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  1. michelledenham

    Essex to/in Perth ?

    Hi, we are a family from Chelmsford Essex, now living in kinross Perth. Anyone else here or moving here from Essex?
  2. michelledenham

    in Perth for 3 weeks July/Aug

    So, Lisa are you here? How are/did you find it?
  3. michelledenham

    Which part of the UK did you come from?

    Anyone from Essex in Perth?
  4. Hi, Hubby had to go out ahead of me to secure his job... So, now I must do THAT flight on my own with 3 kids, OMG.......... Kids aged 7yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs. The older ones are girls and they are great... But the 2yr old is a boy and 'holy-moses' he is a handfull! I am dreading every min of that flight. Flying with Singapore and flighing in the evening. People keep saying, 'drug him' or 'drug me', But could do with better tips!!!!! Am sitting on 2 rows of 3, would be great if no-one sat on the end! But am sooooo scared and worried!!!!! All help, tips and advice WELCOME - PLEASE!!!
  5. michelledenham

    When can we apply for a loan or finance?

    Hi all, Very interesting reading! I want to build a credit history inorder to apply for a mortgage asap. Renting is great but at the end of the day you are still paying of someone elses mortgage. I understand the need for a credit history and fully agree with it. When you are applying for a mortgage (which is often for a large sum of money) the banks/mortgage companies need to know that you are good at paying things back! They don't just take our ward for it! However, on the flip side I am not a fan of credit cards! Or store cards. So something big like a car loan and mobile bills is the way I want to go. Thank you all for your advice and help. As pointed out by a PIO member, it is very much 'different strokes for different fokes'. People are in different situations, need different things and have different values. None of which are for us to judge or disagree. Who knows why things are the way they are. xxxxxxxxx
  6. Hi, We have PR visa and hubby has a job and contract. We need to buy/get a car as soon as we get there..... But we also need to start our credit rating. Which would be our best option?
  7. <p>Hi Michelle! Don't worry I'm not stalking you! Just wanted to say that although short notice I am around Friday day time and next Thursday afternoon if anyone is meeting up then x Kelly x</p>

  8. michelledenham

    Essex/London to Perth 'lets be friends'

    Hi , Looking at Nor Perth... Mainly anywhere from Tapping to Mindarie and Kinross.... Where abouts are you?
  9. michelledenham

    Essex to Perth, lets start making friends now!

    Hi girls, Yes we are about to 'RE' make the move back to Perth. The area you choose is sooo important, but then again if your renting at first then at least you can almost 'try before you buy' kind of thing. We are looking at Tapping-Carramarr-mindarie-Kinross and Joondalup areas..... But who knows? Hubby flys out on 2nd of Nov and we are hoping to head out end of Nov.
  10. Hi guys, We went with 'White & Co'. Couldn't praise them enough.
  11. Hi, Anyone know any good 'job agencies' that deal with Auto electrical work?
  12. Hi, My friends hubby is a 'Technical Manager specialising in auto electrical work'- wiring looms, vehicle electrics etc..... And he is looking to move him and his family to Perth. He is looking at sponsorship as it is the quickest way to get there. He and his wife will rent out their house in the UK and go for the right job. They have a young daughter but she is under school age. On a personal note, the chap in question is lovely. A 36yr old man that is honest, hard working, reliable, and a big family man. As a family they have already visited perth and loved it. All advice, questions, job offers please PM me and I will pass on his email address. Thanks
  13. <p>Good Day Good Day</p>