x
  7. thekeans

    What next 190 skillset? agent or no agent?

    oh just saw your reply after I added this- thats good I hope they do what they said they will.
  8. thekeans

    What next 190 skillset? agent or no agent?

    Current skill assessment in the nominated occupation. All VETASSESS skill assessments must be dated after January 2010. this is from the ACT sponsorship guidelines x sorry x
  9. thekeans

    What next 190 skillset? agent or no agent?

    Hi I am currently compiling information to send to vetasses to do exactly the same as you. My husband is 34 and has worked as a graphic designer for 10 years+ and has a BA in graphics. We have managed to get work refs from a most old employers ( there have been a lot!). He has had two periods of self employment so have some client statements. Two companies have liquidated, one wont respond so are having to fill out 4 self decs. Its a bit tricky and I'm so glad I saw your post as I was getting a bit nervous as going it alone. I think that I might contact an agent for some advice. When you did vetasses did you have to send of examples of work under taken and evidence like that? Just double checking but I'm sure that I read somewhere that the skills assessment could only be from after 2010- shoot me if I'm wrong but would hate for you to submit an old one. Let me know how you get on with it all Clare
  10. thekeans


    Hi, I have been doing a bit of research for our state sponsorship application and like the look of Curtin. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of living there, what its like, how far to city, public transport links etc. Have had a quick look at schools and like Curtin Primary and Holy Trinity as a high school, Again any opinions on both would be very welcome. One other question Im a bit confused by the entry system into school I have googled and still slightly stumped. Could someone explain in plain english. I have one daughter who will be 9 in November so goes into year 4 in England in Sept. We will be hoping to go out, all being well in the Nov of next year so she would be just 10. What year would she start in the aussy system? Also my son is 6 this september so going into year 1 this september. So again next Nov he will be 7 so what year would he start in? My toddler is 2 this May so I know she wont start full time school till the year she turns 6, but what playgroup/ preschooling would she get before this time? Thanks alot for reading :-)
  11. thekeans

    Graphic Designer looking to emigrate

    Hi Everton just wondered how your application was going? We had a slight doubt about going for a couple of weeks (well hubby did as) was unsure about designing in canberra but he seems to be ok now and is contacting all his old employers. Some have been liquidated so I'm getting evidence from companies house and for a few years he was self employed so we are having to do a few self decs but hoping to have it all sorted soon ish. Just praying it stays open on the list.
  12. Did you know that graphic design is on the state sponsored list for act? If you don't mind where you go could that be on option for you on a 190 visa? My husband is a graphic designer too with 11 years experience but he wants to be in Sydney we are contemplating him just going over on a short term business visa to do some net working and see what opportunities are over there. good luck x
  13. thekeans

    Graphic Designer looking to emigrate

    So did you just apply and pay for a skills assessment with just 5 years worth of employment? This would make life so much easier if we could do the same! I was a bit confused by the whole points advice thing anyway to be honest. <br>Do you have family or are you going alone? Seen any areas you like?<br><br>thanks again<br>clare
  14. thekeans

    Graphic Designer looking to emigrate

    thats wonderful info thanks so much! We are not using an agent either and I have taken it on as a full time role I have to admit. I have read every bit of literature going and made notes for each stage. My husband is 34 next week so we have the points we did double check this with an agent. Like you we are anxious that it will be removed from the list by I did have a look at the ceiling for graphic design and it was 3000 so fingers crossed. We are in the process of compiling work refs and self decs. Did you have to do any? We are unsure if the certified person needs to have links to oz as I have read so much conflicting advice on this. We have a solicitor friend who will do them for free if this is fine but she has no links to oz. Did you certify all pay slips and p45s?? Have you found jobs in Canberra? My husband has contacted a few agencies who have said that they dont tend to use employment agencies have you found this to be true esp when compiling your research evidence for state nomination? For vetasses did you do 5 or 10 years of previous employment? Did you ahve the points advice letter done and pay for this? Sorry for all of the questions lol Thanks Clare Kean
  15. thekeans

    Statutory declaration, sworn statement or affadavit ?

    Has anyone ever found out who we can use to witness a self dec?? Reading the self declaration website info it does seem to need a Australian linked professional???