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    Feeling lonely in need of buddies

    Ok I am an ex nurse moved 30 times with my husbands job. Been in Sydney 12 yrs now 3 kids grown up making a life for themselves in the city. For my husband it was a works transfer so he has just gone from one lab to another.He loves life here I was teaching in Sydney but due to my MS I have had to retire citizenship ceremony done last week would I go home yes no questions asked. Everyone is different I do not find Australians are friendly more American as for coming over for a cuppa good luck. It is different here very much a social group meeting for coffee or for a meal but Australians do not do homestyle entertaining. I can only say from my experiance what its like in Sydney area we stay for my husbands job and the grandchildren 3 sons here 1 son and grandchild in Manchester.There is no easy way to live here it is never going to be like home its Australia.Please try and give it a go sometimes it dose work.Sometime the problumes you had back home are the same you have here! I have known people go home and appraise how lucky they are in the UK and some who come back again .Some here 45 yrs and return to the UK on retirement enjoying summer visits but their heart belongs back in the UK .Met many expats usually one likes it more than the other? Happy to chat anytime maybe you will feel better with the summer coming...
  2. Jennifer Shields

    desperate to return to uk but partner not wanting to at all

    Modern meds for depression are very different form 10 yrs ago .Depression is an illness that with one small tab a day make life easier.My daughter law has Bi-pola before meds she could not cope now she is a loving mother and enjoys life to the full.So please see your GP better to make decisions with a clear mind than go home disrupt everyone life and find your still not happy.Wish you all the best for the future.
  3. Jennifer Shields

    Should we move back??

    I have heard many for the for and against.If you feel you want your family,friends around you,have a job and home to go to life is too short to be unhappy.If you both agree home is where the heart is.You gave it a shot and found the grass was not greener.Enjoy each other and value your friends and family .Wishing you al the best.
  4. Jennifer Shields

    desperate to return to uk but partner not wanting to at all

    Sorry to hear your so unhappy.Would your wife not agree to a 3 week holiday to show her what you feel you are all missing in your lives here in Australia?When you feel low and family back home miss you its hard to see the positives living here no doubt worse by it being so near Christmas. Apart from your family back home have you made any mates here ? I know it is very hard been here 11 yrs and my husband loves the life here but as for mates its not really that sort of country unless you are a club or sport minded.Our youngest Son would go home tomorrow and I think in time he will....but like you he has two children. Please do not think you are alone.if you need to chat to someone please send us a private message with your email or phone no and my husband will chat to you,or if your local we can meet up.
  5. Jennifer Shields

    Meet up for Penrith Pom's.

    table booked for 7 see you there.Its Jenny and Drew and Erich and Michelle .Cheers Jenny
  6. Jennifer Shields

    Meet up for Penrith Pom's.

    Sorry love, my middle Son is bent double laughing at his old Mum's Yorkshire slang ..Going dutch means each person pays there own bill for food and wine.:wink: I am told no one under the age of 30 would know what that would mean!Sorry its me age!!!!:biglaugh:
  7. Jennifer Shields

    Meet up for Penrith Pom's.

    Meet up 15 the November Happy Inn Penrith High St 7 pm .Everyone goes dutch so not expensive night out partners or friends welcome.
  8. Jennifer Shields

    Irish Dancing for Adults? Help me please

    I loved all dancing and its a great way to make new friends.Let me know how you got on and hows the wedding plans?
  9. Jennifer Shields

    desperate to return to uk but partner not wanting to at all

    As an old Mum and now Grandma I remember how you feel now and it will take some outside help for your partner and you to see the bigger picture.Australia is just a place you live what comes first is your family unit. Missing your family and friends is all normal and the overpowering feeling of being alone is normal after having a baby and there is no time span on how long that feeling will take to change. Meet other Mums and see if someone would baby sit or if you can afford it join Fernwood fitness centre getting fit with other women will help how you feel.The nursery there is very good and you could go every day for 20 min work out will make you feel in more control of yourself. Every women need 20 mins of ME time.They also do Yoga classes and maybe take up a hobby ...or start a group at your local centre.Librarys have Toy Time where Mums and Dads meet kids play and have story time...and remember your not alone we are here for you.....
  10. Jennifer Shields

    Irish Dancing for Adults? Help me please

    The Irish club do all sorts here in Penrith if you don't mind traveling I can find out for you. Cheers Jenny.
  11. Jennifer Shields

    Meet up for Penrith Pom's.

    Hi , All welcome Irish, Scots,Welsh,Cornish,Northerners,Southerners .Partners,Children Singles just come and have fun.... Thinking of Chinese ? Looking forward to hearing from you... Cheers Jenny.:cute:
  12. Jennifer Shields

    Meet up for Penrith Pom's.

    Hope you can make it ,I an wearing a blue and pink cardi! Where's the sunny weather gone!
  13. Jennifer Shields

    Having a down day...

    I understand how you feel.I am a career wife everywhere my husband works I move with him.Been all over the world . Now I am 53 yrs old been here 11 yrs 3 kids settled here 1 Son back home.Am I homesick yes do I want to go home...what home .No home in the u.k yes Son and a few family members but they have also moved on in their lifes.They would love to see us as a holiday.... I have never been home since we left. What I miss is what is in the past.... life changes. We are planning a 3 month holiday in 3 yrs time.We just sold our house in Oz and now traveling..we have no work available in the u.k. so where do we live in the retirement years!!! Advice save go on a holiday back home during the spring.Christmas is too emotional ...we all feel home sick. Have you made any pom friends who can understand what your missing and we are all here for you you are not alone.I know poms who are still homesick 40yrs later ... but the home they left is no longer home. Happy to chat any time you can find me on facebook too.If your local west Sydney pop over on our meet up night Tuesday 21st Taj of the Valley, Penrith high street at 7pm .Your not alone keep in touch with us all...
  14. Jennifer Shields

    Migration Issues

    Asked my Son, cop in the U.K says just do police check but no not a conviction.
  15. Jennifer Shields

    Football Players Wanted

    Oh yes make sure you all take out ambulance cover or the charge is $500 its really cheap for med cover try HFC cheers.