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    Definite Dilemma!!

    Hi Itchy feet, I really feel for your predicament. Family and friends (in my opinion) is always what makes the move hardest, and I think those who manage it most successfully are those who are able to switch off 'guilt' for leaving people behind. The cost and distance mean that you won't see people from the Uk very often. It's also worth considering how good people are with Skype, I always found Skyping my Dad really hard, there would always be something going wrong with it, although in effect there shouldn't have been but it does depend how technical people are. We also had to Skype/ call three different people regularly and with time differences there were certain golden windows which sometimes effected our evening out or our morning's plans. But that is a by the bye. It's worth considering a '1 year trip' to see how it all goes, relatives take this more kindly than 'I could be emigrating'. I feel for you boyfriend he sounds like he's desperate to go and it can eat away at you until you do go. Sometimes just having it on your mind all the time makes the whole thing more, he may go and after a year decide he'd rather be back in the UK. It's hard to know until you go whether it will be right, but also timing is key, would it be right to go now or would it be better to go in a year or two? We wrote long lists of Pro-Uk and Pro-Oz, it helped to think it all through, but I think conversations with everyone will help you understand how they would feel about it and therefore any feelings that you would have. Good luck, I don't envy your dilemma. :daydreaming:
  2. I'm just doing my Oz tax return and wondering whether you have to pay oz taz on UK NI and pension contributions that you made in that year. It's a slightly unique situation, whilst we were in Australia I was receiving maternity pay and then we returned in March this year so had 4 months of full pay in the tax year. I've entered my income and tax paid but can't see where I could off-set the NI & pension as you don't pay tax on those in the UK. I do have to declare all these and other foreign income as we were resident for tax purposes. Anyone know any answers I looked around on the internet and can't see anything relevant. Thanks
  3. It hasn't got me anywhere, finally I thought I was being listened to & there was hope, but no there's always a barrier.
  4. Cam

    Why am i the odd one out?

    I'm in the same place, whatever I do, I can't change the decision, but it still comes back 2 me that I suggested it in the first place! Now just need to keep strong til we get on the plane in a week & find ways to be positive & block out Oz when we get back. Good luck! I know how much it hurts!
  5. It's funny, I've been taken so much more seriously because I haven't been emotional about it! It really helps to hear about other peoples' experiences, so thanku & to hear from other people who don't have an opinion. A friend's mum, my cousin & my aunt slated us when we said we were going back, & couldn't understand that it was because of cost of living here & mydaughter's homesickness, what they didn't realise was that maybe being supportive & helping us to talk through the issues is what we needed! I think in a way, this is all a bit too late, child-care I have managed to sort, but house leases are so difficult here, if we can't view anywhere tomorrow, then we will probably draw a line underneath it & try to be positive about the UK for the next 5 years. I have threatened my daughter that if she doesn't start behaving when we get back, then I'm getting back on a plane to Oz!
  6. 9 days until we fly. Shipping booked, almost packed, daycare cancelled, lease terminated. But I woke up this morning & honestly admitted i want to stay - without the hysterics, husbajd is livid! Just dropped kids off at daycare, they're getting back to me about availability,now for a facing the music. Must be awful to have me as a wife & mum. Somehow, though, nowi've admitted responsibility for starting the idea about the UK, hut know where my heart lies for another year. Yes I want to stsy, hut if we don't I can live with going a little bit more! Very random! Thanks guys!
  7. We fly on 1st march, leaving after 13 months, having ping ponged. We went back at Xmas to introduce our baby to the family & reduce our daughter's homesickness, whilst we were there we decided to return to the UK: better childcare, community, grandparents, more affordable lifestyle. Since coming back I have really struggled with leaving, work have offered me full-time & been looking at a salary rise, when I handed in my notice they said it was a shame as they'd hoped I could move into a more senior position soon. Going back my council employer is going through a major restructure, I'm likely to lose my job & there's unlikely to be any career development. We've had a hard year here & haven't had the experience we had hoped for, didn't appreciate how much life changes with 2 young children. We finally after 6 weeks if struggling to make the decision decided to go back, but I'm still struggling with it & wish we weren't until I speak to my husband who seems to talk me round. Maybe it's giving up a dream? Maybe it's worry about working/ career. Did anyone else feel like this about moving back? How did people get through it. Last time I tried to be really positive, but after a few weeks was really down for about a month, especially because I didn't feel like I was treated fairly by my employer, which could well happen again. Getting another job locally is unlikely to be an option so we would have to move which conflicts with a lot of the reasons for moving back. Just wondering what peoples' experiences were. Thanks
  8. Hi, our son was born in oz in 2012, we got him an oz passport straight away as we knew we were going to have to make the obligatory trip back to the UK with him. Did the usual - forms, booked an appointment at the post office & it took 4 weeks. Flew to UK at Xmas & filled out landing card on arrival for visitor visa - all good. Now we are returning to UK & don't hv enough time to get him a UK passport, so we are planning to do the same again & apply for a uk passport as soon as we arrive. We've checked all websites, called UK & Australian passport numbers, all have been useless but in theory he should be ok. If u don't want to be worrying, as soon as he's born apply for the UK passport to travel to the UK - don't forget to get UK photos done, but you may have to wait for his birth certificate to come through & they take a few weeks. Australian passports r really easy & quick to get in the UK providing u can get to London or another specified place for your appointment. Do give yourselves enough time though, baby does zap you so much in the first months & the oz processing isn't that quick. Good luck!
  9. Cam

    What annoys you most on PIO?

    Ironically some of the things you mention I find with facebook. I expected these sorts of responses with some personalities that appear on here, but I didn't expect those sorts of comments from 'FB friends' as you kind of think you'd know more about their views and perhaps you'd have shared thoughts, but unless the response is personal or aggressive on this forum sometimes it's good to have the wide variety of views, after all we're all different, and it helps open our minds!!! Really long sentences that ramble are pretty annoying too.
  10. Cam

    pingpong poms?

    Hi Waitingawhile, I'll tell you a secret, I really wish we weren't going back, I don't think our time is done yet, but we need to fit into others' timescales, unfortunately we pingponged at the wrong time for us & if I could convince my daughter that we could make her happy and my husband too and that the cost of everything wasn't ridiculous then I reckon we'd stay. I don't think this is the last though, we need to go back for longer and try to give it a good go, which we can do if we can both get work.... But who knows about the future. One of our friends once said: 'Once you have lived in more than one country it's very hard to settle somewhere, you can always remember the good points of the other country.....' Good luck!!
  11. Cam

    pingpong poms?

    Good luck Lockets, we're in the same boat!
  12. Thanks!! My husband will be with me, so there's no chance of me running away!!!:wink:
  13. I had the same concerns about moving out beyond the Shire - I grew up in London and we live in Bristol so we're used to a bit of action and good commuting times. Engadine sounds fantastic but just too far for everyday. I love the Inner West, we should have moved there 6 months ago but persuading my husband was hard, he wanted to be near to the beaches - and we don't have a car, because they're so expensive. I work in Camperdown and the area I look after is Inner West. Ironically though it's hard to find anything for under 700,000. Again it's the compromise, I'd be happy with a 3 bed unit, but my husband says that for that amount of money we should have a house and if we're moving to this side of the world then we should at least have some of what we're used to in the UK. We've had a few drives around (hired a car) and cycled to a few places. Went over to Arncliffe on Thursday, it ticks the boxes house prices (just) and commuting, but just weren't quite sure. But Cooks river is beautiful. Oatley sounds great on Street Advisor, we should have got a car earlier I think it would have opened up our eyes more to Sydney, you see so much less when you travel by bus!! Damn! Anyway sadly, we've decided not to continue the search I think we started it too late with too short a deadline, and there are too many risks, so we are returning to the UK, whether it's the right decision or not we will have to make it that way, at least for the next 5 years, as we owe it to our children to be settled somewhere and to make some solid friendships.