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  1. Sorry a bit rushed there. No visa. I'm just trying to get back on track so that when I finish my degree, I'll be 47, I will be applying. I'd like to go to OZ as that's where my brother is but if my age will be a barrier then I'll have to rethink my location.
  2. Im wanting to move to Sydney, Ive a brother that lives there and my sister is moving there later they were born there back in the 70s when I lived there. Since I started posting here in 2008 the financial system crashed and I lost the lot. I lost my job, my house, my partner in the 2 years that followed. So here I am again slowly rebuilding my life and here's what's changed and still wanting to move to get a job in IT, most likely software development now. I am 44 years old now. I am currently doing a full time degree in computer science, first year completed. I'm about to officially go bankrupt in a few months. I am now married with a young daughter. So my questions are this - am I still of age to proceed - I'm looking to move in around 3 years when my degree completes. Will my bankruptcy affect me? Will me degree absolve me from the ACT competency type documents that prove your experience that I was on track to do last time?
  3. DeeDub

    Hello again..

    Thanks folks. Just been reading around here and digging up old posts and dilemmas etc. Some emails back and forward to some agents. Its not going to be a simple ride. Why is it always so complicated.? Will be on and updating progress etc or lack off.
  4. DeeDub

    Hello again..

    After masive amounts of consideration we have decided to pursue the OZ thing. I'm in IT and currently have my CV with some agents to look over. I lived in Perth from 1970 to 1977 and my 2 sisters and brother were born there. My brother moved back there about 15 years ago to Sydney. Went there for a few weeks a couple of years ago. Want to head out for a while / for good for nicer weather to do some serious biking.
  5. Im not seeing the non specific IT for NSW, could you provide the link? Thanks.
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    IT Analyst - no degree though

    Thanks for the replies. The RPLhelp site seems to have the angle on it. I really didnt know about this assesment thing. Good luck Sarah with your assesment.
  7. I have worked in the IT field for the last 13 years, the last 7 in banking as on site support - everything from servers, finance apps, networks etc. Is a degree neccessary for entry for skilled migration or will my experience suffice - I have a few MCPs. Do all IT engineers have to take the ACS skills asssesment?
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    Hi I'm new....

    And lookin into headin to Sydney. I'm almost 40 years old, work in IT (tech analyst - banking - no degree tho) and will hopefully be dragging my wife to be - she is a financial customer service manager. I used to live there back in the 70s, went to primary school there and my parents moved back here. My brother and two of my sisters were born there and my brother currently lives there. We want the sun and an outdoor life and visited last year. We will be askin loads of questions. The site is great - very informative and I'm pickin up things I never even knew I had to be aware of. Good to hear from people who have done it and are going through it. Dee.