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  1. Mate, $70,000 a year is not a lot of money any more
  2. bottle top

    Do you know what? Some people on PIO really annoy me!

    You annoy the no2s out of me. :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. bottle top


    scott bushby
  4. bottle top

    Well chuffed, we got PR

    We got a phone call on tuesday say that we had got pr but to validate it we need to leave oz for 7 days, oh the joys of a 457 visa lol.We have only been here 4and a bit years and on our second temp visa lol, and who said the aussies are laid back :arghh: Anyway im well chuffed as we thought we would never get it, so happy days Scott
  5. bottle top

    Well chuffed, we got PR

    Cheers, yeah mally is on a bit of a curfew
  6. bottle top

    Reasons not to come to Oz

    I thought that i logged into pio ? but it seems that i turned up at british expats .
  7. bottle top

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    :christmassmilie: Oh little puppy, house full of **** then
  8. bottle top

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    :santadance: All good this end mate, what is a pissing tin ?
  9. bottle top

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    Hello mate, how are you ?
  10. Hi what is Quorn ?
  11. bottle top

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    I got no time for the jibba-jabba
  12. bottle top

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    this is me
  13. bottle top

    Are You A 'New Man'?

    I do wash my testicales every now and again, does that mean im in ?:wink:
  14. Northern monkeys, soft as ****e down south, what a load of crap :Randy-git:
  15. bottle top

    making friends

    bloody northerners lol
  16. bottle top

    Val and Baz have arrived

    Welcome to oz :biggrin: scott
  17. bottle top

    Going home so soon?

    Calm down lol:wink:
  18. bottle top

    So many going home ?

    Calm down lol:wink:
  19. It takes them to long to work out which is the left shoe and the right, and then they have to work out how to get out the front door:cute::cute:
  20. bottle top

    Are you happy with your job?

    pissing down here to in south central ballajura :chatterbox:
  21. bottle top

    Think Twice

    hello mate
  22. bottle top

    Brownfamily update - 3 years in Oz

    Hi what part of oz did you move to ? plus glad that it is all working out for you, just roll on the day that you get PR cheers scott
  23. bottle top

    yorkshire pom missing

    that old frying pan must have knocked him out cold
  24. bottle top

    yorkshire pom missing

    Has he come home yet ?
  25. bottle top


    hi all bloody pissed off i am, daughters boyfriend was walking home last night from our place, 9 ish and got jumped by 3 arseholes trying to mug him, ****ing arseholes , he managed to spark out the first 2 but the third one hit him around the face with a baseball bat and knocked him out cold, and left him for dead. ****ing arseholes, he come to at 1pm and thankfully is ok .