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  1. Hi all, Family just booked a last minute flight and will be with us next Friday!!!! Would anyone know of any short term rentals in the Pakenham - Berwick - Beaconsfield area? Looking for a house for 3 weeks? Thanks in advance :wink:
  2. Hey all, Last chance to join my league created on http://www.fantasy.premierleague.com Create your team and join the league - POMSINOZ!! League Code is 899967-216454 Good Luck Jody :yes:
  3. Hi, We are in Pakenham and there is at least six PIO families here - why dont we get together soon - say either Mornington Park or Duffys Park?? Weathers getting decent now as well.. Jody
  4. JNR

    Fantasy Football League

    Hey all, Ive created a league on Fantasy Premier League - a Fantasy Football Game for the Barclays Premier League Just create your dream team, click on join league and enter the code 899967-216454 and you are in the League!! My team is called UpDownUnderBlues - Everton Fan!! Good Luck!! Jody
  5. Ha ha No Sorry - I meant Dandenong Market and the Caribbean Market in Scoresby!! Ha ha The Caribbean I wish!!!
  6. It will defo be an interesting season ahead, liverpool are now like everton - half decent squad, half decent manager and no money!! Cant wait to go the ethihad - really weird to think it might the the last time I see Everton play - after 25 years of going the match! Anyway - we are in Pakenham, started a business out here so we only really go to the city visiting - we did have a stall on vic market, dandy and the carribean but all from Pakenham now - were at Phillip Island more often than the city!!
  7. Heyyy!! We are from Kirkby and Old Swan - been here 2 years in Melbourne suburbs. Sister and Bro In Law - Fazakerly - here too - and met up with a family from dat der Wirral. We are all blues (going to watch them vs Melbourne!!) apart from the missus who is a red scumbag!! Anyway - miss certain scouse things but you just cant beat the sun!!! Jody, Nicola, Reece, Oscar and bump!!
  8. Mornington is number 1 for me, but Berwick is so nice too - put it this way, a great decision to have!! Good Luck!!
  9. The respect for adults from kids here is one of the more obvious advantages, Im surprised to hear your thoughts on it, and it looks like you may be the unfortunate one. Its not perception at all, but reality.
  10. Hey Hey, For all us bluenoses out there its confirmed today that Everton have their own section allocated at Melbourne. Lets get it on and meet up for the all Day Party!!!!!!! COYB
  11. Wow, this is such a great thread, I have to contribute. The original post was truthful, heart warming and honest - and honesty is the key to living here I believe. We have only been here 18 months, and only once have I thought "Right thats it - Im off back to the UK" and that was when my OH had a nasty mis-carriage. In general both countries have their positives and negatives but I need to summarise our thoughts on a few key points: 1 - Weather - If the constant 40 degree days are too much - move to Melbourne - its much more bearable and it can be considered "fun" in the sense that four seasons can actually happen in one day - great! 2 - Kids - They stay younger here for longer and this for me is a big positive, and they are well more respectful of adults. 3 - Australians - My best friend is an Aussie here and I call him bruv. Dont need to say anymore on that really, if your here and you miss your family, TRY to treat your new friends as family. 4 - English friends - Vital to me, from different backgrounds in the UK we are all suddenly in the same position and if youre honest with each other us poms can really help each other out. 5 - Cost of Living - No longer can you sell up in the UK and buy outright here, but so what? The world economy is changing and will change some more, nothing can compare to the economic misery the UK has suffered recently. Just get through it and remain positive. 6 - This country is so naturally beautiful, and young, it can feel like you are part of something special here, almost like the dawning of a new age - but it depends how you look at it really. EVERYONE who has made this move should smile about it, be proud of it, but if, after the three year mark the smiles become more difficult, then maybe its back to the UK.
  12. JNR

    high streets and cafe lifestyles

    Berwick is the best I feel, several coffee shops and restaurants, with the Berwick Inn Pub on the corner - a really nice place to live.
  13. Will be going to the Melbourne Game - COYB!!!!
  14. JNR

    House prices

    Hey Gratom, Bubblepedia really is a great website, but what do you mean - 'when' not 'if' - are you talking about house prices falling I assume? Cheers Jody
  15. JNR

    berwick or mornington?

    Hey, We live in Pakenham, next door to Berwick. Berwick is a lovely place, consistently lovely. However, Mornington is the place for me, a bigger shopping area than Berwick and of course - its on the coast!! Berwick is an hour away. Hope this helps Jody