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  1. dodgy

    conor mcgregor - carrying the weight of a nation

    Oh dear choked out in the 2nd round.
  2. Roofing business in Perth Western Australia expression of interest - for sale. Business name. Comes with 2012 9 ton truck kitted out with assorted ladders, tool boxes , tools etc. Ready to go. Website. Telephone numbers. All Stationary etc. Client database. Current maintenance contracts till 2017 + ongoing : Established 2010. Covering all of Perth. Would suit someone keen to push the business further or semi retired wanting a good income. Ideal for someone with PR visa and wanting to start working for themselves straight away as established business.If you wanted to come here and work for someone else the majority of companies require 5+ years WA experience or pay peanuts or hard to get a foot in the door for businesses. Would not qualify for business visa. PM only if interested with contact number and we can talk about it.
  3. Im afraid since the 60's,Maybe before Australia has been selling the "Australian dream" at seminars all over the world telling everyone how much in demand trades are over here when in reality its just a money making exercise for them.Think about it for a minute the Australian economy benefit from : Migration agent fees. Immigration fees. Shipping container companies. Removal companies. Airlines. Rental agents. Builders. Realestate agents. Car sellers. Insurance companies. Utility companies. Supermarkets etc. Re-training costs - Tafe, licences etc Etc etc etc. The whole Australian economy benefits and goes around and around on the backs of migrants so they are not about to tell people "your qualifications are worthless here" or "The streets really aren't paved with gold" or "The high unemployment". For many (not all) this is a harsh reality and end up giving up and going back or working as labourers in a trade they have worked in as qualified for many months or longer just to survive.
  4. It never ceases to amaze me how people would rely on answers on a public forum instead of seeking the advice of a registered migration agent also how they resort to rudeness when they don't get the answer they are looking for. It really amazes me :wacko:
  5. Like i said in hindsight i should have got legal advice.But when you have a bailiff standing in your home adding up possessions and saying its been to court and nothing for me to do but pay up or the cost will go up each time he comes and he can legally take things to the value to auction off.And wasn't interested in the 3 years + where i was unaware of anything to do with the case etc.
  6. Welcome to Australia. A few years ago i applied to my bank for a car loan only to be told i had a debt recorded in my name from 3 years earlier.I had lived in the same property 5 years and had never had any letters or knowledge of this.I got a credit report sent to me to find out who the debt was from and called the bailiff company listed which was in the same suburb as me. The lady on the phone was outright rude and wouldn't tell me anything but arranged for a bailiff to call round. A bailiff came round and was invited in to sort this out where he went about writing down, TV,car,furniture etc.I asked him to tell me who the debt was owed to and how much.He said $1000 to a old girlfriend who said i owed her for half of a holiday.The lady (i use the term loosely) in question had been told our relationship was over and she attempted to repair the relationship by booking a holiday and sending me the ticket which i sent back and said no thanks we have been over more than a few months. So unbeknown to me she filed a debt against me to go to court which no paperwork was ever served.They did not want to know anything about the 3 years later where i was unaware all that time of the debt against my name which had incurred costs over the years ? bringing the final debt to $1500 which i was told if i didn't pay within 7 days would be more. In hindsight i should of sought legal advice but just payed it to make it all go away.Then had to go to court to get her to drop the debt even though i had receipt from the bailiff for much more than the so called debt. This is Australia where anything can happen and does.
  7. dodgy

    Speeding fine (forgiveness rejected)

    If you do the crime then do the time.Too many people in Australia get off with losing their licences with petty excuses = losing a licence for drink driving or speeding and crying about not being able to drive to work etc and given an E licence only to carry on and abuse the privilege because there is no deterrent. A case springs to mind here in WA a few years ago where a cricketer lost his licence for drink driving and got an E licence because he said he wasn't used to taking public transport and didn't know how to do !!!!!!!!!
  8. dodgy

    victim of marriage fraud.

    Two sides to every story.
  9. dodgy


    "Something you'll never hear spoken in Australia. "I slow down and take extra care during times of inclement weather".Wet weather is a green light to spin the old wheels and skid all over the road like a child and they think its compulsory to drive faster in wet weather even with babies on board the mind really does boggle.
  10. dodgy


    The trouble with Australian drivers are they haven't much evolved from the farm track driving as the infrastructure of the country has come on leaps and bounds coupled with the genetic retard gene that is prevalent in any inbred race which evolved from criminal and prostitute DNA.I drive up to 3 hours a day everyday and without fail i see :Tailgating seems compulsive.Don't leave a small gap in front of you as they will try and squeeze their way in.Changing from lane to lane like they are in the F1.Completely ignore amber and red lights and do as they please.Park anywhere they please dangerously without using hazard lights.Speed like they are in the F1.Overtaking on the wrong side of the road.Think nothing of drinking whilst driving.Think nothing of drug taking and driving.Who cares if we get banned we can get an E licence and still behave the same whilst on it.I could go on and on.And we can all spot the Nationality :Short hair in the front and long at the back.Billy goat beard.Unshaven hillbillies.Wearing no shoes to get fuel and smokes.Boot full off empty VB cans.Southern cross tattoos.All of the above women included.
  11. dodgy

    Help!! Divorcing 175 visa holder

    Personally i would forget about it and move on and start a new chapter in your life.There is enough misery and conflict in the world today without adding to it.
  12. dodgy

    Australian Post, now that's a joke!

    But you can't say anything or you get ...........Fit in or F*#k off or winging pom etc etc :biglaugh:
  13. dodgy

    Australian Post, now that's a joke!

    The clue is in the name "AUSTRALIAN POST" as the majority of Australians are a lazy bunch anyway and want top money for doing very little for it.
  14. dodgy

    Redundancy On A 457 ?

    God only knows but i went on to get 2 more slave visa's (457) then got PR and then Citizenship.
  15. dodgy

    Redundancy On A 457 ?

    The 457 visa can be a very flimsy visa,When i came here originally and wanted to stay i paid an agent $5500 and the applications was submitted, i got a grant email on the Friday for the 457 visa and turned up for work on the monday to be told the company was in the hands of the receivers and no job to come to must of been the shortest 457 on record.I have friends who this visa has worked for but not recommended for families unless the company is big and stable.