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  1. Afro Developer

    What annoys you most on PIO?

    Probably the most annoying thing I find is after logging in after a considerable absence. The same people, are discussing the same topics, over, and over again. Why people? Move on and get a life. I also noticed there's YET ANOTHER love in thread on the go, "Oh, do tell us who'd you'd like to have a drink with". A bit nauseating for most, but probably doesn't stop the needy amongst us rushing through in the hope their name was mentioned. "Oh, if this was real life we'd be like oh so great friends". Also, the people who start a thread with a link to a news story, and decide to give absolutely no opinion on it. Why? What's the point in that? Anyway, I'm off back into reality. Maybe I should epitomise what's really sad about PIO and start a "Bye people, I'm Leaving" thread. If only I was so sad, insecure, and in needing of my ego massaged.
  2. Afro Developer

    Thatcher Dead

  3. Afro Developer

    Car Park Stalkers

    I swear, I must of been stalked about 3 times yesterday in Chadstone car park. I knew I was being followed when I deliberately changed my route sharply on one of these occasions, only for my stalker to then speed up but maintain the same direction. Maybe they knew I they wouldn't get any change out of me. Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else gets unnerved by people following you in their cars in the hope of getting your parking space. I find it a bit creepy, I'd rather just drive around until a space is available than stalk someone in the hope they're walking back to their car.
  4. Afro Developer

    Islamic riots in Oz

    Regarding (some) Australians and their views on Islam. The guys I work with are quite tolerant of our Muslim colleagues faith. It's only the colour of their skin they detest.
  5. Afro Developer

    I know no one will care but...........

    I know no one will care but for those who think, or are concerned Australia is stuck in the 80's. I've been hearing The Cranberries being played quite a bit over the radio, Woolworths, and a guy at work who had his iPod plugged into the speakers. So good news, looks like they've broken into the early 90's.
  6. Afro Developer

    Dirty food names

    Haven't been through the list as it's a pain on my phone, but there's crackers in South Africa called Salticrax.
  7. Afro Developer

    If you was propositioned?

    I've been propositioned twice where I've said no. One was from a girl in a shop where I was working doing a store refurb (In Stevie's neck of the woods), the other was from a guy (when I was on night shift in central London) but this time there was money offered too. Which reminds me, I've been flashed by a woman too. Was walking to the shops on a Sunday afternoon when I heard a shout from across the road. A 40+ woman, best years behind her if she even had any, lifted her top and shouted "Oi son, what do you think of these".
  8. Afro Developer

    I know no one will care but...........

    That's where my theory (as if it can be taken seriously :laugh:) came from. In between lifting weights and admiring the ladies at the gym. I was was watching a U2 video on the tv and started thinking about their tax dodge. South Park summed Bono up pretty well. They asked why after doing so much good in the world, he still came across as a giant ar$e.
  9. Afro Developer

    I know no one will care but...........

    I know no one will care but I think I've just solved Irelands economic problems. There seems to be a correlation between the success of their teen girl's/sad housewife's favoutite boybands Westlife and Boyzone, and the state of the their economy. Westlife and Boyzone riding high in the charts, Ireland booms. Success fades and it's economic misery. Maybe the sales of their albums were the economies drivers. So if any Irish MP's are reading this. You need to make more plastic boy bands and start exporting their albums. Just so we're clear, that idea comes with a 10% commission on any sales.
  10. Afro Developer

    What are you listening too?

    I've taken a step back in time and been listening through the Waterboys back catalogue. This descriptive is used too loosely, but Mike Scott has to be one of musics great geniuses. I've never really cared for lyrics to songs and their meanings. Possibly due to the fact I can't really decipher them and understand any meaning the song may convey (unless it's fairly obvious). For whatever reason, I've found an understanding to the lyrics in a lot of The Waterboys songs. This one is the epitome though, and I'm sure I'm not alone in drawing inspiration from it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU00jvfCUJk
  11. Afro Developer

    Do Oz ants have more purpose than UK ants?

    I generally hate insects, but ants are an exception. My fascination started when I was watching them at my girlfriends house in South Africa. You're correct in some respects, they do have a purpose and they seem to execute it well. Although I can't confirm how much their purpose is dependant on nationality. I remember watching about ten ants trying to pull a dead spider out the bath. This spider dwarfed the ants, yet they all seemed to be coordinated and had enough strength to pull the spider up what was almost a 90o angle.
  12. Afro Developer

    Australian bands/musical artists - preferably new-ish ones

    You could give these guys a try (with there Jimmy Somerville influence).......... .....or something a little more chilled (and definitely worth a listen)..... ....these guys are hit or miss, but music is subjective so may be up your street. Although this is a good song....... .......or if you want something a bit more heavier. Saw these guys support Pearl Jam and they were good. Eddie Vedder even complemented them by saying they're one of the better bands they've had support them, which surely is as good a reference as any band could receive........... You'll be pleased there's some young ones who frequent these threads instead of having to rely on the old and out of touch resident cynics. :cute:
  13. Afro Developer

    Melbourne Remains World's Most Liveable City

    Perth is a cool city, ticks a lot of boxes for me right now. That might change in the future but for now it's where we want to be. Just shows it's all subjective, I'm sure there's probably someone in sitting in Mogadishu right now thinking "wow, what a place".
  14. Afro Developer

    Melbourne Remains World's Most Liveable City

    I'm off to No 9. Cape Town is the best city I've ever been to. It's probably my girlfriends best feature (being from Cape Town :laugh:). I think I've made the mistake of using it as a benchmark for where I'd like to live though. Not many cities can live up to how outstandingly stunning it is. Visiting Cape Town on my way to Melbourne probably helped me realise how much of a bland and ordinary city Melbourne is. Melbourne should really be a German city, functional, efficient but lacking any personality.
  15. Afro Developer

    Melbourne Remains World's Most Liveable City

    The only way I can see Melbourne being the worlds most liveable city is if you've got a thing for ugly buildings and crap weather. Personally, I can't wait to get out of the worlds most "liveable" city.