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  1. The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Travel What are your thoughts on the above article?
  2. Salma

    Northern Beaches

    Yes just using it as a phrase......or should I use the upmarket word "enclave"! I just find the double standards annoy me. I am doing well living the "aussie dream" lol sun n sea n surf! All is good just annoying how over subcribed childcare is and without that I cannot look for a job.
  3. Salma

    Northern Beaches

    Been in Manly now for 2 months and yes it is very differnet from Lakemba in many ways but similar in one way.......the number of people who are born overseas......only difference is the ones here look like your average aussie. So why is it ok for Brits to live in the same location but when others less well off are accused of creating ghettos. This has been my observation and have no intention of offending anyone.
  4. I went had to go last Christmas n it was v straightforward. I caller on boxing day n flew out the next morning.
  5. Salma

    NSW Bushfire updates!

    It is very scary when close to home and my mother in law lives in the Hawksbury which may be affected . My mother in law has decided to live the property as she cannot fight the fire on her own. Her proprty (fendes) butnt in the 2001/2002 but she had a few people to help.
  6. Salma

    AFL Grand Final Tickets

    Will look into but will not pay over the top for them
  7. Salma

    AFL Grand Final Tickets

    Anyone know if it is possible to get AFL final tickets without membership of any club? My husband and FIL are Geelong supporters and I have said I will get them tickets but a quick search online showed me it will not be easy (that is if Geelong make it to the final)
  8. Salma

    Do you live in a pommy area?

    I find it hard to find mixed suburbs in Sydney, currently live in a muslim area of various ethnicities but move to north shore which i guess will be pretty English
  9. Salma

    Assylum Seekers What do we do?

    The "boats" can be stopped if all the agencies involved in refugee/asylum processed people quickly and not leave them in places like Malaysia/Indonesia/Nauru for months best case or years with no rights and being confined to a certain location etc. That way no one will paying the smugglers to get people in on boats and people risking lives but I guess that is far too much of a common sense solution.
  10. Salma

    Move or not?

    Out of the blue my mother in law has offered her apartment to us on rent for less than the going rate in Manly. Now I would love to live there but oh works in Alexandria so the commute may be a bit tiresome after a while (unless he takes public transport). The pros are a totally different lifestyle to what I currently have in Lakemba and paying an extra $55 for the privilege. The cons further away from my friends who live around SW sydney plus there is more in terms of halal food/pakistani groceries etc I have said to my husband we can move but it is up to him as he is the one with the commute but ideally we want to buy and no way could we afford to buy anywhere in that area......or do we just enjoy what we can have for a while and once we have money just move to good old suburbia! So the real question is anyone commute from that way and know how long it takes by car as by ferry/train its not to bad about an 1hr 20 door to door
  11. Salma

    Move or not?

    Totally agree crime is everywhere in Sydney......but it this robbery and then a robbery at a store I visit often has spooked me plus I guess this all happened after having that offer. In the UK we rented from my brother and never had a problem and we always paid on time etc so cannot see it being a problem with MIL. Yes it may spoil me and make me want to live in the area on a permanent basis but shall see what the future holds. The commute is the same I use to do when I lived in the UK yes it was before we had a child we have worked it out and it 1.5 hrs max and can be shortened by lifts to and from wharf n bus from mascot station. thank you for all your advice.
  12. Salma

    Move or not?

    well have decided to move after a friend's business was involved in an armed robbery and their kids were held at gunpoint. It when the gun crime is no longer happening to someone else but to a dear friends family. http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8690141
  13. Salma

    Top things to do she you arrive

    also get medical insurance if over 30 as you have a yr to get it if not they add age weighting on if under 30 get ambulance insurance as you never know when you will need one (we found out the expensive way)
  14. Salma

    Move or not?

    yeah if we decide to take the offer up that seems like the best option as it is better than being stuck on M5 or the M5 tunnel as has been the case in the last year or so.
  15. When of my colleagues use to drink a lot of red bull and ended up having a heart attack at 32 (I am sure plenty of other reason but he was a fit healthy sports playing guy). It is my scare story for people who like these drinks.
  16. Salma

    Boston Marathon bombed 12 killed

    not in the USA they don't! I think you find more "domestic" terrorism is in play in the US..... http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/apr/16/boston-marathon-explosions-notes-reactions Have a read sums it up pretty well!
  17. Salma

    Boston Marathon bombed 12 killed

    wow how everyone assuming it was muslims it is america they have a few home grown incidents there too!
  18. Salma

    Boston Marathon bombed 12 killed

    1 out 49 is a terrorist so it is ok to the additional 48!
  19. Salma

    Baby formula to be rationed

    my sister in law thought as she breastfed her daughter longer than her son that is why she doesn't pick up as many bugs.......I agree the breast is best lot do not take personal circumstances into account plus should we all not have a choice of how we want to feed our child. I wanted BF but my son was not thriving once on formula he started to gain weight the alternative for me was if I went dairy free then he may have tolerated my milk.
  20. Salma

    Thatcher Dead

    they all do it......not fan of labours mates either but lets not try and say she was a saint she hurt a lot communities in the UK...
  21. Salma

    Thatcher Dead

    Was watching the Aussie Q and A and the news broke while was be aired and Germain Greer said sinking of begrano war crime and Al-Yamamah arms deals link below: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-09/reassessment-to-be-done-on-margaret-thatcher-says-greer/4617830
  22. Salma

    Thatcher Dead

    read she was pretty cozy with Hussein?
  23. Salma

    SBS Food Shows

    Have been watching SBS catch up TV and feel like I have travelled all over (this was only 3 shows) amazing how diverse the cuisine in Australia (well the big cities anyway is). It has made me want to get out and sample all the food on our doorstep. I asked me son if he liked the show it was Family Feast about Mandeans (think how you spell it a religious minority from Iraq didn't even know they existed) and he nodded (he is nearly 2)
  24. a friend who has lived in Sydney since 2007 and has a home counties accent but wears a hijab and people have even said to her when she speaks I didn't expect that accent from you. I went for a chat with a company and was asked my ethnic background as I sound very English but don't look it lol!
  25. I am in Sydney for the last yr or so and find it fine I have not come across any issues. Every place will have problems but it is how you deal with them.