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  1. Can anyone reccomend a good financial adviser in north brisbane area who can help with repatriation of proceeds from sale of uk house and some pension issues?
  2. 7 years ago we moved to Aus on a skilled visa, at the time of application we got visas for my wife and three kids, one of whom was 20 and we were able to include him on the visa on the basis that he was at university, At the time our son came to Aus with us to validate his visa but then returned to continue university, and about a year later left university and decided that he wanted to continue living in the UK. Now (inevitably) he want to come and live with use is aus, and bring his girlfriend who he has been living with defacto for the past 3 years. In terms of qualifications he has a OND in forensic science and NVQ 2 and 3 in kitchen management and has been working as a cook/kitchen manager for a motel in the UK. So, the problem is, whats the best way to try and get him a visa, the visa he got on the basis of my skilled application has expired, and I can find no evidence that it can be renewed, and the remaining relative visas are apparently a bad joke and have a processing time of 50+ years! it appears that a skilled visa may be his best option, but I'm not sure if his level of skills will be adequate and the skills of cook and chef are not included in the Queensland state skilled lists! A working holiday visa may be his best initial option, this will give him a year, extendable to 2 years if he can demonstrate 3 months of regional work... maybe working high season on the sunshine or gold coast will meet this requirement, but i understand that there is a 6 month limit to working for any one employer, so that could be problematic! Maybe the working holiday option will put him in good stead for a skilled visa, at least after this he should know for sure if its worth spending the gbp5000 it will cost to process visas for him and his girlfriend ....anyone got any better suggestions or advice?
  3. Phoenix

    visa options for son who remained in UK

    That is a fairly critical piece of understanding, just looked at the Subclass 155 application and the first question is relationship status...so,if the defacto relationship is declared on the 155 application then would it prejudice the application?, of course if its not declared then it may be considered falsification and establishing the defacto after the application would require at least a year.
  4. Phoenix

    visa options for son who remained in UK

    Nope what I read was correct, but I stopped reading after that and didn't read the second clause, which are people have correctly pointed out does state substantial personal ties. My only concern is the bit that says a former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled The original permanent residence visa has lapse beyond its original 5 years, i trust that lapsed and cancelled are actually different. This just leaves the defacto issue, if we can reestablish his permanent residence status with a subclass 155, whats the issues with bringing over a defacto? as far as I understand the best you can get out of a WHV is 2 years
  5. Phoenix

    visa options for son who remained in UK

    I did look at the residents return visa, but I think I read that you had to live in Australia of a minimum period of time over the last xx years. he has only lived in Australia for 1 week when he first validated his visa.... need to double check this one, but yes a RRV would definately be the easiest route all round....and then you have to sort out the girlfriend problem.....really wish kids would listen when you tell them they will regret staying in the UK Yeah, I think cook is on the CSOL, but its not eligible for state sponsorship.
  6. Phoenix

    Christmas in Brisbane - help!

    Are we the only family that find that Christmas spirit is very hard to come by when its 32 degrees, and way too fn hot to cook anything... let alone a trad dinner with trimmings..... Guess we will be having the xmas barbie again this year.... but it wont be christmas
  7. Phoenix

    Where to live? Advice? Thx

    Brisbane is pretty cleanly divided north and south, however, your working right smack in the CBD, so being northside or southside is fairly irrelevant In this instance I strongly advise you to look at travelling in to the city by public transport, roads and parking are BAD and made worst by a lot of construction work, we have a pretty good train network....providing you don't live in Redcliff.. Beaches are a little of an issue, if your looking for classic golden sands then you need to look gold coast/sunshine coast, everything in between is Morton bay and not that great.... however, if you are looking for water sports then Cleveland, Manly, Wynnum, Sandgate, Brighton are good options
  8. Hi all, Im looking for some peoples experience with customs clearance we have a 40' container due in on the 18th, professionally packed by pickfords etc, but whilst we have the due date for the boat we are finding it hard to get much guidance n how long it will take to get customs clearance..... what were other peoples experience with this? The problem we have is that we have a furnished house with options to rent until xmas, but we want to try and avoid renting an otherwise empty house for any longer than we really need to, but on the other hand we are looking at a pretty nice property that wont be available until 3 weeks after the boat is due in, and one months storage could cost an extra $1000!!!
  9. Phoenix

    Wheres my Plasma TV

    If you are stuck in OZ wondering exactly where your stuff is, and find that 'at the back of a 40' container probably being hijacked by Somalia pirates' is a rather unsatisfying answer, then Ive found the website for you! Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions All you need is the name of the ship your shipper put your container on and you can find exactly where in the world it is, and where its actually going..... right up to the point where it is hijacked off the coast of Somalia and they turn of the AIS reciever
  10. Phoenix

    Wht Australia?

    BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Room to swing a cat? Hardly need more be said?
  11. Anybody who has sent 600 job applications is plainly just wallpapering the sits vacant page, wallpaper type applications stand out a MILE and always go in the bin, if you are spending less that 3 hours on an application then you are just not spending enough time on them, target and research are the key words, show in each application that you have targeted and researched the company and position. Beware of internet advertised positions, the internet is very much a mixed blessing as in my experience you get a HUGE amount of rubbish applying for positions advertised on the internet, its a horrible job trying to weed out the decent applications when your email has just exploded with every loony in the country sending their poorly prepared CVs, I like to look for the positions that give a phone number of someone you can talk to, and beware of agencies, a large number of agency advertised positions are non existent, or just looking for ballast applications to strengthen a candidate they already want to place in the company.
  12. I really doubt giving up today will affect the condition of your liver between now an dnext week
  13. I believe the 32kg in the op is a typo, it probably should be 23kg as per the Singapore air website
  14. Phoenix

    Why not America?

    nice place shame about the people!
  15. Phoenix

    Dinner For One

    Before I lived in Germany I never heard of this sketch, but if your in Germany around Christmas/new years time then you cant avoid it, somehow this sketch became a huge cult classic over there without being all that famous in the UK
  16. We will watch out for you, we are leaving with Singapore from LHR, and have a short term let at Sandgate which is just to the south of Redcliffe
  17. hi we too are from the cheshiire area and locating to Brisbane this September (1st), sorry cant help with accommodation as we sorted ours out about a month ago and even then there were places getting booked up FAST... good luck
  18. Phoenix

    Did anyone else notice.

    good god you have it right there!!!!! I work in an American company and frankly I'm sick and tired of the bull**** the 'septics' come out with!
  19. Phoenix

    DENTIST-Phobia! Can anyone advise please?

    OK mate I'm right there with you, the thought of dentists brings me out in a cold sweat..... My HIGHEST recommendation is to look for a dentist that specialises in laser dental surgery, its a little more expensive than the old fashioned drillers, but in the opinion of a long term phobic, its the only way to have your teeth treated... I had three fillings done in a single session (after over 20 years of not seeing a dentist), and you feel absolutely nothing.... I really cant recommend it high enough, and frankly I would have paid three times the price!
  20. yeah, I was told that Dysons are worth a lot over there.... and they are very easy to clean
  21. hey inlimbo, yeah you can still have the job tiling my bathroom, at least that way we can be sure our home is ready for when we arrive next month
  22. If you have a condenser tumble dryer in the UK then TAKE IT, if you don't have one then BUY ONE AND TAKE IT!!!! Condenser dryers are relatively cheap here in UK, but cost a fortune in Oz, well over twice the price on the model we checked out
  23. Phoenix

    Tax return, do I have to declare my UK income?

    good because if you return before teh 2011/2012 tax year there are complications assuming you have been working and paying tax in the UK since April 09 then you are due a rebate.
  24. Phoenix

    Tax return, do I have to declare my UK income?

    if you are working abroad and not returning to the UK until the following tax year (2011-2012) then you need to claim back your UK tax paid. the way it works is you recalculate your tax due in the UK to the end of the tax year with your entire taxable allowance applied.
  25. The thing to remember is that many of the people going over NOW started the process before the current economic climate. Its certainly true that there is very rarely the 'ideal' time to do anything, especially life changing actions, and its always pretty easy to find more reasons not to rock the boat than reasons to just get on and do it. What sector your work in and your skill level is also an important consideration, if your in the construction industry then, its probably a bad time, health workers however are probably unaffected... myself Im in manufacturing which is also not doing great at the moment, but because of my specialised skill set within the sector I am expecting a boom time as the spectre of recession dissipates, and want to be in position in Australia to take best advantage of it.