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  1. taffordbark

    Carpet Layers/Floor Layers Adelaide

    The rates are usualy piece work, I myself have been earning around $500 per day laying commercial vinyl. You will find lots of work if you can do a bit of everything as the layers out here seem to only do one thing i.e a carpet layer does not do vinyls,,a vinyl layer does not do carpets,a laminate layer doesnt do anything but laminate. Most of the stores I have dealt with are always looking for good reliable fitters as there seems to be a shortage ,especialy if you can do everything. Until I came out here I never toutched karndean,but have also been layingthis,,straight lay is around $12 per metre but your average job is 120m2 plus! and the prep is a lot easier than back home as the floors are in better condition.
  2. taffordbark

    Carpet Layers/Floor Layers Adelaide

    I dont know about he rest of australia but the rates in Adelaide are comparible with what I was getting in the UK a couple of years ago,,the work is quite different though as every job is usualy a full house of either carpet,vinyl or laminate/floatig floors. I have only done 2 hsl's in 2 years but there is usualy lots of seaming to do as all of the carpet here is 12foot wide and most of the rooms are a lot biggger than that. You dont get crappy broken up ashphalt floors or rotting timber floors in ancient properties like you do in the uk so remedial work is usualy quite minimal, and they don't use doortrims like in the UK ,most doorways have to be seamed up. There is plenty of comercial work available as well,,in fact I have been working on the same job since july last year,sadly this is coming to an end ut there are lots of other big projects if thats your thing. Hope this helps!
  3. taffordbark

    god and bad areas?

    I love the hills and if i had my way I would be living in one of the little sleepy towns like meadows,,,absolutely beutiful place.
  4. taffordbark

    god and bad areas?

    We live in Banksia park in the north eastern suburbs,,it is absolutely fantastic,great links to the city( 15 mins by bus) great shopping centres and lots to do for the kids. Realy like the southern suburbs but they seem to be a bit distant from the cbd if you dont drive! So if you ask my opinion,you cant beat the north.
  5. Carpet and floor layers required for a well established,soon to expand company in pooraka,north adelaide. P.M me for details
  6. taffordbark

    Adoption aspergers syndrome and the rest,never give up!!!

    Its quite funny that sometimes after adoption you forget that they are actualy 'your' children
  7. taffordbark

    Adoption aspergers syndrome and the rest,never give up!!!

    2 years on,,and we are still here in little old Adelaide.the kids are having the time of their lives,granted its not been all sunshine and barbeques but we now know it was worth all the hard work,effort heartache and tears. All of our children have a great future to look forward to and once again,after all of this time,thank you gill palmer,,,or saint gill as you are known as in our house lol.:hug:
  8. taffordbark

    foster carers advice needed

    Yes thats exactly right,also special guardianship orders leaves their legal status uncertain when they turn 18 , the other thing that also has to be considered is legaly, adoption cannot be used as a device to fulfill another purpose, i.e you cannot adopt just because you want to move to australia.
  9. taffordbark

    foster carers advice needed

    Sorry for the delay in replying. As far as I am aware when we started the process of trying to emigrate with foster children,it had never been asked of or done before. If you read through the various posts we put on a couple of years ago ,you will see that Australia will only recognise an adoption order as it means you have full parental responsibility,we went down the legal route of trying special guardianship, getting advice from the legal bods in oz,and waiting a hell of a long time while the australian authorities studied the case and sought where it sat with the laws of the land. So adotion is the only option I am afraid,If you need to look at the legalities,pm me and I will pass the details of the solicitors who dealt with this on our behalf.
  10. taffordbark

    Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)

    You can get your working holiday visa online,comes through in a few hours and absolutely no need for an agent.By the way,if you want to get an extension to your visa,you can do so by completing 88 days in certain jobs,farming,fishing etc,,,look on the diac site for details.
  11. taffordbark

    RSMS 119/857 can i change employer

    understand and sympathise............we are in the same boat! feels like a prison sentence.......and I'm the dogs body! I am gonna research everything as soon as I have the time...........good job I like a project to get my teeth into........
  12. the employer sponsorship visa isnt always what its cracked up to be on paper............working for a large company can sometimes mean you become just a number....but working for a small company/business means you can feel compelled to become the dogs body....and have no voice or rights for 2 years! very much like a prison sentence - they have you by the short n curlies and technically they arent doing anything wrong - but the ethics of the business and the rights and wrongs of employment legislation often come into conflict. Where do we turn for advice and can the RSMS visa be swapped and how permanent is this visa really.........or is it permanent only if you stay - put up and shut up?
  13. taffordbark

    foster carers advice needed

    We finaly landed in SA in Adelaide on the 26th of june this year,we have spent 6 months settling in and are slowly getting accustomed to the quirks of the locals.The children have all settled well into school,our eldest daughter joined us in september and we are all very happy together.Thanks so much to all of you who provided us with alternative options,especialy Gill and we hope you all have a peacefull 2010!
  14. taffordbark

    Adoption aspergers syndrome and the rest,never give up!!!

    Just for the record,and for everyone who has read and posted in response to our story,we arrived in Adelaide onthe 26th of June after nearly 3 years fighting our cause. It has taken us a couple of months to settle down and feel 'normal ' again and am sure that things will get better and better the further into this journey we go. The kids have settled well into school and do not miss much about their previous life in the Uk ,neither do we to be honest. We feel like we can make this place our home,granted there are many things that we find alien and different but overall there are very few negatives to report (THEY DONT SELL VIMTO) and the long battle we have had for the last three years at this early stage seems to have been well worth the hardships we have endured. My advice to any one reading this is if you are sure that coming here is what you realy want,then go for it and follow your dream,dont take no for an answer and be careful of people asking for cash for ill informed advice.
  15. taffordbark

    Adoption aspergers syndrome and the rest,never give up!!!

    sorry it has taken so long to reply...........we are now in adelaide love it to bits andare only too happy to help wherever it is needed..we probably wont be back in full swing until the end of august as we are borrowing andlending computer access as and when we can