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  1. Interested to hear from any parents out there who undertook Parent Migration and now living in Australia are getting on?
  2. Jennifer_C

    How is life down under??

    To wishful - don't recall addressing this message to a reply you posted. It would be wonderful if everyone who utilises this site does it for beneficial reasons.............
  3. Jennifer_C

    How is life down under??

    Dear Sarahd, We moved to QLD a month ago (parent migration visa) which included our 17 year old son. He was going down a very dangerous and difficult road in the UK. We gave up our jobs and our home which was mortgage free to start all over again. We are presently living with our daugher and in the process of looking for work and property. Property is expensive and moves very quickly. Australia is going through a recession at the moment so not easy to find work in all sectors. We were told it is a priviledge to work in Australia and not a right. We imported both our cars plus 20 foot container containing our possessions. Albeit expensive it was well worth it. We were advised that UK TV's would not work over here, not so. We brought in a 32 inch Sony and have tuned in no problem at all. This is a beautiful country and so vast, plus the poplulation is growing rapidly. Our son has gone back to college, and settled in very well. We cannot ask for more. Hope this helps.
  4. Dear Natalie, No worrries. Utilised service as we were in the process of setting up an Oz bank account from this side which we found very laborious and needed to transfer cash quickly. Must admit it is a bit of a concern when you undertake a new service. However from my personal experience found this to be relatively stress free. As you said free to register and under no obligation. Good luck and best wishes. Jennifer.
  5. I did read the post carefully and saw the words 'money transfer' in the blog. Find your reply a bit patronising. My recommendation and recent experience was to nejpinkett's enquiry and to anyone else who may need to utilise a service which is stressfree! Please treat my reply as closure!
  6. You are entitled to your opion. Bank charges are very expensive and if and when you do get some dosh and need to transfer to a relative in Australia then you can choose which ever option you prefer. Found Ozforex advertised on this website, and it had a good review. No commission charged and a very easy stress free transaction for those that have the money and need to get to their family in Australia!
  7. Pse see my thread regarding OzForex. Easy transaction and you can track funds. A bit of time needed to complete form on line and add a beneficiary. Done 2 transfers without any problems. Jennifer _C
  8. A very good, reliable, stress free transaction. Sent money to my son in Brisbane. Takes a bit of time to fill out the on-line form but well worth it.
  9. Jennifer_C

    Medicals Question

    Questionnaire issued by the nominated GP for you to complete is the trigger. The GP will assess your form and if need be request further consultant visits. I had a complete hysterctomy 3 years ago and he insisted that I obtain a full report from consultant with histology. My husband suffered from gout 5 years ago and he had to undergo an extra blood test. An appointment was set up with a Rheumatologist recommeded by the nominated GP. They do not sign off the medicals until all requests have been met. It is a pricey business. Good Luck.
  10. Jennifer_C

    Parent Migration Subclass 173 : Final Payment

    Thanks Gill - you always very helpful. Done the clearances myself. Meds have been sent off plus police clearances and assessments and with the POPC. Our due date was 16/1/08. My concern is the actual payment to the POPC. Notice that it can be done in London using debit or credit card or bankers draft. Just wanted to know what the best option was. Not sure how the banks in the UK deal with a one of payment. Regards Jennifer_C
  11. Can anyone advise me which is the best way to pay for the 2nd visa £30,000.00 when eventually granted. It will be interesting to hear from someone who has just gone through this process very recently. When the visa is granted how long is given before you need to enter Australia to trigger the visa off? We need to market our home and at the moment the UK market is dormant. Much thanks Jennifer_C
  12. Jennifer_C

    Parent Migration

    Dear Gill, Thanks for quick response. Do u know how soon after your Mom had her medicals done that the second fee was requested. The price is astronomical for two of us plus my 16 year old son. How long did the whole process take as well pse. Regards J.
  13. Jennifer_C

    parent visa's

    How long have you been in Australia and are you an Australian citizen. It is a very expensive process and it takes about 9-11 months before a case worker is assigned. Busy with process at the moment - I am 51 and my hubbie 61 with a 16 year old son.
  14. Jennifer_C

    Parent Migration

    Has anyone gone through or going through Parent Migration Sub Class Visa 143 I would like to ask a few questions. Much thanks Jennifer C.