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  1. You can not go wrong in this area and surrounding areas . we started in mandurah and brought in Booragoon best move ever for schools , shopping Centre, jobs, close to most things .:biggrin:
  2. I was wondering how hard will it be for my daughter who is separated from her partner to get out here!! She does have a dad out in the uk but doesn't have much contact with him and she is having a lot of problems in which she needs me and at the moment i cannot just drop everything.!! Is it 100% right she needs the child's father to write for the child to come out. at present she works at a bank been there around ten years .she has been out here with her daughter every year since we have been in perth. we have been in perth nearly 5 yrs. and her wanting me to go over back to the UK has been happening 6 months on and off depending how she is feeling . I love them both and still support her and my granddaughter , but don't know the first steps in getting her with her family over here . :huh:Paula
  3. hi we are renovating our first home in the perth area , not sure if anyone is interested in a big job tiling ,2 bathrooms ,laundry and a 90 m lounge/kitchen living area. we know how hard it is starting off self employed in ozz,as my hubby has been there when we arrived 3 years ago. so we thought if anyone is interested please pm me .:smile: regards Paula ,Ian
  4. megmor

    can daughter stay here?

    my daughter is over here for a visit with my granddaughter, she doesnt want to go back can she stay with out permission from her partner(childs dad)she has been here for a month now ,nothing to go back too .any one been here before ,should leave tomorrow HELP PLEASE :arghh:
  5. megmor

    One year in Perth .....

    well first of all it takes just over two years for the kids to realise its great over here . my son couldn't get a job he was 18yrs then, he lay in bed all day, on laptop to uk friends at night . he wanted to go back to the uk i said no give it time. nearly 3years on he is still here living the dream, got a few friends and a girlfriend a job to.its been hard but as a family you have to work together, 16yr old daughter still has her ups and downs ,but its getting better. as for jobs for mechanics yes there are plenty of jobs in perth go onto seek .com.au.hubby is a diesel fitter and there are jobs all the time.
  6. megmor

    Mandurah ? Nice areas in WA?

    hi if go to secret harbour you need to drive ,distance to the train . not many jobs in mandurah my son when we arrived found it very hard to get a job in the area and when he applied for the city they thought he lived to far away! it took him a year good job he lived with us. i couldnt get a job took me 6months . when i moved to jandakot /cockburn applied for jobs and i was offered 3 that week i couldnt believe it i had a choice!!. ive seen a few jobs for a dentist in leeming ,willetton have a look on seek .com au. all the best anyway paula
  7. megmor

    Mandurah ? Nice areas in WA?

    hi all, mandurah is a cheap place to buy now . we lived here for 2 years .first year great ,second year nothing for the older children to do (13yrs to 21yr).getting bored going to the same place (pub) every week lot of old people and unemployed people !. moved closer to Perth in Jandakot need a car to get to beach etc but loving it. now 6months on we have brought our first home in Booragoon best thing we have done. the area is great ,excellent schooling which you dont get in mandurah.children love it .garden city is excellent shopping center not like dirty mandurah forum. mandurah has no jobs ,its a holiday place like rhyl . booragoon easy to get to most places, lots more pubs, things to see and do takes a hour off traveling to the good places like hilarys,perth ,freemantle etc.. so people thinking of going to mandurah there are lots of nice places closer to perth do your home work!!
  8. hi there, they are very strict over here ,we applied for a rental, pets were considered ,but when we asked even though it had a dog flap they did say yes to a small dog but it could not come inside the house as this would break our contract. so we decided against it. but there are rentals out there which allow pets ,but first find out there rules for keeping one
  9. megmor

    Congratulations Keily's 2 years in oz

    same for us 2 years has gone so fast arrived 17th march 2009. as you say you have your highs and lows ,but we are still here and it is bloody hard work making a living in ozz!!. we are hoping to go back to the uk to see why we left as some days hubby is over australia,dont know if it because self employed and you have to start from the very bottom lol. :yes:
  10. megmor

    Beach suburb near Jandakot?

    hi ,we live in jandakot been here amonth now the noise doesnt bother us from the planes at all as its a small airport and we are near the golf course.the beach is only 15mins drive and the freeway gets you to most places,distance is not a problem when you are here as you have to drive everywhere, fremantle 20mins drive ,perth 25mins. we have lived in mandurah for 2yrs ,but gla:smile:d we moved closer to perth.
  11. megmor

    Moving to Mandurah

    we lived in mandurah for 2yrs ,first year love it and lived in seascapes then then moved to dudley park on the canals and rented for a year , we had lots of problems with the rent but thats another story. our daughter went to the baptist school,she is 16 now she hated it lots of her year left at year ten,she was pulled up with hair ,wrong shoes,hair when she started she had excellent results and top in most things but she was pulled up that many times for hair etc eg:she had award for 5 as, then was told she was a disgrace to the school because her hair wasnt tied up right.!! austin cove school i know someone s daughter left as not much in the school,she felt like still in primary all the teachers related no science equipment as yet in pre fabs etc. south yunderup we rented a hoilday let when we first moved here,nice place but FULL of mozzies as is mandurah.we ended up moving closer to perth and was the best move we have made since been here.kids love it as lots more things for them to do and they love applecross school. my son 13yrs has made lots of nice friends more confident top in science and the teacher phoned to let us know . my daughter who is in yr11 now can be herself without been told go to the office because a piece of hair is in her face !. i hate renting and wish we could buy but iam glad we didnt rush into it as we would be stuck in mandurah right now . we have made some good friends in mandurah but there are a few ferral people and the forum is not a nice place most days,i hated people walking into resturants with no shoes on etc. anyway good luck and hope things turn out for you :wink: aslo mandurah IS a small town everyone knows everyone and sometimes that can be a bad thing!!
  12. megmor

    South of the River

    you are looking in the right places,also look at bullcreek, leeming but pictures are not the same as the houses you visit bewarded!!. we live in jandakot straight off the freeway on a quiet estate.our children attend applecross school, which is a 15min drive and close to most things. we looked at property in booragoon,ardoss,mount pleasant etc ,but for $550, alot of the homes are not nice ( wouldnt have let adog live in them ) so we looked further out and found a beautiful 4 bed for same money very modern up to date,spa and very clean.advice need to look at the property in person before committing
  13. i wonder if anyone know where we stand?. we had a contract for 12 months been in it now for 6months now ,had problems from the start cut a long story short 1: signed for rental with a pool table ,bar fridge,ornaments all in lease .moved in owner had removed items .after 3 months of complaining owner replaced items. 2:real estate agent gave our bond to owner of the property so month by month started to take it back out of the rent we were paying then made us in arrears, but has been sorted now . 3: had inspection gave note for repairs need doing and one is a fire hazard ,3 months later not done . 4 : owner does not want us to go to agent for any repairs go direct to him (he phoned us). he then phones to ask if we would like to buy ,we said no as was breaking lease as moving Perth with hubby's job and estate agent was going to re advertise for new tenant ,but now they can not because he is not renewing the lease so we are stuck with another 6months with no repairs done and it does not look like he going to do them. is there are way out of this for us ??. after inspection today the woman said the garden needs weeding etc ,i told her its in a better condition now than when we moved in ,but she said we are breaking the contract and you will be charged for it when move out. i could go on of everything what has happened ,can any one help !!! :arghh:
  14. :unsure:hi ,is there any bank who we can get in touch with so we can mortgage our house in the uk.the property has been rented out for nearly 2 years now and we need a deposit to buy over here as my hubby is self employed and i do not work. we have been told we need 20 % deposit over here but we are a bit shire of this amount so it will only be a small mortgage up to say 50,000. family are renting the property at the moment and they do not want to move out but the lease is up march 2011. property is not really selling at the moment in the uk so i think selling would not be right thing to do at the moment. thanks paula
  15. Hi all,we are living in wa been here 19 months now.:biggrin: my daughter has decided she wants to join us here , she is 23 yrs works for a bank, her partner at college for IT,and part time shop worker. they have a daughter 1yrs too..which would be the best and quickest way to get them out to us. :idea:any advice would be welcoming and any sites which they could look on.many thanks paula