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  1. LukeM

    Best bank

    NAB. $0.00 per month account keeping fee regardless of how much $ you deposit into the account. You can leave it open without using it and not incur any fees for doing so. You get a Visa debit card and you can control all of the features of the debit card in the app, including setting a PIN and you can even turn the PayWave features on/off if you would rather insert and use your PIN instead (note: if you do that and try to use PayWave it'll just decline). They also have no overdrawn fees. If a direct debit goes out of the account and is dishonoured, there's no charge to you. The transaction just reverses and it appears on your statement - that's it. No questions asked. You can also add your Superannuation account to Internet Banking if you go with MLC for Super. The interest rates on savings accounts are not great, though, so you could get NAB Classic Banking and link it to a ING Savings Maximiser with ING if that really bothers you...
  2. LukeM

    Melbourne voted 2nd most "fun" city in the World

    There's a high chance of being killed in Chicago as a result of gun violence. Perhaps the "fun" is that element of danger? As for Sydney being bottom of the list? No way! Canberra takes the cake if you want a boring Australian city !
  3. LukeM

    Pimpama SHS & Coomera Waters PS

    Have heard a lot of mixed reviews about Pimpama SSC. Some people say the bullying/student body is terrible, but the teachers are great. Others say it's the best school. Unfortunately, the same with all schools. If you're looking for a good school in the region, Coomera Anglican College is K-12.
  4. LukeM

    Get dad's mum to Aus?

    Hmmm was only really an idea, thought I'd look into it for them. We don't really have the kinds of money to deal with it and she certainly doesn't have 30 years left in her... I'd bet 4 or 5 tops, so that 838's out of the question. She does have a pension, yes. She's not dependent on anyone financially (that I'm aware of). Oh and someone asked before if my dad has siblings - no, he doesn't. Both my parents are their parents' one and only child.
  5. LukeM

    Get dad's mum to Aus?

    Mmmm while I understand your point of view, unfortunately she's not got anyone there. She lives alone and doesn't socialise with anyone - even immediate family including her brother and sister. She would rather be with us - whether that means her being here or us being there. She has a lot of mental and physical health issues and as I said we all know she would rather be here with us. It certainly wouldn't be easier on us but it would be easier on her. $50k is a lot. I don't think we would be able to afford that. I was just curious about options.
  6. LukeM

    Get dad's mum to Aus?

    Just wondered how we go about doing this now, and how easy it is to do? We are citizens and wondering whether it's possible to bring my dad's mum over. She's living on her own currently. Finding it increasingly hard to travel. She's just turned 70 and we felt it might be something to look into for her benefit if we were able to sell her house in the UK (we own it anyway) and bring her over here. i think it would be better for us all in the long run. I've not really followed the forums since I got here and became a citizen so I've come crawling back for advice hehe
  7. Currently living in Qld. Thinking of making the move to Vic after my fiancee and I get married. It will be the two of us and possibly a bun in the oven! Where would be a good place for us to start, based on this criteria? - Reasonably central location. Preferably further from the CBD, as we're not really city people, but close enough to a decent shopping centre and with reasonably good links to the CBD if we need to go there for anything. I'll still be at Uni for example, so it might be beneficial to be able to access the CBD for that reason (though I'm thinking more about doing online study so I can do things a bit more at my own pace!) - Easy access to doctors/hospital/chiropractor/other health services. - Quiet. Must be quiet and "out of the way", family friendly, good for raising kids. Again - refer to above, we're not city people! - Green! - Relatively cheap - we would be renting, looking around the $370 per week mark. That's what we're paying at the moment for a townhouse. We would prefer to have something a bit more private. I don't really like townhouses/apartments. I like separation from neighbours! They've proven to be noisy here!
  8. I know now what you mean. Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I'll just have to see what happens. As far as I know my parents have claimed they've never had a full one other than a certified copy of an entry. I guess I will just have to take it and see what happens. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hi I need to obtain a full birth certificate. Anybody know how to go about this? I applied for/paid for one, and when I got it, it was only a Certified Copy of an Entry which is not adequate for what I need. I only have an original 'short' birth certificate. So as I said I need one, but a full one, with parents' names etc - but cannot be a certified copy of an entry. Anybody know how to get one? Kinda annoyed that I wasted money on what I believed would be the correct thing. Thanks.
  10. I have a Gumtree ad with all of the details in it. Please PM me if you would like information or the link to the ad. Please comment or message if you require information, please only do so if you know someone who is interested or you are seriously interested yourself. Thanks.
  11. LukeM

    TAFE college fees on a 457 visa

    Depends on study area and level...
  12. LukeM

    TAFE college entry requirements?

    If you're not a Permanent Resident you may have to pay "full" fees, same as University. Depends on study area and the level. A Diploma of IT at TAFE can be $10,800 up to $14,900 just as an example. Certificates and random courses would be a lot cheaper.
  13. LukeM

    University funding on a PR 189

    Said friend attends UQ, and stays in a UQ residential college.
  14. LukeM

    University funding on a PR 189

    You might want to start looking at the news about all the "proposed" changes to University funding in Australia. They haven't been passed by the Senate as yet but if they are, then I'm afraid your "cheaper than the UK" may be abruptly shattered I hope for the sake of all those who rely upon a University education to secure their career and boost employability, myself included, that these ridiculous measures never come to pass.
  15. LukeM

    University funding on a PR 189

    Really? I was of the impression from a friend who lives at the residential colleges that you can't stay over summer or the break between semesters but you can obviously stay for mid-semester break...