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  1. lsbc1976

    RSMS Subclass 119

    Hi all im currently one and half years into my 2 year required contract (RSMS 119 ) with my employer.Work seems to be drying up a bit and as im with a small company there could be job losses.If my boss was to cancel my contract due to shortage of work would my visa be cancelled ?
  2. The Joinery Shed,Margaret River has a position available in Dec/neg this year for an experienced joiner for the production of high quality custom made timber doors and windows.1st class workmanship and attention to detail is essential.Please send resume to thejoineryshed@aol.com.au for further info call Mark on 08 97587454.
  3. lsbc1976

    British TV

    Since we have been using it for a few weeks it has blue screened twice,When its turned on other applications do go on a go slow so yes,follow the above advice and only turn on when you want to watch something
  4. lsbc1976

    British TV

    Go onto google and search ExpatShield,its a download that hides the I.P Address of you computer thus enabling you to watch bbc iplayer etc etc
  5. lsbc1976


    Hi is your other half trade qualified? if not he has to do a trade assessment test.I am a joiner and we were facing a 3 year wait for our subclass 176 to get processed so decided to look for a job sponsor visa subclass 119.This also gives you permanent residency as long as you stay with the employer for 2 years,after such time you can pretty much do as you please.We fell very lucky and i got offered a job here in Margaret River WA and our visa was granted a year after we applied.I looked on job sites ie Seek.BEJobmail.plus check local online newspapers if you have somewhere in mind you want to move to.
  6. lsbc1976

    job prospects

    Hi My family and i are currently living in Margaret River WA (Originally from Scotland)but are looking to move to North Lakes in October.I am a joiner but i cant seem to find any job vacancies anywhere ie seek,my career one etc.I also know a cabinetmaker from Brisbane and he says the area is going thru a tough spell just now economically.Can anyone give us any input into this ,also is there a local paper i can look at online for jobs.Any help would be grateful.
  7. Hi, we have been in Australia for 8 months now and all is going well, hubby has a good job and enjoys his work. We were however thinking of setting up a small online business selling crafts etc. Are we allowed to do this under the conditions of our 119 visa? It could be in either or both names if there are any differences in constraints placed on myself and my oh Thanks in advance
  8. Ive got a Uk tax credit overpayment to pay back. Ive no longer a uk bank account and my oz account wants $25 for each overseas transaction. is there a cheaper way to do this, will hmrc accept payment from my debit card? Does anyone ave experience
  9. lsbc1976

    Shipping work tools

    we shipped 2 large boxes via fedex for £160 ish. it was door to door and took about 4 days. We cleaned everything with the famous jeyes fluid and most things were in the new tool box.
  10. lsbc1976

    Lol we got a co for 176 last night. ...

    at one time i would have said 176, but with the 119 we have a job waiting and the opportunity to live in a very beautiful area,
  11. 2 weeks after having our 119 appoved.:biglaugh: seemingly we have to withdraw our application for the 176.
  12. We are flying out on Monday. Glasgow to Dubai , 2 hour stop and then onto perth, travelling with Emirates. Do we get off the plane and go into another departure lounge in Dubai? Do we go through security and passport control again? I take it we dont need a visa for entering ubai as we arent really entering??
  13. lsbc1976

    Recommend me a dongle :)

    thanks everyone
  14. lsbc1976

    Recommend me a dongle :)

    cheers, looking for a uk buy which will do in oz to start with
  15. we did it ourselves. all id recommend is to print everything that you send. i had a little flakey when i was filling out the form 80 as some of my dates were guestinmates and i was scared they wouldnt match. Take your time, be honest and its not that difficult as long as its a fairly straight forward case