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  1. Tracyb37

    Electricians In Australia

    After some advice if possible. We moved to WA in 2009. Hubby got skills assessed through Vetassess for visa and when we arrived he did the two week sparky course and then got his A licence. He has worked at several companies since then. He has recently applied for a job with Downers on the Wheatstone project and they have asked him for a copy of his ARTC. Now we don't think he ever got that but they are saying that he has to have it before he can be mobilised. Has anyone else had this problem? I understand there were some issues with energy safety processing licences wrong but trying to find any concrete information is proving to be a nightmare!!
  2. Tracyb37

    Perth to Florida via UK

    Wondering if anyone can advise me on this. We are planning on a holiday to Florida next year and it is looking like the flights are going to be pretty expensive. It is also my brothers 50th in the UK around the same time so thinking about an impromptu visit home too. Can I book return flights from Australia to UK from Oz and then return flights from UK to Florida from the UK? I think it might work out cheaper that way if I can do it. Advice please
  3. Tracyb37

    cheapest/best airline

    Hi Nikki. I would look on Zuji or Skyscanner for price comparisons as the prices do vary. Also ask at your travel agent when prices are cheaper as the prices can drop drastically. Last September I priced up for a return to the UK in May. When I originally looked, the cheapest was Qatar coming in at $8500 for 4 of us and Singapore Airlines was over $11k. I kept any eye on the prices and they started to come down. Six weeks later I booked flights with Singapore for $6500, a huge saving.
  4. We have been here 4 and a half years and our best friends have visited us twice in that time. No family at all, people have made promises but it never comes to anything as they say they can't afford it. Although they still manage their two weeks all inclusive in Europe every year! Personally I think they don't want to come and see what our lives are like in case it makes them jealous. It used to bother me but now I really don't care. W are off back for our first family visit in a few weeks and amazingly people are expecting us to run around visiting them. It won't be happening, I am going for a relaxing time and if people can't make the effort for us, I won't be making the effort either!
  5. Tracyb37

    earlybird 2013 UK flight prices

    I booked with Singapore for may next year - $6450 for 3 adults and 1 child. Same flights were coming in at almost $11k last week. Emirates have dropped theirs even cheaper and would have cost $5900 but I prefer Singapore. There are definitely some bargains out there at the moment
  6. Tracyb37

    Flights to the UK

    I looked up on Zuji and Skyscanner but then went into the travel agents to book. We are going at the end of May.
  7. Tracyb37

    Flights to the UK

    Just thought I would post this to let anyone who is planning a trip back to the UK next year, there are some really good deals out there at the moment. Last week, the cheapest flights I could find we're almost $9k for 3 adults and 1 child. This morning I just booked flights with Singapore for $6450. Looks like Qatar, Emirates and Cathay have all dropped their prices too
  8. Tracyb37

    GESB Pensions - any good?

    Hi all, after some advice re pensions. I transferred my UK Civil Service Pension over here a couple of years ago and have it in a BT superwrap account. I have been working for governement in WA for a couple of years now and someone suggested that I should put my super money into my GESB account, I have about $125k in my BT super at the moment. The question I have is, are the GESB accounts any good as I don't really understand all this superannuation stuff!!
  9. Tracyb37

    Camping in Summer

    We have some friends coming to stay with us over Xmas this year and would love to take them a bit further afield whilst they are here. We are hoping to take them down south to Margaret River/Pemberton area but after they have spent so much money getting here, we don't want to do anything too expensive. We have all the camping gear and are wondering whether or not that might be a good idea. Obviously, it will be very hot then and are wondering if it will be too hot to camp. Does anyone have any experience of camping at this time of year and if so, how did you find it?
  10. Tracyb37

    Mindarie schools

    Hi My eldest started in year 8 this year at Quinns Baptist and so far he loves it. It is not one of the best achieving private schools by a long shot but for him it is great. He isn't particularly academic and so it works for him. He gets a reasonable amount of homework and they seem to have good disicplinary procedures in place. We have just had his first interim report and it is one of the best school reports he has ever had, he has always been one of those kids that if there is trouble, he will find it, but so far he has managed to keep out of it. Whether that is down to him maturing or down to the school, who knows, but I am not complaining
  11. Tracyb37

    Back in the UK ?permanent or not

    Hi I am in exactly the same position. I found out my dad was ill and also deteriorating and was on a flight within 12 hours. I left my hubby and kids in Perth and boy was it a long flight. Sadly I did not get back in time to see my dad as he passed away 10 hours before I got here. The guilt has been overwhelming. If I had lived here, I would have been here at the end. I am now seriously stressing about leaving my mum even though I do have a brother and sister here, because if anything happens to her, what will I do. I have always been totally pro Australia and always said that I would never come back to live in the UK but my husband has been homesick for the whole 20 months we have been in Oz. We have made some fab friends, but seeing my family here and all our old friends has given me a reality check and made me feel that we are missing out on something. Financailly it will be a nightmare as we went to Oz with very little and would come back with even less. I really don't know which way to go with it, I suppose I will have to see how I feel once I get back on Australian soil
  12. Tracyb37

    house building advice

    Hi all, not been on here for ages but have a dilemma that I desperately need some advice on. When we came to Perth last year we were one of those families that lost out on the UK property market and came to Perth with very few dollars. We have been slowly saving as we want to get on the property ladder ASAP. At the beginning of this Year we saw an advert from Homebuyers Centre about a no savings schme they were running. In a nut shell, you signed up to a build, saved your deposit and then applied to Keystart for finance. Sounded great so we signed up for it. You only had to pay $50 a week during the build with Keystart, which was easily managable for us. Then, out of the blue, Keystart changed their lending criteria and we now earn too much money to be able to apply for a home loan with them. Homebuyers have suggested another Finance Company called Blue Bay, who offer a 5% deposit scheme and let you use first home owners as part of the deposit. The only problem we have with this, is that we will have to pay the full home loan whilst the house is been built, which is completely unrealistic for us. We have tried to pull out of the build but Homebuyers have said we are legally bound as we have signed the contract. Does anyone have any experience of this, or know where we can go for (cheap) advice cos we are banging our heads against a brick wall with it all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tracy
  13. Tracyb37

    x factor in oz?

    Yes there is a tool bar what you click on to get it working. It only works in internet explorer and they send you all the instructions on how to get it working as well. It works fine on my laptop, but I think you need a certain speed - can't rmember what but if you look on there website I am sure it will tell you. Happy viewing!
  14. Tracyb37

    x factor in oz?

    Hi I still watch X FACtor too, can't miss it. I watch through UKtelly - UK television anywhere in the world. You have to pay a licence fee to download it but you get towatch BBC 1, ITV, C4, Five and Sky one I think. Well worth every penny as far as I am concerned!!
  15. Tracyb37

    Childcare costs??

    Hi I don't know if you are aware of this but in Australia Centrelink give you a rebate at the end of each 3 month period (March, June, September, December) which equates to about 50% of all the child care fees you have paid during that period. Although childcare is expensive initially, the rebate actually makes it quite reasonable. I am pretty sure that the rebate isn't income based, but I am sure someone will put me right if I have got this wrong!!