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    Shipped my passport! Advice needed!

    Thanks for the info. Where can I find the details of email/ fax? Does anyone know?
  2. Hello Shipped all my belongings on 19th of July including my passport, grrrrr! Very annoyed! I sent for a new passport the same day as I leave on 30th Aug. My new passport hasn't arrived yet and if it hasn't by monday I will be driving to get it. My question is how does this effect my 457 visa? Do I have to send documents away to get it matched up with my new passport? I'm worried how long this may all take - It's only 3 weeks until I go and to say i'm panicing a little would be a complete understatement!!!!! Help!
  3. Thanks guys! I'm a bit worried now as I may not have an address yet? I also don't know anyone in oz. I'm starting work 3 weeks after I arrive so really need to get it done ASAP. I may email AHPRA and ask what people do in these situations. I can't be the only one in this situation.
  4. Hi everyone Just a quick question. I'm arriving in Brisbane at the end of this month I just wondered what I actually need to do RE AHPRA when I get there? I'm just not sure what paperwork I need to take to the offices and also do I need to make an appointment or just turn up? Are you fully registered straight away or is there a delay? thanks Marie
  5. thank you for the info guys. I have emailed to ask sure they'll just say no but if you don't ask you don't get! I can just use it as a nice excuse to buy new clothes when I get there! :wink: Thanks Marie
  6. Hi Just finished booking my flights with Singapore airlines. I've given 20kg allowance which I know is the norm. I've read about people getting extra allowances for permanent visa's I just wondered if anyone had been granted anything for a long stay visa? Visa expires April 2016 so I have a feeling I wont be allowed any extras. Just not looking forward to having to whittle my things down to 20kg. I am shipping things out also but no idea when that will arrive and i'm worried i'll be stuck with next to nothing for my first couple of months! Thanks Marie
  7. marieh

    457 Health Insurance

    Hi I was granted my visa this week and got insurance with http://www.go-walkabout.co.uk/index.php it's a one way emigration insurance cost me £47 that covers me for travel and 21 days in OZ. Visa went through no problems. The company have been great. Really great service!! :wink:
  8. marieh

    E457 granted! What next?!

    Thanks so much for the help guys! Toooo excited this week haha x
  9. marieh

    E457 granted! What next?!

    Hello everyone Just logged on to the immigration website to check the status of my visa and it was granted today :biggrin:. I didn't get an email from my case worker telling me this but the visa is there when i've logged on. Do I need to go to an Australian embassy now to get the visa put in my passport? I've researched so much but seem to have skipped this bit! Hoping to get flights booked at the end of the week. Wow things are really happening now! Marie
  10. marieh

    Any AHPRA advice?!

    Hi everyone! Really want to start pulling my hair out :arghh: I'm a midwife in the UK. I sent my application to AHPRA 27/09/11. They confirmed it had been received and took the money 30/10/11. Shortly after this I was lucky enough to get a job in Brisbane. I sent a copy of my contract to AHPRA as advised by my future employer. AHPRA have confirmed they have received this. Just to clarify I have sent my application to the Sydney office. I have since heard nothing. I email and ring each week always the same answer. Your application is in a line, we are currently very busy etc etc. I always make sure I am very polite because who wants to help the irate women on the end of the phone!? I'm just posting to ask if anyone knows of anything at all I can do I mean anything! If I thought I could throw money at the problem I would do it in a heartbeat (and I have very little so this highlights my desperation!). This is the most frustrating kind of limbo - there's so much to do but there's no point in doing it before I know when I can go..... I just want to start the ball rolling. I am so close yet so far................................. I know i'm not alone. Just thought there might someone somewhere who has an idea I haven't thought of!? If not it just feels good to have a rant :biggrin: Marie
  11. marieh

    AHPRA...... Information specialist?

    This was my concern...... aah well another week another email. Well on monday I phone on wednesday I email........... and still NOWHERE!
  12. marieh

    AHPRA...... Information specialist?

    The exact wording is 'escalated to an information specialist' not sure if this makes a difference!
  13. Hi everyone Another AHPRA head scratcher. I sent me application waaay back in September. Have been chasing up weekly. Still no joy, after chasing up last week I got an email saying my application had been forwarded to an information specialist? Does this mean a case worker? I really just don't know any more! Thanks Marie
  14. Congrats Lisa! Still no word on mine! No worries, watching and waiting! I bet you're thrilled xx
  15. Hi Michala I'm a midwife with 18 months experience, 23 moving to Oz next year, single too so we're very similar! Every hospital is completely different. Lots of hospitals offer a graduate programme for midwives who are newly qualified. I know one of the girls in the cohort above me went over for a year newly qualified and loved it. My advice would be to look around and figure out an area you might be interested in, then the first real step is to collect documentation to get registered with AHPRA (the oz equivalent to NMC if you like!). This can take a long time and can be very stressful and there's a lot of documents to gather before you even think about sending it off! Play around with google and see what you find that you like. I'm currently waiting to hear back from a hospital in Brisbane (I had an interview last friday!). PM me if you want to know more, i'm happy to help! Marie x