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    Sorry to hear that - i hoped it would be the same for you, we were so confused by it as nothing was clearly spelt out!
  2. Waitingawhile


    My partner didnt get a seperate invite but i had indicated on our applications we were linked and expected to be invited together. When I phoned and checked the invite did include him too.
  3. Waitingawhile

    176 lodged May 2012

    I am guessing a lot of those who contributed to this thread could be like me going through the citizenship process. If so good luck and how ironic is it that the the waiting list is so enormous. Checking emails and immiacvount avidly once again.
  4. Waitingawhile

    176 lodged May 2012

    Hi just wondered how everyone is doing shame this thread has been quiet but guess we have all been busy getting on with our new lives...I do not regret coming back...just had my first visit back to the uk in two years loved it and got a lovely feeling when I saw Perth. Would love to hear from others who were on this thread? Wishing you all the best and hope it has come together for you all.
  5. Waitingawhile

    pingpong poms?

    hi we have been back just over a year-it was tough at first as we did it on a wing and prayer financially although I had managed to secure work before I left the uk which gave us security. we have bought a lot of second hand stuff and it was tough in the first four months. We have moved back to the same area and love it. I have experienced home sickness but not with the intensity I had before and I feel very lucky to have had this second chance- I feel like the uk is still easily accessible and I don't have great yearnings to get back although i will - i just like being here more right now. When i got on the first flight back it felt right although i still felt sad at leaving. i must admit to still feeling in transition a bit but feel I have a better appreciation of what is on offer. As I was driving to work this morning, the sun was breaking through and there was low lying mist in the fields along the freeway, got into Perth and opened the window as I was driving along the Swan and I could hear the most beautiful bird song. By mid day it was 25 degrees and just lovely. Got my first lemons growing on my lemon tree. Last night was at an oyster bar listening to pink floyd being played live on acoustic, not crowded, very chilled - this has been a good move for us this time. Good luck with your move proview
  6. Waitingawhile

    buying goods on line from the Uk

    Thanks Peach, really? how great - a good weekend for me on line then
  7. Waitingawhile

    buying goods on line from the Uk

    Hi guys I just wondered what peoples experience is of buying goods on line through various uk stores etc and having them shipped to Australia- are you hit with taxes or is there a limit you need to be aware of - hope someone can help as missing my favorite shops a little :wub:
  8. Waitingawhile

    How to prove years of work experience for GSM 175 or 176 VISA?

  9. Waitingawhile

    suggest me

    Hi astle,you need to give a bit more info about your circumstances - are you looking at prospects for an employee sponsored visa under the skill of medical assistant? - if so you would need to see if it is on any of the relevant skills lists first to do this you should check on the department of immigration and citizenship site. if you are in Australia and want to know about jobs in this area then others will have more knowledge.
  10. Waitingawhile

    Migration/ working visa issues

    http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/residents/155/eligibility.htm check out this and then tel a Mara registered migration for advice such as Go Matilda or Ian Harrop as he may still have a route in and it is always better to check out your options with a specialist- they often give the first 15 mins free of any consultation and will advise if it is complicated or not good luck
  11. Waitingawhile

    Criminal record

    info about cautions here https://www.gov.uk/caution-warning-penalty best policy is to declare everything and if you get it wrong on the visa be proactive declare it and explain why and what your conviction or caution was for and what changes you have made in life taking responsibility! You can always take advice form a MARA agent especially if you have a complicated case
  12. Waitingawhile

    prison teaching

    hi Ceri - each state has a corrective service so if you google corrective service with the particular state you are interested in living you could have a look on their sites to get an idea of what they look for and what jobs are available- some corrective services employ their own prison educators but also there will be partnership agencies like those in the Uk- it can be difficult to know where to look at first but if you google in prison education in the state you want to go to it could be a starting point. I would also look at community education with offenders too perhaps and see what this throws up for you. hope this helps
  13. Waitingawhile

    pingpong poms?

    I really envy those who know what they want and can stick with their decisions- for me I had to feel what it was like coming back too - we have been back for almost four years and both were lucky to obtain decent work and we should have been content but we aren't, we are ok but it is just not what we want -we too miss the warmth - OH has just bought some more 'thongs' and shorts and can't wait, although it will be the start of winter when we get back! We will be doing it on a shoe string as our savings went the first time round and everything we have had since has been sunk into the visa process -we will have enough for a banger and a rental and will have to start all over again. it still feels a no brainer to go back
  14. Waitingawhile

    485 visa question

    Thanks for your reply.
  15. Waitingawhile

    485 visa question

    Hi hoping someone out there can help - I am trying to understand the eligibility for the graduate 18 month visa- could some confirm which list the nominated occupation should be on eg schedule 1 or can it be from either 1 or 2? suspect it means schedule 1 as it says SOL not CSOL? :nah: