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  1. 2pm now and just got back from swimming class with my daughter, unfortunately delayed for a few reasons and by the time I finish feeding baby and 1 hour drive it will be time for all to leave, but please invite me to other meet ups and thank you for organising, hope to meet you sometime, regards amanda and steve
  2. Rorrisons

    Student midwife

    Unfortunately I cannot help myself but I am planning to move to Perth September 2011 with my husband (bricklayer) and 2 daughters (3.5 years and 2 weeks old) and am thinking of training to be a midwife now I probably have been made redundant and wondered if it would be worth doing a year of training here in the UK and finishing training in Oz, would 1 year UK training be recognised in Oz? I guess I would have to pay in Oz for midwife training but does anyone know how much it might cost, I appreciate it if anyone can help, many thanks Amanda
  3. Hi there, would it be OK if we (Amanda, husband Steve (Brickie), Maisie (3.5 years old) and Megan (2 weeks old) joined you too. We live in Halifax, West Yorkshire and have our visa already, wanting to move to Perth and planning on moving September 2011, would be nice to catch up with others in similar situations, is 7th March confirmed, many thanks Amanda
  4. Rorrisons

    Perth, North or South?

    Been on a reccie twice to Perth and stayed in Kinross and Quinns Rock NOR and Port Kennedy SOR and personally we much preferred Quinns Rock and NOR in general. Only my opinion but I felt that NOR had more to do, Hillary's, Rottnest Island, and a bit more alive and I would also think the job situation might be a little healthier NOR too, properties that I have looked at to rent are about £1000 per month for a 4 x 2, and slightly cheaper SOR.
  5. Hi there, I would definately recommend where we stayed on our holiday last month in Perth. We stayed in Quinns Rock at Villa Paradiso, it was an absolutely gorgeous, clean, homely, great location right on the ocean, round the corner from a nice playground and park, views to die for and one of the cheapest properties advertised on the website, £364 per week when you are visiting in September and best of all the owners, Lia and Carmello were just so lovely, friendly and helpful, we got on so well with them and we were sad to leave. I have attached details and if you do end up booking the villa please send them best wishes from Amanda, Steve and Maisie, we really miss them. We were in Perth for a month validating our visa so if I can help further please let me know, we loved it there and hope to move next year, depending on the recession. Holiday villa in Quinns Rocks, Quinns Beach with walking, beach/lake nearby, balcony/terrace, air con, internet access, telephone, rural retreat, TV, DVD
  6. Rorrisons

    Meet up in Perth

    Hi there, staying in Quinns Rock 17th - 25th February and Port Kennedy 25th - 6th March and have a car and sat. nav so would be so nice to meet up, anytime, anywhere convenient for you, many thanks would be fantastic to meet up Amanda
  7. Rorrisons

    Meet up in Perth

    Hi there, haven't moved to Perth just yet but going to be there from Tuesday to 6th March validating our visa, we have 2.5 year old daughter and would it be OK to join you all too, would be fantastic to meet others before the big move. Many thanks Amanda
  8. Rorrisons

    Mateship Australian style

    Feel sick every time I read or watch TV on what has happened ... just so horrific and I cannot even imagine what it must be like, just terrifying. I just dont understand, if there is a God why let something like that happen, poor innocent families and animals, just awful.
  9. Me too, going next week to validate visa to Perth and going to look at the job situation for brickies, will update you during our trip or when we return to UK beginning March.
  10. Rorrisons

    is the recession effecting queensland

    I have heard that there are a lot more jobs in Queensland than there is in Perth, where we are wanting to move. Husband is a bricklayer too and we are having to put the big move on hold until the job situation picks up there, he has been told he has work here in the UK for 12 months so would be silly to give that security up for now. Good luck with your search for employment in Brisbane.
  11. Rorrisons

    The Dollar vs The Pound

    Last year we visited Oz mid April and the exchange rate dropped so much just before we flew out - $2.05 to the £ and now we are going again to validate our visa and it has dropped again, cant believe - bad luck or what !!!! Dont know whether to exchange at $2.13 or wait a couple of weeks, can anyone help?
  12. Rorrisons

    Since arriving have you managed to find work ?

    I LOVE reading your posts ... you are so funny, this made me laugh so much. The guys you work with who do not laugh with you must have no sense of humour. We are coming over to Perth mid February, would love to meet up with you, maybe bring or buy you a beer? Hubby a brickie and have a 2 and half year old daughter, staying in Clarkson for a week and Mandurah for a week. If you are free, let me know, Amanda
  13. Rorrisons

    Parent Contributory Visa (143) Visa Costs

    Sorry I cant help but am in the same situation, so hard to go without my parents but just so expensive for them to get a visa. Not sure about extended tourist visa though, maybe someone can help, good luck with everything, Amanda
  14. Rorrisons

    what is perth like for bricklayers !!!!!

    Sorry I cant help but would be interested in any answers you might receive. Hubby is a brickie and going to Perth to validate in mid Februry and hope to get as much as an idea as possible when we visit what the job situation is like dont want to risk moving out there until we can be sure hubby can secure work.