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  1. hi I am Caroline happy to meet up for a coffee mid week in Mornington I have two children similar ages 14 and 12 from Kent around most Wednesday's,Thursday's and Fridays. X
  2. Carorp

    Thinking of moving to Mornington

    Hi you are moving to a lovely area however, there are many schools and they varry greatly in size, facilities, exam results and reputation! As do all schools, it depends on what's important to you. Mornington Secondary and Dramana college are the big state schools schools. Padua and Flinders and Balcombe grammar and Bayside are the Christian/Catholic schools. Then there's your toorak and Peninsula school. Have a look at the -my schools -website that will give you an idea of size and Naplan results etc. good luck but really you should look at their websites and make appointments to look around.
  3. Carorp

    Importing a car to Oz

    Hi sorry not got back this went into my spam and only just dug it out! No, we had quite dark tinted glass on hind 3/4 of car. the guy who did the inspection for the yellow sticker said it may get pulled. But on the inspection at Vic Roads not picked up. No mileometer did not have to be changed. Km is inside of the mileometer clock. The main things they are concerned about was safety belts locked in and the petrol nosel being to small. But mine was deisel so no worries there.
  4. Carorp

    Anyone out there on the Mornington Peninsula?

    Hi Sally I am in Mount Martha kids go to school in Mornington. I work at Monash University, been here 8 months. Had some ups and downs to. Email me we can arrange a coffee ctsteer@aol.com. caroline X
  5. Carorp

    Melbourne and climate

    I like it hot and sunny to ,which it is in Melbourne. Remember in summer it can hit 40 degree's which is hot enough. Go further up the coast and it is hotter all year and sweltering and humid all year and you will be living in air conditioning! Its a bit like Spains weather, guarentted good summer nice spring and warm Autumn a few cooler days may need a light cardi but thats it.
  6. Carorp

    Sitting your driving test in Victoria

    Hi Most of the roads here are freeways (four lanes fast moving traffic) like motorways they are easy to drive but may be a bit stressful to learn on as a new driver. I would pass test in UK first. I have been driving for 17 years and found it all a bit nerve racking with hook turns and tram lines to consider!
  7. Carorp

    Frankston South or Mornington????

    Hi, Frankston is a bigger town and has everything a bit like Bromley but older and arguably not as nice. Mornington is more like Tunbridge wells has everything but smaller, very friendly and some posher boutiques, eatteries. I think with children you would be happier with them in Mornington than Frankston. But the best thing is to come and see for yourself. We moved from Green Street green in orpington and now live in Mount martha but love Mornington really glad we made the move. caroline
  8. Hi we are now living in Mount Martha. Email us when you arrive for a chat ctsteer@aol.com
  9. Hi we are the Steer family just landed last week! We have two children Lucy 8 and Alex 6 we are in Mornington at the moment and looking for a rental in the surroundng area's. Which we have just found is a really bad time to try and find something as not alot around! Interested in meeting any families in the area. :chatterbox:Caroline and family
  10. Carorp

    Do I tell or not????

    If i were you i would go back early and work. You would have accrued your holiday entitlement while been off so if you get 6 weeks you take that and then only have to work six weeks. They can make life very difficult and stressful if chasing you for money. Do the six weeks and then leave. You could also take some sick time in that!!! caroline X
  11. Carorp

    Importing a car to Oz

    Hi We are looking at taking our 4x4 mainly because now with the cost of petrol its hard to sell and get a good price. Cost of taking £2000 to ship. But this was to extend the container with all our furniture to 40 foot from 20 foot. We are also looking at 10% GST tax based on their valuation of its worth when it arrives in Oz. Plus it has to be steam cleaned in the UK cost £350 by shipper. We looked at Australian Autotrader to gage value of the car and whether it was worth the cost of shipping. We estimate we will be about £2000 better off by taking it. But had it since new, its low miles and desiel is cheaper and ozzies like their 4x4 so its worth it. Hope this helps.
  12. Carorp

    School nightmare melbourne!!!

    Thank you, i am looking at all options! A don't have a job lined up yet but yes on the way into Melbourne is an option. Bang goes the dream of the kids riding or walking to school though! You just worry about them so much i don't want to have to move them from school to school. As it is so disrupting with taking them out of a school in the UK already. But i may have no option as only schools with places are the schools now which no one wants to send their kids to. This is why i am looking at all options. None are ideal.
  13. Carorp

    School nightmare melbourne!!!

    I have a 7 year old and a 6 year old moving to Mt martha in November. Thought i had it all sorted till today when school applied for and paid registration fee now say can only offer place to 6 year old. Can not find a place for 7 year old who will be starting year 3 in Feb 2009!! It seems the 2000 baby boom is a realproblem and i want a school i can put them both in together as otherwise legistical nightmare as i work! and the fact they won't know anyone and the move may unsettle them anyway. 7 year old has been offered place in very expensive private school only and can'treally afford to put two in there!!!! Any ideas!
  14. Carorp

    Child Trust Fund

    I went into Nationwide and discussed this with aussie Manager! he said just change address to parents and you are entitled to the next payment in the future.
  15. Carorp

    Arrival Advice & Insurance

    You can download international driving licence form from AA site on internet. Send £7.50 and its done. This covers you to drive in Oz for one year with your british driving licence. Send it to an address in Uk and get it forwarded to oz it takes a couple of weeks.