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  1. pez2008

    Getting a rental in Geelong or Western suburbs

    Hi. As said above your probably be looking at nearer the $350 mark. Yes you can get rentals tbat allow dogs( we did) but it does narrow your search quite a bit, your be so busy with everything else I would wait until you have secured your own home. Belmont, Grovedale Waurnponds are all very central and affordable areas.
  2. pez2008

    Gagging for a pint. An itinerary in pubs

    We are going back in August and after a few pints in me old local the Green Man in Bracknell not far from Marlow a good ole Donor Kebab from a kebab van. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :wink:
  3. pez2008

    Moving to Victoria? Join our state specific forum

    Hi. We moved to Geelong 3+ years ago and love it here. We are about 50 mins from Melbourne and 30 mins to the Great Ocean Road, which is awesome.
  4. So can we all agree the 10/11/2012 so Sarn can take that evening off
  5. Oh go on then. Dont really drink but will make an exception. :biggrin: Will need date ASAP so Sarn can get time off work though.
  6. pez2008

    Geelong suburb experts needed plz.

    I dont drive either and done my motorbike test and ride a scooter, its so so easy, scooters are so easy as well as theres no gears to change.
  7. Our rental is $350 a week and thats about 40% of my net wage
  8. Got a funny feeling once here in Vic your given 3 months or so to apply for Aussie licence. Contact vic rds.
  9. pez2008

    Aussie Rules!! Hawthorn ot Collingwood??

    Yes you can get beers and drink them while watching. Ive been 3 times its not exactly top footy there was a bit of atmosphere, had worse nights out lol.
  10. pez2008

    Rip off!

    Coles Paracetamol .79 cents thats pretty cheap.
  11. Posted this on Facebook, (Brits in Geelong) Just seeing if the Poms in Geelong (pig) lads fancy meeting up next month Friday 4th or Sat 5th for a few frothies. Maybe the start of the monthly idea. Can go to Belmont again or head into the City.
  12. pez2008

    Aussie Rules!! Hawthorn ot Collingwood??

    I would go for Melbourne Victory.............. Soccer. :wink:
  13. pez2008

    Geelong suburb experts needed plz.

    We live in Hamlyn Heights which is Ok and an easy bus ride into Town. Highton is nice and my personal favourite. Newtown Grovedale and Waurn Ponds are ok too. I dont drive and done a motorbike / scooter test (real real easy) and i use a scooter to get about on.
  14. pez2008

    PiG on the P again April 2012

    Didnt you see my other suggestion on facebook??