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  1. moirclan

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    im a hairdresser and i have quite a few male clients that colour their hair , my mother used to have a lot of male clients that had their hair streaked and that was 40 years ago
  2. moirclan

    Anyone else into ancestry?

    ive been tracing my family history for three years now, i saw a photo of my great grandfathers grave on some ones tree i got in contact with him his great grandfather was the youngest brother my great grandfather was the oldest brother in a family line we share some of the costs of certificates when we are double checking info . my great x3 grandmother died of natural causes when a horse fell on her ,, makes me wonder what they call an accident ,, i found there was a lot of trying before buying most of my ancestors were pregnant or already had a child when they married ,,, my dads disgusted !!lol. on my husbands tree im in burma , india , scotland , canada , australia etc ,,,, on mine im in shropshire and the black country for a couple of hundred years obviously they must have been happy there , the most unusual job i have found is my family living in bobbington shropshire frederick augustus perry [ great name by the way ] he was mananger of the artificial manure works !!! the mind boggles !!!! the saddest info i found was the work house , i had family in there so sad ,,
  3. where did you learn the expression " around the wrekin" ???? I know its off topic but just curious xx
  4. moirclan

    I lost my Mum yesterday! :(

    im so sorry to hear this , when i lost my mom , some one said to me that although i was saying good bye to her in this world , on the other side she was being greeted with a welcome and hello , i realise every one has different beliefs , but it gave me some comfort xxxx
  5. moirclan

    Taking your own life.

    dont they call suicide a permenant cure for a temporary problem ? my husbands mother took her own life when he was 8 she left 4 children under 9 it was an overdose , she was a manic depressive , i remember being on this site two and a half years ago and some one posted a thread about suicide being selfish , it was a shock to see it , my mother had took her own life 3 days before , it made me angry as the thought of my mother not being to be able to see any light at the end of the tunnel and this became her only choice , wasnt selfish it was really really sad , she took an over dose , which i now know is a very painful way to die as the liver shuts down and it creates a huge amount of suffering [ this i was told by the coroners office , they obviously felt i should know this for some reason !!] i do know that if some one is set on taking their own life there is little you can do , you can take them to the hospital to see a psyc but generally they know all the right things to say to make you look an idiot , and then the psyc at the hospital will tell you that people who say they are going to kill them selves are just looking for attention and will never do it [ @#$%^ i should have invited him to her funeral ] a year after she died i found out she had tried it a few months before unsuccessfully , which was a bit of a shock , which i try not to think about to hard , who knows if i had known whether it would have changed any thing , but the psyc at the hospital knew about it and never said . i couldnt quite accept that she had died as i didnt see her at her house the police wouldnt let me in as it was a crime scene and then the coronor wouldnt let me see her as they said it would be better to see her after the funeral home had embalmed her , some thing to do with lividity ? as she was found face down , of course there is also the coronor and autopsys to deal with and any where between 12 to 18 months later you have an inquest , if i had a terminal disease i may go at my own choosing in my own time and i think in those circumstances my family would under stand im not saying its what i would do , but its a possability , who knows , but in the case of my mother and other who suffer from depression , its so very sad they they can see no hope , and as much as you try you cant get through to them , and no matter how much time you give and all the words you say to try and convince the that there is hope and there is joy in life , it falls on deaf ears , and its a shame that i wasnt enough , by that i mean her pain was greater than making new memories with me xxxxxxxx
  6. moirclan

    Help is here

    I like midland my first job when i stepped off the plane 32 years ago was in midland gate shopping centre , my father lives in viveash near the river , he has no problems there , there are some very expensive houses surrounding midland like west midland and guildford , it has a good bus service and train service , it dosnt take long to get into the city , so its quite central . I will admit i wouldnt want to be around the train station late at night , but there again that applies to most train stations
  7. moirclan


  8. moirclan

    Wanted Down Under

    I enjoyed that show , made me laugh at some of their faces when bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas are all on the same level [ didnt any one tell them that australia is full of bungalows ???
  9. moirclan

    How old were you when you emigrated?

    i was 21 when i came over with my two and a half year old son
  10. moirclan

    Queen to tour

    im going ive got three tickets , looking forward to it xx
  11. its so sad it baught back memories of when i lived in singapore in 1997and silk air 185 went down just before xmas , a girl from our apartment block went down on it , an english girl called elizabeth , it went down in pelambang sumatra , it was thought it was suicide by the pilot , there was a lot of evidence pointing towards it , they never recovered any of the bodies , i think every one in singapore knew some one on that plane
  12. moirclan

    56 up

    i caught the show a few weeks ago think it must be in two parts as i missed some of the children / adults , so i assume its in another part two series , ive been watching it since 14 and up.
  13. moirclan

    What you been doing today?

    busy right up to xmas eve , then run around for the family xmas day doing evening meal , then comes boxing day and i can be found in the pool ALL day with a book and hubby brings me a drink every once in a while , and i spend the whole day with my head in my book , ' I LOVE BOXING DAY !!!!! " XXX
  14. moirclan

    What you been doing today?

    jeesus !!! you lot have the good life ive been up to my eyes in colour , foils and cut and blow waves all day , three quarters of my clients tuned up early , lovely any other time , but not today as it was bedlam , managed to get tint on my back side of my new top [ dont ask ! ] and am now home in my other job cook cleaner and bottle washer , expected to turf some thing out that jamie oliver would be proud of , roll on xmas xx
  15. ive been in the service industry for 30 years and iv always had to till up in my own time and if it dosnt balance becuse some one has made a mistake i had to find the mistake , and in some cases do the book work and wages and tax etc . about 7 years ago i had enough and changed jobs i dont manage salons any more i just do my job and leave at the end of the day , which suits me i dont think its fair and i think people should be compensated for their time , but it is whats expected