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    Nigel Farage wants to legalised racism

    For starters I don't believe what is written in the papers. Certain papers follow certain parties and therefore have their own agendas, thus lies, stories. I don't believe what comes out of politicians mouths. They all slag each other off to suit their own benefit and put people off voting for the other person. Farage gets it all barrels from the others because they will lose votes so don't let a lie get in the way of a story when it comes to pinching votes. I don't like people thet enforce their political view on other people and that you are a racist because you disagree with an immigration policy or Johnny Foreigner is coming over and doing the jobs on the cheap blah blah de blah. To me those types of people are just bigots. I will vote for whoever I think will do a decent job and at the moment, to me, they are all just liars and thieves in suits. It's the same old Labour / Tory lies so there are not many alternative options out there.


    Don't hurt the spiders. They are your friends when it comes to flies and roches.:biglaugh:


    Same sort of standard then you are looking at a salary of at least $150,000 and with that estimate I'm probably wrong. You might get someone say $180,000 plus. 4 bed detached house and you have to have a pool will set you back on rental $800 a week (yes a week) depending on where you can get a rental. (OK you don't have to have a pool. That's a luxury). To buy depends on what visa you get. I'm sure an expert who lives in Sydney and been through what you are about to will be along shortly. Good luck.

    Our australia dream is no more...

    IF sorry it hasn't worked out for you. I'm in the same dilema. Been trying since 2008. Nearly got in end of 2012. I'm 47 in September. Calling it a day at 48, September 2015. I can take my pension at 50 if I want and if I move across any later than 48 then I'll be working to the death. I'm nearer retiring between 50 and 55 and I can apply for a Retirement Visa for Australia at 54. Just depends on what my kids are doing. It is disappointing though when things don't come off the way you would like them to.

    5 worst places to live in the Uk

    Manchester, Manchester, Manchester, Manchester and, er, Old Trafford. :biglaugh:

    3rd time lucky ?????

    This is the biggest "Ping Pong" I have read yet. A 3rd time?? You must have a story to tell.

    Qantas Axing thousands of jobs

    How much was this Joyce paid? Handsomely.

    Qantas Axing thousands of jobs

    Thing is my family and I have just come back from a holiday in Sydney and we flew Cathay Pacific. The flights for Xmas / New Year with Visa's and admin was £1282 each. We wanted to fly Qantus, in fact it was the first airline we looked at, and for exactly the same flight program as Cathay they wanted £1650 per person before admin and visas. Now had the price been a bit more competitive then I would have paid just that little more but £400 extra per person I could not justify it. So in that respect Qantas lost our custom and Cathay did a good job.

    Where to live in sydney?

    We visited Sutherlandshire and we thought it was nice. Cronulla, Miranda, Kirrawee. If I ever get over there this is where we are heading for. They have a cracking Ice Cream shop in Cronulla.

    Prices - what surprised you and shocked you the most?

    Mind you I got 2 large cartons of rose wine from the bottle shop equivelent to 5 bottles a carton and it was $16 each. I can't remember going to bed that night so it must have been good stuff.

    Prices - what surprised you and shocked you the most?

    That's the problem I had. Just come back from two weeks in Sydney and my chin hit the floor in the supermarket when I was asked for $99 for what wasn't a lot but in actual fact it was half the price in £ but I couldn't take it in. Cannot compute ! Cannot compute ! :biglaugh:

    Tony Abbott has done it. He has stopped the boats.

    Think I'll try the boat thing. I can't seem to get in legitimately. :biglaugh:

    I will literally die if this happens....

    What type of snake is that Bob?

    I will literally die if this happens....

    Just to add. I took my family to Taronga Zoo and was fortunate to land on one of those spider shows that they do during the day. On display were a Huntsman, Funnel Web and Red Back. The keeper did a little test with a rod to show how these spiders react when they come into contact with humans. Both the Huntsman and Red Back when being prodded tried to get away and move out the way. The funnel web did the same but then turned about face and reared up with it's fangs as if to say "bugger off and leave me alone I'm not interested". These three spiders, as is with anything in this world that is not interested in hurting you, only acted defensively, not aggressively. Both my wife and daughter were put at ease by that little display. I missed the snake show. :laugh:

    I will literally die if this happens....

    Won't do you any harm. Don't forget, you kill those little critters then who is going to eat the cockroaches and flies. That Huntsman is more frightened of you. Hard to believe but it is. These critters are not sat there watching you get off a plane thinking "Mmmmm another meal yummy". My daughter is frightened of them yet when we were in Sydney last month she spent half the time actually looking for them. :biglaugh: One night when we came back to the apartment there was a Wolf Spider (I think) crunching on a cockroach half way up the wall. She was amazed by it. Just need to relax a bit and open your mind to think the opposite of these creatures wanting to hurt you. They don't. :wink: