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  1. awful situation to be in -whichever country you are stuck in...as we all know going on holiday isn't the same as living there and the problem isn't not having the money to return but whether your ex partner and/or courts (if it develops that way) will let you go home with your children.
  2. No no worries at all yes The Hague definitely needs some changes. everyone's comments (on this thread)against this particular petition cld help the petition writer to make any needed changes and highlight potential pitfalls - it's always good to get all viewpoints like I said - agree/don't agree sign/don't sign BUT please raise awareness which is what you are all doing by replying which is great- hopefully people will become more aware of this kind of situation- and won't just believe it cld/Wld never happen to them
  3. Also if you read it it is still going through the courts it doesn't just support someone up and going! The uk is far more supportive of people applying for leave to remove than Australia is anyway hopefully this helps anyone in this horrid predicament and raises awareness to others before they find themselves in it
  4. I think it's to be read with giving more emphasis on a child being Judged as being habitably resident after a longer period- rather then stepping off the plane realising you hate it after 6 months and being stuck in a country your child has lived in for 6 months whereas they've lived somewhere else for eight years prior (for example) I like the point of a 'grace period' I read it as giving more of an option to either parent that is trapped...male or female...the site is currently supporting an Ozzie dad trapped in the uk for example However I guess it Wld be more female orientated as it is usually women trapped in this situation... A lot of times they are women who do not have permanent rights and no means to support themselves- therefore I totally agree with there being a time limit on such proceedings-as surely this would be in the best interest of the child The more people discuss this issue the more awareness is being raised people should really consider this scenario (if they have children ) before they move abroad... Especially if you are only going abroad because your partner desperately wants to! (Common scenario) so whether you agree or don't agree with the petition, sign or don't sign it's a good way to raise awareness .... so that your hopefully it's not your friend,sister,brother,daughter, son that gets trapped in a horrible nightmare with potentially no family support
  5. This petition may help everyone PLEASE HELP http://www.change.org/p/permanent-bureau-hague-conference-on-private-international-law-support-the-going-home-together-campaign-2015-stop-the-hague-convention-being-used-as-a-weapon-against-expat-mothers-who-just-want-to-return-home-with-their-children-after-a-failed-reloca?recruiter=168969674&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition
  6. Please look into this and think about signing (if you agree with it)for both mums and dads - give parents the option of going home with their children or just have a read and gain some knowledge about this scenario so that hopefully you or someone you know doesn't end up in this scenario! http://www.change.org/p/permanent-bureau-hague-conference-on-private-international-law-support-the-going-home-together-campaign-2015-stop-the-hague-convention-being-used-as-a-weapon-against-expat-mothers-who-just-want-to-return-home-with-their-children-after-a-failed-reloca?recruiter=168969674&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition
  7. bessie

    The consequences of a failed migration ten years on

    I would let him go for four weeks now and then tell him he needs to complete his first year of high school in the uk and if he still wants to go then etc then it will be agreed.... I'm not sure if I have read your book about going through the court to get back to the uk (tho may be someone else) but I remember that your ex was abusive (sorry if this isn't you) regardless if I have the wrong person your son sounds like he has gone through a troubling time with counselling etc and if I have the background right, I would want to be the adult who makes the decision and make sure I put him in a safe environment that will help him develop into the man you want him to become - just because someone is biologically connected to you doesn't mean they are automatically a great human being... What court orders could you get in place to ensure they send your son back to see you? You HAVE to send your son to see them and they can travel to the uk to see your son but from what you said you CAN'T go to australia.... I would be very careful and perhaps suggest that your son goes out for longer periods instead... Sorry to throw some other points if view in there but it's good to consider all aspects I guess
  8. bessie

    Aussie man with very, very homesick UK wife. HELP!!!!

    i'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it but would you even be able to go and live in the uk as an aussie or do you have uk citizenship? I thought they had put a stop to people bringing their spouses into uk unless the uk citizen (husband or wife) was earning a certain amount of money...... hopefully someone more up to date with facts will mention this aspect of you even being able to live and work in uk... also not that you are even thinking about this and from what you have said your son wld stay with your wife.... but once you move to the uk you probably wld not be able to take your son back to Australia if your wife wanted to stay in the uk....from someone who has been through leave to remove applications I just wanted to add that in...obviously you have no plans to separate and I hope you are able to find a solution to this very tricky situation I think your wife is lucky you are so supportive as so many partners wldnt be and aren't
  9. looking to break my lease in Sellicks beach, a suburb (just !) of Adelaide its a fully furnished house for $350 a week, its two story with beautiful sea and hill views and an outside deck to enjoy them and some wine four beds, two living, two bath, good sized garden and two outdoor entertaining areas - upstairs deck and downstairs pergola... 5 minute walk to beach hour to cbd outside peak times , prob hr and 15 peak times. takes 15 minutes to drive to seaford (nearest train station) 5 mins to drive to Aldinga Beach where there is a coles, foodland, maccas, leisure centre, schools etc etc Sellicks beach has a beautiful drive on beach, a shop (selling essentials) fish n chips place and post office... its beautiful but you need to consider where you are working and driving distances buses do drop offs n pick ups to local schools pm for photos / more info we love this house, just that I am having to move much further north for uni/work commitments and with kids to organise I want to live local to where I work lease runs out November this year thank you
  10. cool thanks glad to hear she wldnt have to pay for school how wld they know if the youngest basically lied and said she had been in the country for three years? not that i'm suggesting she do this- but i'm wondering how wld they know? I don't think my friend wld leave her eldest here on her own
  11. why is it a different matter? she is nearly sixteen so wld only have been resident in uk for two years when she wld want to go to uni? so also wldnt meet the three year requirement......
  12. my friend is wanting to move back to the uk with her two teenage children aged 19 and 15, her husband wants to stay in oz, one of his arguments is that their kids cant go to uni in the UK now until they have been resident for three years.... is this true? they have only been here for four years and were all born n raised in UK...does the eldest now have to twiddle her thumbs for three years before applying? I cant see that helping my friend convince her daughter to move back! anyone know anything about qualifying for domestic student status or international student status? they wouldn't be able to pay international fees....