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  1. jicms

    Taking cats

    I'm replying to an old post but only just needing to research pet transport. This is a very sweeping statement which isn't true. We have two middle-aged cats. They do not have any interest in catching wildlife and sit happily next to the foxes in the garden. They casually watch the birds and squirrels who seem to know they're not a threat. Many cats lose the hunting instinct when they reach a certain age of around ten years or so. People like us would not just "get over" rehoming their cat (at best) or worse putting them in a shelter for an uncertain future. I could no more do that than rehome my children. It never seems to be considered that many humans kill for fun and foxes were introduced by human immigrants.
  2. I know. I even check on a Sunday knowing they'd only be working 9-5 Mon - Fri!
  3. Yes I think it's frustrating the timescale being anything between one and 13 months or more and also it's all a bit of a mystery what goes on behind the scenes. If we carry on checking everyday and it takes a year that's another 365 log ins!!! It's raining now and only 21 tomorrow before more rain so guess that's it for the hot weather for a while.
  4. Yes it was 25 deg here, higher than forecast and hotter tomorrow. I wonder if it was like this all summer we'd all be wanting to leave. I love the warm evenings which are rare here. The weather affects my mood badly. I've been running around purchasing the gardening products today to garden tomorrow. Maybe it'll be too hot!
  5. Oh and I had my first PIO email notification! I've realised it only works when I'm posting on my phone rather than my laptop.
  6. I suppose it is automated and yes I can't wait to communicate with a human! The worst scenario is they've been inundated with applications due to the quick processing times but we must be positive. It is hard not to become fixated as it is potentially life changing and we want to start making plans.
  7. Yes sponsor application has stayed the same on "submitted". It would be nice to see some change to reassure me it's been linked to my application.
  8. jicms

    Spouse Visa for retiree

    Thank your help Snifter and sorry for the late reply as I didn't get a notification. I did apply for the partner 309/100 so am now in the queue.
  9. Did you write a lot of dialogue? I have loads of evidence, photos, proof of our very long term marriage but I'm not a very wordy person i.e. a few sentences for each point they want covered about our relationship.
  10. That's very exciting. I will be shocked if mine comes through that quickly.
  11. Thank you very much for this helpful info.
  12. Thanks. I don't think they have scanners but now I know this is acceptable I'll see if they can arrange it.
  13. Hi I'm going to apply for a Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801). My husband of 35 years is an Australian citizen by birth. We want to purchase a property but my concern is I have retired and don't intend to work. Will that be held against me? I'm currently fit and well but wonder if they will be reluctant to allow me access to Medicare.
  14. jicms

    Residency Status

    Thank you. It's good to know it's not advantageous to apply onshore. Presumably I can still visit for a short trip on a tourist visa while an application is in process.
  15. jicms

    Residency Status

    It's hard to know which reviews are genuine so how do you choose a good one?! It would be good to get a rough idea of price.