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  1. the hutchies

    Re applying for visa!

    Hello, it's been a while since I was last on here. We had a PR visa for Victoria unfortunately we let it run out in 2011! We have been regretting it since and looking into reapplying. Has anyone been successful and how hard it is? TIA:biggrin:
  2. the hutchies

    goodbye :-(

    :mad:Eermmm well im even more intrigued now Pablo :biglaugh:....but thank you anyway i have very good reasons why we havent gone should the maggot rear its ugly head and read this and if they was in my position i doubt they would be torn aswell .... thanks Lisa:wubclub:
  3. the hutchies

    goodbye :-(

    Thank you for all your kind words although i'm intrigued why Pablos had been edited :biglaugh: Lisa:wubclub: xxx
  4. the hutchies

    goodbye :-(

    theres not many of the old crowd left on here now although its a while since i was here.... anyway our bubble has burst and our Aussie dream has ended its been long winded and frustrating at times but we are still in England and we are staying here.... Visa has expired and we will probably live to regret not going but you live and learn to all my freinds still on here will keep in touch through facebook and to the ones just beginning the process i wish you all the luck in the world Lisa :wubclub:XXXXX
  5. the hutchies

    visa extension??

    Thanks im waiting for the agency we used initially to return my call, failing that i will contact the embassy i never thought of them, Lisa
  6. the hutchies

    visa extension??

    ****!!!! :-(
  7. the hutchies

    visa extension??

    is this RRV available even if we havent actually moved there yet? we activated to visa just need a couple more months to get more funds together ect?
  8. the hutchies

    visa extension??

    thank you for the link, it looks like we dont fit the critera as we havent actually moved to Oz yet thanks again:sad: lisa:wubclub:
  9. the hutchies

    visa extension??

    this may seem like a stupid question....is there any way you can get a slight extension on a visa once the five years is up:sad: Thanks Lisa x :wubclub:
  10. the hutchies

    Anyone emigrating from Yorkshire?

    hiya we are in Barnsley our visa runs out Oct this year so hopefully we r going Aug / Sept to Melbourne Lisa xx
  11. the hutchies

    ares to live ....or not !!

    Hi, think i will keep my eye on this thread, we are coming to Aus sometime before the end of Oct when our visa runs out, we have absolutely no idea where we are going to go, despite a few posts i havent had much luck with replies Lisa x
  12. the hutchies

    Any help will do please???

    Hi Smarts thats the trouble we dont know what the work situation is like haha...im just doing a helping in schools course so hopefully i should be qualified by the time we go thanks lisax
  13. the hutchies

    Any help will do please???

    Hope i can count on some of you guys on here for some valuable advice and opinions.... we are looking at flying out one way to Victoria in August, this has been a long time coming for us (long story) ....but our visa runs out Oct 23rd so its now or never....problem is not sure where abouts to go with regards to the kids schooling and socially they are 15 (girl) and 13 (boy) ...also my hubby is joiner but can turn his hand to almost anything.... like many other people we will not have much money to come with we have decided to rent our house here til the exchanged rate improves and the housing market picks up here, any advice on areas, work etc....or any sother sites i could look on for research? thanks Lisa xx
  14. the hutchies

    dilemma help advice needed!!!!

    we have a small dilemma on our hands and i was hoping someone would be able to help.... we have to be in Aus this year at some time before the end of Oct as our visa will have expired... while we are still up for coming to Aus our kids are wavering a little...our son not so much as our daughter... the problem we have with her is she has a boyfreind who she has been with almost 12 months now, so she is having the teenage tantrums "of you cant take me from my freinds" i know they are young but he is going to try and knuckle down in his final year at school to further his prospects of coming to Aus eventually.... my question is, how old would he have to be and can he come to Aus without his parents....and is there a visa we can get for him? i hope someone can put my mind at ease
  15. the hutchies

    14 mnths left

    thanks guys...we validated just before the deadline for validation too so i suppose you could say we like to take it to the end:daydreaming:...also unsure whether to rent the house out here or sell and cut ties....but again i'm worried IF things didn't work out we wouldn't get back on the housing ladder.. thanks again peeps and good luck with all your plans xx Lisa:wubclub: