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  1. The link below takes you to a site that has a very good collection of photos taken of the many different towns surrounding Perth and Perth itself. I did post this link once before but it was combined with another site. Now it's on its own link. It spans several years but has some quite interesting scenes. http://www.mingor.net/
  2. KY9

    Finding an old colleague

    Maybe this will bump your message up to the top again.
  3. KY9

    House selling scam

    I have just read this article regarding the fact that your house could be sold by Nigerian scam artists if you don't have any liens or mortgage on it. http://www.perthnow.com.au/real-estate/landgate-begins-search-for-property-fraud-victims/story-e6frg3mu-1226113219277 It seems that the best advice is to make sure you have a small loan against your house that will ensure that the bank has an interest in any attempt to sell it without your knowledge. I'm wondering if this could ever happen anywhere other than Western Australia.
  4. KY9

    Another stabbing

    Whenever I read articles like this from Perth. I wonder what is happening to the place I once knew. http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/stabbings-a-glassing-and-bat-attack-welcome-to-perth/comments-e6frg143-1226110132218 You'll need to read the comments too.
  5. KY9

    WA driving licence

    I seem to remember that everyone who has a valid Australian drivers licence is automatically covered by third party insurance. So there may be insurance coverage issues if you have any other type of licence outside their time limits. It may be worth checking it out anyway. I found this link from the WA gov site. http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/LBU_DL_FS_DrivingLaws_English.pdf
  6. I dont know if anyone read this from PerthNow. This is the comments section about property in Perth and suburbs. http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/now-could-be-the-time-to-buy-experts/comments-e6frg2ru-1226085834460 It looks like now is NOT the time to buy unless you can get some serious discount.
  7. I've been following these threads for a few years and have come across numerous posts using very bad grammar and spelling by people who "claim" to have high qualifications. Sometimes the same people are finding it difficult to find employment in Aus. Maybe this news item will open a few eyes and minds. Indian websites do your homework for $2 | News.com.au I actually worked for an Indian company in Dubai for a few years and their level of education would put many UK visa applicants to shame.
  8. KY9

    second hand cars in perth part 2

    Is there really no MOT for cars now? Years ago the Traffic Police dept used to check every vehicle before it was allowed to go on the road.
  9. Taken from newscomau messages. Machete used in violent home invasion | Perth Now What has happened to Perth. I remember a time when things weren't like this. Interesting too to read the messages on the same page
  10. KY9

    Manners, Or Lack Of!

    My experience tells me that peoples characteristics dont change that much throughout their life. If they are rude as pensioners then they have probably always been rude. Its not to do with their current age. I am 61 and prefer to use charm to engage those around me. It works very well and I can bring out the best in most people. Dont ever toot someone when you are in your car and see someone do something they shouldn't. Just slow down and let them on their way. There is way too much agression on the roads and the best way to avoid any conflict is to just give way. It may hurt your pride but you will survive a confrontation with some idiot.
  11. This is a list of comments about the financial crisis from an OZ news website. The comments are quite varied but I thought they are worth a read. Reader's Comments: Help not wanted - jobs dry up | News.com.au
  12. I thought this might be of interest to anyone coming to Perth. Its a link from the historic Fairbridge website Fairbridgekids - Perth Photos
  13. KY9

    WHy do you want to go back to UK?

    I really do think that the weather in OZ is too predictable for some. It does have an advantage for forward planning barbi's etc... but day to day living can be extremely boring. Someone further up the thread mentioned not seeing many people around and once again this could be down to the weather being either too wet or too hot.
  14. TO Andy Try to learn to speak and look like an Australian. It's not that hard and you wont stick out like a sore thumb. It's much easier when you're young but not impossible if you're a bit older. When I lived there many years ago the Aussies had no idea I was English. I was always accepted as Australian and never had a problem getting work. The reason Aussies have their "attitude" is that they think England is a bad place and everyone is trying to leave and come to live in Australia possibly trying to take their jobs. I can't imagine where they get that idea from ;<)
  15. This is certainly something a lot of people migrating to Australia don't think about and I haven't seen much mention of it on this forum. The Australian currency has on average always been almost half the value of the UK one. Whilst in Australia that isn't a problem as salaries/wages will look very attractive and you will hopefully be able to afford to live OK. For example a nurse in UK will earn maybe £20,000 and in OZ $AU50,000 but saving enough to return to UK out of that could be very difficult. For some it could be impossible.